Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Sexy New Print!

Well i have been a non-procrastinater ultra productive today: laundry check; groceries check; vacuuming check; mopping check; cleaning check (all of my FAVOURITE things......NOT!) .... where's that damn Cleaning Fairy!?

BUT i also treated myself to a sexy new print. Actually mum (ex-hemorrhoid) bought it for me which was a nice surprise. Its my present for Chinese New Year. She even pulled out her bargaining skills and scored it for $164 instead of $189!

I then had to call dad to come over to help me solve my dilemma... How the hell was i suppose to hang it? So after 30mins of measuring (i haven't done so much maths since high school lol), hammering, screwing and tying things, here is the piece de resistance in my lounge room:

I think its sexy hot.

Well i'm off to Body Balance then its a date with The Biggest Loser tonight. Love that show!

Friday, January 28, 2011

TGIF and Harder than Ever Workout


Yay for the weekend! I really shouldn't complain because this week has been reasonably cruisy, especially only being 4 days long. The (work) chaos will begin again next week, being the start of a new month. I had my annual appraisal today for work passing with flying colours which went very well. ;-)

I'm just about to down coffee no.......4!(usually i only have 2 but today is just one of those days) and wait for my arvo tea to digest so i can hit the hills for a run. I prefer to run after 5.33pm when it is slightly cooler. As much as i enjoy sweating it out I would be very embarrassed if people thought i actually swam in the local creek during my run!

This morning i did Zuzana's Harder than Ever Workout. I tweaked it a bit as i haven't bought an interval timer yet so instead of doing a time trial i did set reps and just to be a total bad a$$ i did 2 rounds!

                                                      Round 1   Round  2
Chins (underhand grip/unassisted)        5             5
Prisoner Jump Squats                          20           30
Mountain Climbers                              60           80
Clapping Push Ups (knees)                 20           20
Jump Lunge                                        20           30
Bicycle Abs                                        50           70
Tricep Dips (feet on bench)                 15           20
Forward/Backward Jump Lunge L      20           20       
Forward/Backward Jump Lunge R      20           20  
Side Crunch L                                     20           20
Side Crunch R                                     20           20
Burpees                                               15           20  

I took the first round a little easy so i thought i had better step it up for round 2! It took me about 28mins all up and I finished on another shattered HIGH ;-)

Last of all i only ended up fasting 12hrs yesterday (Breakfast to Dinner). The plan was to fast until this morning but i just wasn't mentally up for it. I think it had to do with my big night out. I didn't eat dinner on tuesday night and missed a meal on wednesday (was sleeping). So combine that with the 2000 + calories i  burnt off dancing tuesday night made me a little tired, grumpy and hungry on thursday. Not the right attitude for fasting and it was probably a sign that my body needed some nutrients pronto! I will be doing my fast on sunday.

Well hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I'm going to breakfast with a girlfriend after boxing tomorrow
and that's all that is planned so far!

CIAO ;-)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kaskade and Australia Day!

Mondayitis on a thursday arghhhhhh! Yep thats what happens when you get a public holiday (Australia Day) on hump day!

The last couple days has been so much fun. On tuesday night, Kristin and I headed out to The Met to see DJ Kaskade spin his decks. This is the type of club that requires FLAT SHOES and NO HANDBAGS. You can't carve up the dancefloor (for hours!) effectively if your feet are sore from 4inch heels. Holding a handbag just gives you the shits. Pockets all the way baby! Poor K's shoes broke after the first 5mins so her feet became best friends with rubber bands. Sexy ;-)

The music was wicked, I had such a blast. By 3.30am (thats 4.5hrs of non-stop dancing) my energiser batteries lossed charge so i decided to call it a night morning and headed home to crash. No alcohol touched my lips either!

Sorry no full length photo. I decided not to bring my camera at the last minute as it made my shorts look like I had a massive growth on my groin lol.

I woke up about 9ish and decided to head to the gym for body balance. It was a tough class but it gave my body a great stretch out after caning it all night lol. I ended up sleeping for the rest of the arvo then headed to GA's house for an Australia Day Dinner. We had Chicken Rendang Pineapple Curry, Roast Duck, Salad and Blackforest Cake for dessert. Not your typical Aussie Day meal but it was delicious none the less!

