Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Burning the Firecracker at both ends:(

Did ya miss me?! I'm sorry i have been a naughty blogger and MIA. Truth is, i have been SWAMPED with work; uni assessment and now i am battling a cold. Monday was the sore throat and swollen glands which has left; tuesday was the dripping nose which is still hanging around and today my head is foggy and i just want to go pass out back to bed.

So i have come to the conclusion that.... I am NOT superwoman :(... Damn it... Yes, your poor little firecracker has been lit at both end, someone come diffuse me before i burnt out! The cold is nothing serious but it is a sign that i need to CHILL THE F*K OUT! I have been listening to my body to some degree though. Apart from going for some light 30min walks outside (need my fresh air!), i have restrained myself from hitting the gym. No workouts since saturday! I know my body just needs to rest and come friday (uni exam) i can rest my mind too because i will be on uni holidays for 2 weeks WOOT! Then 2 weeks after that i am having 11 days off for Easter, double WOOT!

Must fly and drag my sorry arse to work!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The joys of traveling

Hey ya'll!  Well i am currently in Townsville-day 2 of my work trip-and I will be off to Mackay at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. I'm totally looking forward to the 400km (250miles) /4.5hr drive ... NOT.  It's hot; it's humid and i am staying in a DUMP of a hotel. The Rydges is SUPPOSED to be 5 star luxury but seriously, I wouldn't even give it half a star.  It smells; it hasn't been renovated since the 40s; the carpet has stains ALL over it; the windows don't open; the lift tells you the wrong floor number; the decor is ugly; and wait ... there are fucking SPIDERS on the ceilings in the hallways!!!!! Total #FAIL.

On a positive note, business has been great up here; and I have enjoyed my walk along The Strand

each morning. You got to love that ocean breeze! A friend of mind (who reps for a protein powder company) is also doing his trip up here which has been awesome as I haven't had to dine out on my lonesome for once!

On the topic of dining out, i am SOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to eating my 'simple food' once i get back home. It might sound glamorous to eat out at fancy cafes and restaurants but for me, the novelty wears off after a couple of meals. Yes they taste AMAZING, but when your body isn't used to constantly eating extra sugars, saturated fats, dairy and gluten you react straight away. Not to mention too much of the good stuff ain't good for the sexy six-pack!

Right now, I'm feeling bloated, fluidy and just gross. Having said that i have tried to order as CLEAN as possible - grilled barramundi and salad (massive piece of fish-i could only fit in half!); chilli prawn vegie stirfy for the past 2 dinners. However for lunch I did resort to a chicken/ salad/ avo/ cheese wrap. The lesson learnt here is to STAY AWAY FROM GLUTEN! I already know this but two days of wheat and i look 6 months preggas my gut ain't feeling good. I'm really pissed off at myself for caving in and eating shit that i know isn't good for me. Call it a moment of weakness or a loss of focus. How can i be so STRONG some weeks and so WEAK on others? There has got to be a trigger deep down in my unconscious that i am yet to rectify.

Note to self - track down a Sumo Salad kiosk for lunch instead of doing the 'cafe thing'.

One thing i did learn from my last trip was to not eat out for Breakfast. I'm not really a breakfast person to begin with anyway. Morning tea is technically my first real meal so i'll have a banana super shake. I prefer to drink my first meal as it's tasty and lighter on my digestive system, especially after a big workout. So for that reason i packed my protein powder and bought some rice milk and bananas when i arrived. I thought $8.95/kg for bananas was exy in brissie. Try $11.95/kg up north- OMFG!

Anywho i must shower, freshen up, paint on my face and head out to dinner with an old friend from highschool who is living up here now. We're off to a fancy French restaurant- Michels tonight... no lamb brains or frogs legs for me though lol.

Au revoir!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 13 OAP: Blessing of Ms Fluid Fairy

Is it FRIDAY yet!? Chaotic is an understatement. This week has been be crazy ... well so has every other week so no surprise there lol. I am off on my Townsville-Mackay work trip this sunday until wednesday so i have been madly trying to get my shit together. Just about finished my first uni assignment too woo hoo. And guess when it is due? ... Tomorrow!!!! ... Just kidding... Not until the 28 March- told you i am getting on top of things!

