Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goals for 2011!

Happy New Year everyone! I had a fabulous one. The party was non-stop fun, smiles, laughter and of course DANCING, the dj rocked! Here are a few pics:

I was very well behaved. I decided to kick the New Year off with a 24hr fast which began lunch time on friday. That meant NO alcohol or junk would enter my mouth thus starting 2011 with a clean body.

I'll admit that i ate more than my fair share of SHIT this week. I don't know about you but when i decide to start a new challenge on date 'x', the few days leading up to it i go a bit crazy with the 'naughty food'! I felt a little bit guilty, especially because Ms Fluid Fairy decided to cast a spell on me and gifted me with fluid retention for 3 days grrrr.... 2 x Zuzana Body Rock Workouts and a walk later (gym is closed!) and the fluid has disappeared :-)

So onto goals. This is going to be a BIG year for me, there are so many things i want to achieve:

Professional Photo Shoot in 12 to 15 weeks time.
Thanks to facebook i now have a zillion photographers to sort through lol. (if you recommend anyone in the Brisbane area please let me know) I'd like to do a creative body art styled shoot. I will select my photographer this week and BOOK the shoot. I know that being in front of a camera will make me extra determined to stick to the plan.

Post Graduate Degree
I can't believe it myself lol. But yes i have decided to go back to uni part time (by correspondance) and apply for a Graduate Diploma in Psychology! I've got 4 weeks to get my arse into gear as apps close on 2nd Feb. I think the combo of Nutrition Science, PT and Psych blend perfectly together. 1. Psych will help me sort out my own head and 2. Once finished (4yrs part-time incl. Honours), there will be many avenues i can explore in my professional life.

................... in SPORTSMODEL. Now this is just a tentative goal for now. I will re-asssess where my mind and body is at after the photoshoot. I don't want to use any extreme measures (training and dieting) to get on stage because i know the head games will ruin all i have achieved in 2010. Why sportsmodel? Well i miss the thrill of being on stage (even more so then running races), its less extreme on the body than figure, i actually like the softer look better and its more commercial too. I'm penciling in Asia Pacs and INBA Bris titles which i believe are in May.

Operation Bikini Babe (OBB)
is the title of my NEW CHALLENGE. I decided that Operation Sexy-Bitch wasn't an appropriate title anymore BECAUSE since about August last year i feel like i have achieved the 'sexy-biatch' status!

OBB will kick-off tomorrow so stay tuned for THE PLAN!


  1. you look great like always chelle!

  2. Thanks Ana, time to go from 'great' to 'smokin'! ;)