Monday, January 24, 2011

200 DB Swings + 155 Burpees + 8km = Shattered and on a HIGH!

Did you read the title!? Yep that is what i did today!

In the A.M i did Zuzana's Swim in own Sweat workout:

10 x RH DB swings + 10 x LH DB swings + 20 burpees
10 x RH DB swings + 10 x LH DB swings + 19 burpees
10 x RH DB swings + 10 x LH DB swings + 18 burpees
10 x RH DB swings + 10 x LH DB swings + 17 burpees
10 x RH DB swings + 10 x LH DB swings + 16 burpees
10 x RH DB swings + 10 x LH DB swings + 15 burpees
10 x RH DB swings + 10 x LH DB swings + 14 burpees
10 x RH DB swings + 10 x LH DB swings + 13 burpees
10 x RH DB swings + 10 x LH DB swings + 12 burpees
10 x RH DB swings + 10 x LH DB swings + 11 burpees

= 200 DB Swings and 155 BURPEES!

It was a killer workout. I used a 6kg DB for rounds 1-3, 7kg DB for rounds 4-6 and a 8kg DB for rounds 7-10. I completed it in 26.47mins and by the time i finished i looked like i had done my workout in the steam room. One of the guys at gym came up and asked me if i was in the army hahaha.

Then i spent the rest of the day at work recovering and came up with this fabulous idea of hitting the streets for an 8km run this arvo. Ummm i don't recall hitting my head whilst doing the burpees. After about 300m (my run begins at the bottom of a hill, i really should begin in a different direction) i realised that my legs were fu*ked dead. To make matters worse i wore my Asics 1150s because i didn't want to make my blisters any worse. I haven't worn 'normal running shoes' in over a month and OMG it was like i had strapped lead to my feet! But i plodded along up and down my mountainous suburb and with about 1km to go i got a STITCH! Noooooooooooooooooo. I blame that on all the core work i have done over the past few days. Usually i can breathe them out but not today, this one stuck around. Anywho i kept moving forward, the other option was to stop and cry in the gutter.... I still would have to make it home so i figured running slowly was better than giving up and WALKING! Final time was 45.47mins. Even though it was HELL i'm still on a high from my kick arse training day!

Now time to lie in a coma in front of the telly ;-)


Week 4 OBB: Back in the game!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was quite the social one! Friday night was sushi dinner with my highschool girlfriends followed by Burlesque at the Bulimba cinemas (gotta love $8.50 movie tickets).

I heart Christina Aguilera (even though her acting wasn't the greatest) Her voice gives me goosebumps. I saw her perform live in brisvegas back in 2008 for her Back to Basic tour. Words can't describe what an amazing performer she is. (There was definitely no lip-sincing happening Britney style). I will be sure to buy a ticket next time she is in town again.

On Saturday night i had a blast at Steph and Ali's engagement party. They are such a gorgeous couple and Steph is an AMAZING cook. Dinner/dessert was definitely one of my treat meals for the week ;-)

Training wise, i ran a PB for 6km on friday arvo - 29.47mins. I broke 30mins for the first time!!! I boxed/kickboxed on saturday and did body balance yesterday. I'm really digging that class. It was my 3rd one and my flexibility and core strength has improved heaps already.

OK, results time! I wasn't quite sure what to expect this morning seeing that i had slipped up (overate) Mon -Wed last week. But the fasting has taken care of the calorie deficit and so has some really hardcore training sessions!

17/01/2011        Week 3
Weight:             64.1kg  (141.3lbs)
24/01/2011        Week 4
Weight:             63.5kg  (140lbs)

Difference:        600g LOSS   (1.3lbs)
Difference to Date:   1.7kg    (3.7lbs)

Goal:                 60kg (132lbs)
Need to Lose:   3.5kg (7.7lb)

Yay, so back in the 63s! Won't be long till i welcome in the 62s which is when my confidence factor really takes a boost. Hmmm maybe next week?!