This week I've been having a blast with Zuzana workouts and  also pushed out another PB on Monday and Tuesday for my 2km run - 9:15min! Getting closer to that elusive 8:59min. I practically have to start on 12.3kph and increase my speed by .1kph every 100m then take off with 500m whilst trying not to fly off the back of the treadmill to keep up the former pace. Sub 9mins is going to be FAST. Well not as fast as speedy gonzalas aka Miss Melissa!

Food wise, I ended up having my treat meal on monday. In hindsight i probably should have had it sunday as all i did sunday night was dream about caramel slice. Seriously. So monday arvo, i took a trip to the bakery to buy it, drove home, opened up the packet and guess what i saw..... a cockroach.... just kidding haha.... A fuckin piece of Apple Slice! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! But i couldn't be bothered driving all the way back to exchange it, so i ate it anyway. It was yummy but no way as sickening delicious as caramel slice.

So with the sugar from Monday and TTOM around the corner, (talk about being in the FOULEST mood yesterday!)  i have been cast upon by Ms Fluid Fairy for weigh-in day. Yep got the sexy bloated look happening. Having said that i still feel a lot tighter than last week so i'm sure i will FINALLY see a 62 come next thursday... providing restaurant food doesn't have too much effect on me whilst i am away for work!

Week 14:                 10/3/2011
Weight:                    63.0kg   (138.9lbs)

Week 13                  17/3/2011
Weight:                    63.2kg  (139.3lbs)

Difference:              200g (.3lbs) GAIN
Difference to Date:  2kg (4.4lbs) LOSS

Goal:                        ~59kg (130.1lbs)
Need to Lose:          4.2kg  (9.3lbs)

Yeah yeah i know, nothing to be sob about so i am just going to get on with my day!

Gotta fly and enter the NERD KINGDOM before i head off to work!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life is Good and Progress Pics

Well I have had a very productive weekend so far and i am finally feeling on top of things!

Yesterday's boxing class was a high intensity KILL-A-THON! We also incorporated some sprinting on the treadie that i loved and some sexy-six pack training at the end. Boy are my abs feeling tight today WOOT!! After that, i got in about 5hrs of study, a massage and dinner with my girlfriends. You know you are at a table with fitness girls when 4 out of 6 of them have had a boob job lol.

Today i will be spending another billions hours in Planet Nerdom.... Totally cool, i already know that ;-)

So for that reason i shall be quick and list a few things on my mind:

1. Nutriton plan is going great. My sugar cravings have been under control and i haven't even had a dessert treat this week. I was considering having a piece of caramel slice today but i have woken up feeling energised and craving free. No point just having it for the sake of it hey!

2. After being a little on the tired side earlier this week (i think uni/studying really threw my body out of whack!), i decided to listen to my body and take tuesday off training. My energiser batteries have now re-charged and i am bounding off the walls once again.I even did a PB for my 2km run on friday - 9:22mins! So the goal is to do a sub 9min. hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks!

3. My skin has improved 10 fold since cutting out all the extra shit from my diet... Got that glow happening!

4. I'm in a really happy place right now. With the study i feel like i have new-found purpose and direction in my life. I am focused and ready to take on the world!

5. I am noticing the changes in my body day by day. I actually think that i may only be a couple kilos away from being 'crop-top ready' for gym! For once its not a struggle at all. I haven't been fasting for a good 2 or 3 weeks now but what i am doing is eating intuitively. Four meals a day is working like a charm. I'm not hungry, i have minimal cravings and my energy is great. I'm not stressed about food prep, macro ratios, meal timing or calorie counting and my obsessive food thoughts have minimised. I am not dieting per se, just eating in a way that will keep me LEAN for LIFE.

So here are a couple pics from last night:

Trying to use the 'self-time' on my camera before heading out the door!

At the restaurant doing the 'chelle pose!'

Ok now i MUST stop PROCRASTINATING. Planet Nerdom here i come!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 14 OAP: Which Fairy Stole my Free Time?!

Whassup kids!?

