Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OSB #3 Week 8: What % BF = ABS!?

Sorry for the ultra late post! I've been swamped with work the past couple days and didnt want to spend anymore time cross-eyed at the computer screen.... plus i was in a bit of a foul mood yesterday =P ...so i promise to keep this post as positive as possible!

23/8/2010  Week 7
Weight:   63.2kg

30/8/2010  Week 8
Weight:   63.2kg

Difference:  0.0kg

Yes i was shitty from useless numbers even though i can now see more cuts, lines and veins than last week. Talk about mind games! FUUUUCCCKK!... and i may have consoled my brain from the Negative Voice Fairy with some melting moments in the afternoon... geez i know how to make a situation even worse!...

Ok negative rant OVER.... told ya i'd make it short and sweet! But its feel good to get it off my chest.

So the above has reminded me to get my fat pinched next week. I am way overdue for a skinfold test and i know better than anyone that this is the true indication of progress!!! I'm taking a guess that my body fat will be around the 13% mark and low 60ml over 7 sites.

So that brings me to this question girls:

What % body fat and mls do you see your abs? (I'm referring to a 4-pack here, not to fussed about 6 atm)

Yeah i know the abs are usually the last to say peek a boo but boy i am getting IMPATIENT!... I want them YESTERDAY! lol

Last of all, i'm gonna take a break from fasting (ESE) for a few weeks. Why you may ask?

1. I have quite a few social engagements coming up on my usual fasting days - Thursday and Sunday. There's Fathers Day this weekend and i've got my works' National Sales Conference next week so i don't want to be awkward and not eat and then get hounded by everyone and then have to explain myself one zillion times!

2. I don't/won't fast on training days.

3. I have now been fasting twice a week for 20 WEEKS!

So it shall be interesting to see what my results will be over the next few weeks. I'm pretty confident that i will still get leaner as i fine tune my more intuitive style of eating and continue to train like an animal. I will also try my best to make a committment to myself to not binge when emotions get the better of me.

As Raechelle puts perfectly. "Make a decision and stick to it!"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Proud of my Old Man =)

I firmly believe that in order to embark on a successful nutrition (i despise the word D-I-E-t!) and exercise overhaul it is up to that person to 'WANT TO CHANGE' for themselves. No amount of nagging will force someone to make a positive change that will last long term. Trust me i know! As much as I have wanted certain family members to change their nutrition habits (its an automatic response when you are a nutritionist!) over the years i know better than to force them to. Why? Because it can cause all sorts of anger, resentment and worst of all EMOTIONAL issues (refer to my Hemorrhoid issues!). So i know that keeping quiet is best.

So this arvo, i dropped by mum and dads for a coffee and to pick up my new pot-plant. (Mum bought me this cute Money plant in a red pot for my outdoor table. They are suppose to bring good luck). While I was chatting with mum, she mentioned that dad has given up refined sugar- biscuits, chocolates, dried fruit, etc. I was so dumbfounded that i nearly fell off my stool! So i raced downstairs to interrogate my dad lol

The first thing i noticed in the rompus room was a book called Sweet Poison by Dr David Gillespie sitting on the coffee table. Now dad rarely reads ANY books let alone NUTRITION books! Dad told me that he had listened to the author do an interview on talk back radio a month ago about the dangerous and damaging effects that refined sugar has on the body. So he bought the book, read the book and decided to just cut out the sugar!

Now FYI, my dad has always been physically active. He works out for 30min every morning doing bodyweight resistance training, walks the dog for an hour each day, and still teaches ju jitsu once a week. He's a 5th Dan Black belt and will be 69 this year. He's in pretty good nick for someone his age.

BUT as far as i can remember, dad has never been ultra lean (since i was born). I wouldn't say that he has been overweight either, but his 'sugar belly' has always yo-yo'd between 5-7kg over the years.... and that 'sugar belly' is not the result of lack of exercise!

Remember you can't out-train a poor diet!

Now dads' nutrition is far from poor, he actually eats quite well (mum makes great healthy and tastey food) BUT his problem is his 'sweet tooth'. He loves scotch fingers, dark chocolate and icecream... and 'portion size' is NOT apart of his vocabulary lol.

So over the past 4 weeks dad has dropped 3kg just by reducing his sugar intake! His training has stayed EXACTLY the same. When he told me, I could tell that he was so proud of himself for changing his habits, i could see it in his eyes, they were smiling. So i asked him what made him want to change, and you know what he told me?