The Plan for this week: Stay POSITIVE, eat to PLAN, train like an animal and get 2 x runs in.

Gotta fly!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Burpee Slaughter (Fu*kin Nightmare) Workout!

Ok guys i have just officially done the HARDEST WORKOUT IN MY LIFE! Wrecked is an understatement. By the end of the workout i was a bright red, sweaty mess about to fall into a coma on the gym floor lol. The 300 Spartan Workout is a piece of cake compared to this!

You can check out Zuzana's Burpee Slaughter Workout here.

It goes something like this:

10 x DB swings + 11 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 12 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 13 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 14 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 15 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 16 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 17 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 18 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 19 Burpees
10 x DB swings + 20 Burpees
.... DIE!

I used an 8kg DB round 1-4, 9kg round 5-7, 10kg round 8-10. Next time i will start with a 10kg DB and work up to maybe a 15kg DB. Seriously compared to the Burpees, DB swings feel like a recovery lol.

All up it took me 22.22mins. The last 3 rounds hurt BIG TIME. I have no idea how she did another 20mins of skipping afterwards! She is NUTS!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The UPS and the DOWNS

Transformations are never a smooth sailing event. Trust me, i have done enough to know lol! For me, its a battle of the mind games in regards to the eating side of things. I've got the training down pat which has always (thankfully) been the one constant in my life. I never get sick of exercising for it is really a lifelong love affair. Training brings me pleasure, pain (the good sort - including busting up my knuckles boxing last night!) and that feeling of being invincible.

I went for my first decent run (6km) on monday night after a 3 week lay-off. I wore my Vibrams outside for the first time and omg I LOVE THEM even more! Because you can only land on your mid foot/toes you just fly in them and want to stride faster and faster. The only problem was after about 3km my feet were getting ultra sweaty and my big toes were beginning to rub on the insole causing blisters to start forming which slowed me down big time. PLUS i ran after dinner so by 7pm it was pitch black and i couldnt see shit! Try running down hills on your toes, in the dark with blisters on your feet lol. So i am about to part with $23 for a PAIR of Injinji toe sock....make that 4 pairs. What crazy person spends nearly $100 on socks!?... But hey i will be blister free and they will prevent me from smelling out my Vibrams too. I throw them in the washing machine twice a week and they still hang onto my foot odour! EWWWW!

Onto food. So early on this week i was really struggling with sugar cravings. I think it was partly to do with having quite a bit of desserty food over the weekend. The more sugar you eat, the more you crave! Period. No i didn't succumb to the whisperings of the Chocolate Fairy BUT i did have my fair share of PB instead. I am teaching myself that when the sudden urge to eat junk arises and i just can't get over it I am far better off opting for something that doesn't contain monsterous quantities of nasty trans/saturated fats and processed sugar. So my options are watermelon and fresh dates for sugar cravings and macadamias and PB for when i want that creamy velvety mouthfeel. I could have also just whipped up some Homemade Protein Bars which would have taken care of my PB portion control... but i had run out of cocoa powder and i was too impatient to wait for them to set lol.

On that note, i'll admit that i was a little upset with myself for 'slipping up' with the food this week. Extras add up very fast and at the end of the day 'YOU ARE ONLY CHEATING ON YOURSELF". So i have just wrote that on a post-it and stuck it on my fridge and laptop...Hmmm maybe i should put one on my car dashboard too!.. But i am proud of myself that i didn't give into any junk food. I can only get mentally stronger from here right!?

Last of all, i found out yesterday that i've missed out on first round offers for uni as my (late) application didn't get processed in time due to the floods. You get the gist why i've had a shitty week! BUT I spoke with QTAC at the crack of dawn first thing this morning and they have reassured me that they have now received all correpsondance (my grades) from highschool and uni which satisfies the entry requirements for Psychology. They will be releasing second round offers on February 10th, so fingers crossed i will get a place!!

Time to stay strong just like Miss cutiepie Jamie Eason!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 3 OBB: A little SHITTY!

Oh boy did i have my shitty pants on today.... no there wasn't any poo involved lol.