I profusely apologies for being such a bad blogger. A naughty Fairy has stolen all of my FREE TIME! She deserves a smack... actually could someone please clip her wings? On a serious note, I didn't realise just how much my life would change by adding uni to it. I am super BUSY....all in capitals. During the week my life goes like this - eat, train, work, study, sleep, REPEAT... I allow myself 1 x 1hr moment of bliss tv show a night to unwind. Facebook and blogland are now slipping to the bottom of my PRIORITY LIST. But that is ok because i am LOVING activating those little brain cells of mine.

Anywho i must be quick so i'll get straight to the point.

I'm now doing my weigh-in days on thursday morning. Reason being is that i have been having my cheat meal on a saturday night. Last saturday included a yummy scrumptious stickydate pudding with 'bodybuilders icecream' (frozen yoghurt and protein powder) at Steph's house. It was sooooooo gooooood but as my body isn't used to a lot of sugar anymore i bloated straight away. It's seriously taken me a good 3-4 days to rid the bloat; sugar and fluid retention from my body. So i really didn't want a water-affected scale weight to enhance my mondayitis! ... On a side note, the way my body reacted to the above was a good reminder to steer clear of too much sugar during the week. It just didn't like it.... damn it ;-)

So here are my official results:

Week 15:            28/02/2011
Weight:               63.6kg  (140.2lbs)

Week 14:            10/02/2011
Weight:                63.0kg  (138.9lbs)

Difference:           600g LOSS   (1.3lbs)
Difference to Date:  2.2kg LOSS   (4.9lbs)

Goal:                  ~59kg  (130.1lbs)
Need to Drop:     4kg   (8.8lbs)

Yay, i'm totally stoked with the results so far but i was spewing i missed out on seeing that magical 62. The scale was flicking from 62.9 to 63.0 a few times and even with my 'you can do it chant', it reverted back to 63.0. Not to worry, next week WILL be my week!

Gotta fly! I will do my best to write a couple blogs per week..... now what is free time again?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life is a WHIRLWIND!!

Hey ya'll well i tell you what, this week has been a WHIRLWIND! I have surprised myself just how much i have been fitting into a day. Seriously, juggling full time work; part-time uni (2 subjects) and comp prep is just a little on the crazy side. In doing so i have had to 3/4 my Facebook time (no time to read news feeds anymore!) and unfortunately have to cut down reading blogs :(. It's all about priorities now. But hey, I have brought my focus to a whole new level and i have given organised a brand new meaning. Meet Ms Superwoman lol.

I did my mid week weigh in this morning and i am down another 400g (0.9lbs). WOOT! I don't count this as an official weigh-in but i do like to know exactly how i am progressing through the week. I'm feeling a lot tighter, especially through my arms, chesticles and back. I always lean up like an icecream- from top to bottom ;-).

One thing i want to share with you is that there is the possibility of postponing the date of my comp. I was a little gutted at first but i have come to realise a few things:

1. I need to ace UNI. To do so will require about 2-3hrs of study a DAY. I'm a pretty fast reader and good memoriser but these chapters are so damn long!
2. I want to bring nothing less than SMOKING HOT condition to the stage.
3. My prep needs to be HEALTHY, BALANCED and STRESS FREE as possible. I.e Not RUSHED.

I know comps will ALWAYS be there. I can do the INBA Sportsmodel in September if i am not ready in time for June. I don't need to put added pressure on myself.

But what i will remain doing is keeping my 'comp prep focus'. These last two weeks have been mentally amazing. I feel like a completely different person with this lazer focus. My body has changed more in these past couple weeks than it did earlier this year. I feel strong, more confident and that i can achieve ANYTHING i put my mind to. I now know that being ultra strict throughout the week really isn't difficult at all. I am fueling my body with the right foods so i rarely feel the need for the sugary crap. The snacking has ceased cos i know that i only do it for emotional reasons. One of them BOREDOM. I don't have time to be bored anymore!

My 'comp prep focus' is something i believe i need to keep doing if i want to be LEAN for LIFE. That's right baby. By eating clean throughout the week allows me to really enjoy a few treat meals on the weekend without the guilt, that feeling of failure or the thought that i have just blown my entire progress.

So for now, I am focussing on getting down to 59kg ( 130.1lbs) and around 55ml. Once i get there (should be about 3months) i can make an executive decision about which comp to do. From there all i will need to do is fine-tune the body!

OK gotta fly, my inner nerd is calling me!