Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mega Procrastination and Comp Prep

Well i have successfully managed to do ZERO uni this weekend - talk about mega PROCRASTINATION!!.. I had more important things on such as boxing, 10km run (56:15mins - 1:12min faster than monday's run WOOT!), massage, dinner for mothers day, catching up with a girlfriend for coffee and even CLEANING! Yes my non-existant love affair with housework even took precedence over my two assignments that are due on monday 16th. That is 8 days from now!!!! Actually, i was smart or stupid enough to book my flight to Cairns (work trip) on sunday 15th so really i only have 7 days... didn't want to leave the assignments to the last minute!

SO until they are handed in i will be MIA from the internet. Serious. Refreshing your Facebook homepage every 5 minutes isn't very productive lol. The first one is about 85% complete and the second one is 50% done. Nothing too difficult, i really just have to pull my finger out and start typing... some A-class material.

Nothing like a deadline to get the ball rolling!

Which makes me think about my weight-loss goals. Even though i am only 3kg away from 'body perfectionique', and have been only 3kg away for an ETERNITY i have no deadline, no uber urgency which i know is one reason why my ability to stop at 1 lindt chocolate is in the negatives on a scale from 1 to 10.

WHat to do? i am a little confused!
TO compete or not to compete that is the question?
Would it turn me into a crazy, food obsessed lunatic like i have been in the past?
OR would the structure of a REALISTIC and HEALTHY comp plan from a coach be just the guidance i need to stay strong, focussed and cravings free?
BIG GOALS are scary but they do bring out the best in me.
I know once i commit there is no turning back.
But i also know that i am still dealing with bouts of binging so i question myself about the possibility of a nasty post-comp rebound.

Is the journey of a sportsmodel comp prep the right path to take?

What are your thoughts?