As you know it is monday which means weigh-in day. I knew the moment i woke up that i was holding fluid... big time.... my own fault for eating dairy and sugar over the weekend, damn it! (But hey that's life and i accept the consequences for my treat meals. I am over it now :) I just have to remind myself that Ms Fluid Fairy will FUCK OFF in the next day or two and i'll be feeling like my lean/svelte self again!

Week 2:      10/1/2011
Weight:       63.7kg  (140.4lbs)

Week 3:      17/1/2011
Weight:       64.1kg    (141.3lbs)

Difference:  400g   (0.9lbs) GAIN.... yeah shoot me now
Difference to Date:  1.1kg   (2.4lbs) LOSS

Goal:    60kg  (132.3lbs)
Need to Lose:   4.1kg  (9lbs)

To be honest i wasn't expecting much of a loss this week considering i had dropped 1.5kg  (3.3lbs)  last week (definitely not all FAT!). Looking back at my results from last year there is definitely a pattern with weight-loss from fasting. It goes like this: Big Drop - plateau OR small gain (like this week) - Big Drop - plateau OR small gain and so forth. So if all goes to plan i should see low to mid 63s next week. So 1.1kg (2.4lbs) in 2 weeks is pretty much 550g/week (1.2lbs) if you look at it like that. Right on schedule!

Well I'm off to cook up some salmon for din dins and then i am going to hit the streets for a RUN! Its been waaaaaaay too long since i have pounded the pavement ( i blame the rain :D). After reading a few running blogs this arvo, Ms Running Fairy paid me a visit and blew me some fairy dust!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Motivation vs Inspiration

I've been asked quite a few times this week exactly what motivates me to 'stick to the plan and stay so mentally strong'.

I'd be lying if i told you that i was perfect everyday. I am far from that, i am only HUMAN but i do my best to be the best person i can be everyday. I have a saying 'Motivation is temporary. It can lift you up but it doesn't have the follow through to change your life. Inspiration fills you from the inside every single day.'

Motivation tends to come 'in the moment' and is dependent on our emotions.

For example, take these two different scenarios:
1. I've had a fantastic day, i've eaten to plan, i'm now energised and motivated to do a smashing workout.
2. I've had a stressful day, my brain is fried, i feel tired, i'm craving sugar so i eat a chocolate bar. My energy crashes so i choose to have a nap instead of working out.

That is why relying purely on 'motivation'' to lose weight doesn't work in the long term. You get all fired up in the moment, but then something comes up and everything unravels. Motivation alone doesn't create behaviour change.

Inspiration works on a deeper level and comes from the bottom of your soul. I have this desire to be strong, ultra fit, healthy, knowledgable and to be the best person i can be. I want to wake every morning and feel happy, positive, energized and look smoking hot every single day. (no more of this weight-loss shit! lol) I want to be a role model so i can help teach and inspire others who are struggling (physically and emotionally) like i was before. All these reasons combined are what inspires me to respect my body and 'stick to the plan'. That means that 90% of the time i choose the healthier food options and i do my scheduled workouts. I am committed to my LIFETIME goal/s. If you eat shit and sit on your arse all day you are only punishing yourself!!

So ask yourself, 'what are your goals AND when is the DEADLINE to achieve them'? You need a realistic timeline otherwise trust me you will just tell yourself to 'start again tomorrow'. Ask yourself, 'how will i feel after achieving these goals?" Then feel that feeling like it has already happened. Capture yourself in the moment then practice living with this feeling 24/7. Transformations begin with the mind. Change your attitude and your body will follow. You can't keep punishing yourself with negative self talk and expect to acheive amazing results. Fill your mind with light and love and realise that you are going to slip up from time to time. BUT learn from your mistakes and the next time you experience a similar situation you will know how to handle it better.

This week my training has been at 100%. I've committed to some intense sessions and i feel amazing for it. My nutrition has been pretty good too -85-90%. My plan allows for 2-3 treat meals/per week. Last week i only had one, this week i opted for all 3 lifelines lol. Friday night I went out for dinner with the family and had some Peking Duck, Sizzling Mongolian lamb and Asian Greens. The food was amazing and i didn't pig-out overeat but i did get a little bloated from the wheat in the pancake (the duck is cut in small pieces so you can wrap it up with spring onion and cucumber in a thin pancake). We then had dessert back at mum and dads -a small bowl of double choc ice cream and some Lindor Balls. After such a big sugar hit i felt a bit blah going to bed on a full tummy considering i am getting accustomed to eating dinner by 6pm'ish!

For that reason i felt a bit sluggish saturday morning and it took me about 10mins to get into my groove at bodyslam. But i dug deep and ended up having a killer class. Intensity is all in the mind. If you tell yourself to give up you will. If you tell yourself you are a strong warrior you will smash your male training partner and have him begging for mercy lol ;-)

Treat no.3 for the week was some caramel slice. It tasted great, i got my fix and i didn't feel guilty either as it was allowed in my plan. There is no way i am going to commit to a 100% clean diet. Sorry but that would just be setting me up for FAILURE. I don't need to be a sobbering mess overcome with guilt just because i eat something sweet. I am informed enough to know that enjoying a few of lifes' simple pleasures isn't going to ruin an entire weeks worth of training. I am now successfully fasting twice a week and know that my weekly calorie deficit is being taken care of. I am finally beginning to understand exactly how MY body works so i am putting trust in MY PLAN and expecting great RESULTS to follow!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Flood Devastation

For those of you around the world may not be aware of the natural disaster that has been unfolding in my hometown of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia (and many neighbouring cities and suburbs) this week.

After weeks of torrential rain our dam which was suppose to protect the city became something like 190% over capacitated! The water has since burst its banks and now we have been hit by one of the worst floods in Australian history. On Wednesday the city began an emergency evacuation as the Brisbane river began to dangerously rise.

Since then we have been hit with an inland tsunami, 13 lives have been lost, there are 72 people missing, 7500+ homes are now underwater, 110 000 homes and businesses are now without power and 13 districts have been declared a disaster zone. The water has been raging down the Brisbane river at 10 knots (that means fuckin fast!.. i believe it usually cruises at 2-3knots) which has peaked at 4.5m, taking boats, pontoons, a floating pedestrian bridge and even Drift Floating restaurant with it! (below)

Drift restaurant at Auchenflower. <EM>Photo: Anna Robbie</EM>

Flooding seen from Kangaroo Point. Photo: Theon Gray

Flooding in Nash St, Rosalie, on January 12 in this photo taken by a reader.

Suncorp Stadium is submerged as flood waters inundate Brisbane on January 12. Photo: AFP/Torsten Blackwood

Above is Suncorp Stadium where i saw U2 last month!

So as you can imagine the city is in total devastation. There are 25 helicopters perfoming emergency rescues, there is a possiblity that Brisbane water will be contaminated with sewerage and supermarkets are nearly out of produce! To put things into perspective, 75% of the state has now been affected by the floods which is the area of FRANCE and GERMANY combined!

On a positive note, the sun has been out since yesterday and i believe the worst is now over. It will still take over a week for all the water to subside and then for the massive clean up. I live about 20km south of the city so fortunately my unit is high and dry.

Floods aside, Week 2 of OBB has been killer. Both training and nutrition has been SPOT ON! And yes i have braved the weather and gone for my walk after dinner both monday and tuesday night. I am totally committed to OBB! 5 hours until i come off my fast and my body is feeling amazing! It's changing and tightening up by the day, my skin is getting its glow back and i am just bounding with energy!!

Can't wait for weigh in day on Monday!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 2 OBB: The bloat has GONE!

Hey ya'll happy monday!
I've got a  feeling that today WILL be kickarse! (apart from the RAIN, please F*$K OFF NOW!) You want to know why? Well as you know, today marks Week 2 of OBB and i woke up to some killer results. Last week my nutrition and training was SPOT ON. That is right, i didn't derail from the plan and I even snuck in 2 extra walks!

Week 1:     3/1/2010
Weight:      65.2kg  (143.7lbs)

Week 2:     10/2/10
Weight:      63.7kg!  (140.4lbs)

Difference:  1.5kg Loss  (3.3lbs)

Goal:            60kg  (132.3lbs)
Need to Lose:   3.7kg  (8.1lbs)

So i'm in the 63s again, i feel SO much closer to my goal now! FYI, that will probably be the biggest kg loss of my challenge. Usually the first (big) drop is all the bloat, fluid and toxins disappearing from the body so i'll be going for a 400 - 500g  (1lb) loss a week from now on.

JNL you better watch out! ;-)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ex-Hemorrhoid gives me a kodak moment!

Hey kidz, hope you're having a fab weekend! Well i've been on a HIGH since the get-go this morning. It all started with a killer BodySlam class, we did a hell lot of boxing, kicking, jumping and ended with 2 x treadmill sprints. I ran between 12 to 15kph and pumped out 750m in 3.40mins and then 800m in 3.35mins. It was the first bit of speed work i have done in my Vibrams and i tell you what, i was flying! I love 'em and have no intentions of EVER going back to 'normal running shoes'.

From there i saw GA for a bone massage. Seriously, I swear she gets pleasure from me cursing her at high volumes lol... Beauty is pain, so i remind myself!

From there i decided to drop by mum and dads house for a quick gassbag. Mum provided me with my 'treat meal' for the week..... 2 white and 2 dark Lindor Balls...YUM! They were gooooood. My nutrition has been spot on all week and to be honest, i haven't even craved anything 'naughty'. Must be the strong mindset i've got going on!

I also decided it was time to tell mum about my thoughts of doing another degree and find out if they will help me pay for it UP FRONT! You see, uni's LOVE to rip you off so if you pay up front you save 20% which equates to $1060.80! Now that money is better off going towards my Mortage Club ;-).

Now FYI, in the PAST my mum (ex-hemorrhoid) has just about always shot me down at anything that I wanted to do/achieve. She never failed to tell me that my pursuits were a 'waste of time' or that i was 'wasting my life away'. Some of those 'waste of time' pursuits included:

7 x Queensland Indoor Soccer Teams
1 x Australian Junior Indoor Soccer Team (that i captained in Europe!)
Bachelor of Nutrition Science
Cert III & 4 in Fitness

I could go on but you get my drift...

So this is how the conversation went this arvo:

Mum - So what are you up to this weekend?
Me - Well i'm going to apply for another degree.
Mum - What one?
Me - Psychology
Mum - Wow, thats a fantastic idea!
Me - Fell off my stool!........Just kidding, but i did have to pick up my jaw from the floor below! Total kodak moment, i looked like a stunned mullet.
Me - You think so?
Mum - It would go perfectly with your nutrition........ Fat people have emotional problems.

That's my mother, blunt as always lol.

It was such a nice feeling to have her support me in something that is important to me. So i decided to race back home to apply for the degree and not procrastinate any longer. So i logged onto QTAC to submit my app and the first thing i read was 'Please note that the final date for applications has been extended to Sunday 9th January'. OMFG, thats tomorrow! The girl at the uni student centre had told me Feb 11th and that the app fee would be $55! Ummm, make that $110! So in a rush of panic adrenalin i raced back to mum and dads to pick up my academic transcripts for Year 12 and Uni.....Nowhere to be found! SHIT!.... Then i remembered i had brought them back to my house last week lol.

Anyways i finally submitted my application. Fingers crossed i'm not too late and get in for a March (Semester 1) start, if not, preference two is for a July (Semester 2) start. So "Dear Universe, please bless me with good news on thursday, love chelle =)"

... betcha thought my day had ended?! Well i was so pumped that i decided to go for a nice walk in the fresh night air to unwind. Plus my legs have DOMS big time so i thought it'd be a good idea to stretch them out. Thank god i brought my umbrella because half way through it pissed down. Go figure.

Well time for a shower then a date with my girl crush....

Angelina Jolie.....My sis gave me a copy of Salt to borrow.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Focussed and on Track!

TGIF! Well what a crazy week this one has been. I've been back at work since tuesday and it has knocked me for six!

This year i am working on being more organised productive therefore not allowing the little things to stress me out. I have many things to conquer on my to-do list so it all begins with a POSITIVE MINDSET! That's right, no problem or challenge is going to bring me down because i am going to rise above and crush it!

Training and nutrition has been SPOT ON this week and i am PUMPED! I'm feeling strong and my body composition is already starting to change. Yay for clean food and yay that the sugar cravings are finally GONE. Ms Fluid Fairy has just about disappeared so welcome back Ms Vein Fairy, nice to see you again =P.

My fast went well on wednesday, i love how the body tightens up around the 18hr mark. Note to self for next wednesday: Start the fast either at arvo tea or dinner. I do a bodyslam (boxercise) at 5.30pm and eating lunch/starting my fast at 12pm wasn't the smartest move. Slam is a very intense class (we've had a few casualties over the years.... vomit is never a pleasant sight lol) and for me it requires a pre-workout snack to get through it with 150% effort. Just something light like a piece of fruit as i need some CARBS in my system. (PB is not a good idea, i've tasted that in class a few times... GROSS!) With about 20mins to go, i had nothing left in the tank so it took a lot of mental coaxing to get through the million burpees at the end! So i decided best to refuel, eat dinner then fast until dinner last night. Easy done.

This weekend i plan to select my photographer and book a shoot.

Now the above is one pose i really like. Simple. Sexy. Beautiful.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Training and Nutrition Plan

I thought i'd better share with ya'll (and so i remember too lol) exactly how i plan to get my Bikini Babe Body.

The Training Plan:

Monday:        300 Spartan Workout (AM), Walk 45min OR Run 30min (PM)
Tuesday:        Zuzana Workout (AM), Walk 45mins (PM)
Wednesday:   BodySlam (Boxercise) (PM)
Thursday:       Rest Day or Walk 45mins (PM)
Friday:           Full Body Weights Workout (AM), Run 45mins (PM)
Saturday:       BodySlam (Boxercise) (AM)
Sunday:         Zuzana Workout (AM) OR Body Balance (PM)
I'm going to stick with that for the next 4 weeks. I'm not going to make the mistake of previous years and kill myself with overtraining BECAUSE i know that you CAN'T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET!

The Nutrition Plan

The most important part of this plan is that the after dinner snacking comes to a dead halt because lets face it - take away all those mindless calories and wallah there's your calorie deficit! Therefore i have decided to eat dinner early (5.30pm to 6.30pm) and THEN go for evening walk/cardio.  This way i can can clean my teeth (i mean who feels like snacking when your mouth taste like mint?), do my cardio and go to bed on an empty stomach. Its actually quite a nice feeling not being full to the brim then falling asleep!.... And no i couldn't give a damn about 'nutrition rules' ;-)

Now the following is what WORKS FOR ME:

On Rising:   Lemon Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar
Breakfast:   Fiber Shake, Coffee  ( can you tell i'm NOT a breakfast person!)
M/Tea:       Banana SuperShake (I'm trialing some Choc Pea Protein Pwd atm, and it's really good!)
Lunch:        Chickpeas/Eggs/Tuna with Brown Rice and a massive Colourful Salad
A/Tea:        Coffee and fruit/nuts/carrots/PB IF HUNGRY
Dinner:        Fish/Meat/Eggs/Seafood/Chickpeas with a massive amount of salad/vegies and avo/olive oil/nuts

I am also going to do 1 -2 x 24hr fasts a week, probably on a wednesday to thursday and a saturday to sunday lunch to lunch.

As for 'treat meals', i will be having a few a week. I don't want to become anally obsessive about food and calories ever again so i sure won't be beating myself up if i have a block some chocolate...... just got to watch the portion size lol

I will be limiting my dairy, wheat and sugar intake to treat meals only as i know for me those 3 cause fluid retention, runny nose, bloating and bad skin!

So there you have it! Bikini Babe here i come WOOT!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Operation Bikini Babe (OBB) Week 1!

Well today marks the start of my NEW CHALLENGE - OPERATION BIKINI BABE.

I think the title is a perfect suit. My eternal long term goal is to be in bikini babe condition 24/7 so that i can train in a crop top at the gym without watching the fat jiggle lol.

OBB will go for 12 weeks in which i will weigh in every Monday morning. I also plan to get my fat pinched skins done once a month because we all know that scale weight isn't the most accurate indicator of progress!

I was a little nervous about hopping on the scales this morning as i hadn't weighed myself in ages but i was also excited because now i have a starting point. In my head i was hoping for about 64kg but ALL the dessert/choc/icecream i have consumed this festive season (which started in NOVEMBER- hello holidays!) i am now sitting here:

3/1/11 - Week 1
Weight:  65.2kg  (143.7lbs)

...which i am ok with (no i didnt burst into tears this morning lol). I know the first couple kgs will come off pretty easily- its usually made up of a LOT of fluid, bloat and toxins. And now that my sugar cravings have FINALLY subsided (today is day 4 sugar free), eating healthy is a hell lot easier!

GOALS for the next 12 weeks are as follow:

- 60kg  (132lbs) which means i need to Drop 5.2kg (11.5lbs)
- 12% Body Fat (I reckon i'm about 16/17% atm)
- 50 -55ml Body Fat

I know at 63kg i feel pretty damn good so once i get there i will treat myself to a little shopping spree at Lorna Jane. I still have $220 worth of vouchers that i haven't used since my birthday, so that will be my first checkpoint.

My dad has also set me a pushup challenge.....ummm 130 on my toes! That's the number he does every morning and he is 69. I can pump out 50 on my toes atm, not quite sure how long it will take me to get up to 130 BUT i am determined to get there by the end of OBB!

So what are your goals for 2011? I would love to know and feel free to join me on your own OBB!

I'm working towards this look:

Zuzana's got it going on and her workouts are 100% killer. Yes i am HOOKED!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goals for 2011!

Happy New Year everyone! I had a fabulous one. The party was non-stop fun, smiles, laughter and of course DANCING, the dj rocked! Here are a few pics:

I was very well behaved. I decided to kick the New Year off with a 24hr fast which began lunch time on friday. That meant NO alcohol or junk would enter my mouth thus starting 2011 with a clean body.

I'll admit that i ate more than my fair share of SHIT this week. I don't know about you but when i decide to start a new challenge on date 'x', the few days leading up to it i go a bit crazy with the 'naughty food'! I felt a little bit guilty, especially because Ms Fluid Fairy decided to cast a spell on me and gifted me with fluid retention for 3 days grrrr.... 2 x Zuzana Body Rock Workouts and a walk later (gym is closed!) and the fluid has disappeared :-)

So onto goals. This is going to be a BIG year for me, there are so many things i want to achieve:

Professional Photo Shoot in 12 to 15 weeks time.
Thanks to facebook i now have a zillion photographers to sort through lol. (if you recommend anyone in the Brisbane area please let me know) I'd like to do a creative body art styled shoot. I will select my photographer this week and BOOK the shoot. I know that being in front of a camera will make me extra determined to stick to the plan.

Post Graduate Degree
I can't believe it myself lol. But yes i have decided to go back to uni part time (by correspondance) and apply for a Graduate Diploma in Psychology! I've got 4 weeks to get my arse into gear as apps close on 2nd Feb. I think the combo of Nutrition Science, PT and Psych blend perfectly together. 1. Psych will help me sort out my own head and 2. Once finished (4yrs part-time incl. Honours), there will be many avenues i can explore in my professional life.

................... in SPORTSMODEL. Now this is just a tentative goal for now. I will re-asssess where my mind and body is at after the photoshoot. I don't want to use any extreme measures (training and dieting) to get on stage because i know the head games will ruin all i have achieved in 2010. Why sportsmodel? Well i miss the thrill of being on stage (even more so then running races), its less extreme on the body than figure, i actually like the softer look better and its more commercial too. I'm penciling in Asia Pacs and INBA Bris titles which i believe are in May.

Operation Bikini Babe (OBB)
is the title of my NEW CHALLENGE. I decided that Operation Sexy-Bitch wasn't an appropriate title anymore BECAUSE since about August last year i feel like i have achieved the 'sexy-biatch' status!

OBB will kick-off tomorrow so stay tuned for THE PLAN!