"I wanted to challenge myself and remove the POISON from my body. The weight-loss was a bonus and i now have more energy too!"

Pretty cool huh!

Change happens when you are ready.

Go dad, i'm really proud of him too.

Monday, August 23, 2010

OSB #3 Week 7: Mindful Eating and the Clean Plate Club

Morning peeps! Did you have a fabulous weekend? I DID!

It was super social and super fun. Friday night I went out for Japanese with Miss Steph and Steph and our bikini baby Lisa. We had a blast gossiping about gym, food, comps (what else do figure girls talk about lol) and ofcourse boys! Saturday i had a friends 38th birthday down at Broadbeach. We went to this amazing restaurant called Koi. The food was sensational. I had this coconut and macadamia encrustred Barramundi on a tiger prawn, with saffron and lemon scented risotto and steamed bok choy. SO good. Then to top it off i SHARED dessert, a delicious Chocolate Lava Pudding. The main street was closed off and guess who was singing? Kate Cebrano. Not typically my type of music but it made for a great atmosphere.

On the food side of things i will be upfront now and say that last week was a complete write off lol. It was just one of those social weeks where I ate out way more than usual, ate way more 'treats' than usual and for that reason Ms Fluid Fairy is taking her sweet-arse time to... FUCK OFF! You know me, Miss gluten and dairy intolerant grrrrrr hence the mega fluid retention! But thats ok, i'm dealing with it. No excuses, i've let go, learnt and moved on! ;-)

16/08/2010 Week 6
Weight: 62.6kg

23/08/2010 Week 7
Weight: 63.2kg

Difference: 600g GAIN .... yes we are playing the scale game AGAIN!

One thing i'm going to let you in on is that i am half way through the book Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel. Its been a great read so far...i have NO desire to be 'thin/skinny' but i do have a desire to be Naturally LEAN. I will NOT be that yo-yo dieter anymore and i will soon have my sexy-bitch body that i WILL be keeping for life...just watch me!

I'm picking up some great pointers on how 'naturally thin' girls stay that way. Ofcourse genetics play some role in body maekup, bone structure, fat distribution etc BUT what i am learning is that 'naturally thin' girls have a different relationship with food to the girls who aren't 'naturally thin' YET! So over the course of the upcoming weeks i will be implementing her 'rules' into my life.

1. This week i am working on 'losing my membership to the 'clean plate club'.'

I never used to belong to this club till my food/fat issues began with mum (ex-hemorrhoid) when i was 15. I was always one of those kids who took FOREVER to eat their food.... hmmm 30 mins to eat a peanut-butter sandwich for breakie was a good day. My slowness used to drive my parents crazy lol.

Bethenny writes that 'naturally thin' girls 'eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full'. Pretty simple hey, just think about it. Its pretty hard to pile on the kgs when you are not overeating (providing you're exercising and making good food choices ofcourse). It got me thinking that in some respect, following a strict 'diet plan' that tells you EXACTLY what to eat causes you to disconnect with your body and your hunger. You eat because it is x o'clock, you  eat x grams of this, x tbsp of that and so forth. You stop listening to what your body actually wants/needs.... (N.B. I'm not writing in regards to comp prep, that is a totally different ball game).

So basically what Bethenny is saying, if you become full 1/2 way or 3/4 way through a meal- STOP EATING! Whats the point of consuming more calories just because your plate is not clean or because you 'have' to? 'Naturally thin' girls do this automatically, they LISTEN to their body. My "STOP" button has been lost for a LONG time, so i have finally decided it is time to send out a search party and bring her back to mumma!

As you may recall, i'm also shying away from the bodybuilding rules (meal timing and strict C:P:F ratios) which is working well in my favour. I know that i will never be that 66-67kg girl again (that requires way TOO much food and stress lol) and i'm not too far off being that 60-61kg girl... My meals are still structured very well but i have cut back on quite a bit of protein which my body just does not need now. To get to my goal will require a bit of tweaking...

In conjunction with the 'clean-plate rule' comes 'conscious/mindful eating'. By that i mean, not eating in front of the TV, computer, whilst driving, whilst prepping other food etc. I'm sure you've been guilty of eating this way at times. Suddenly your meal has disappeared and you didn't even remember tasting it. Thats because you inhaled it! So no more two-timing lol

I've noticed that when i just focus on eating:
1. It takes me way longer to finish my meal (remember i am naturally slow lol)
2. I enjoy my meal
3. My stomach fills up quite fast and i feel satisfied.
4. And because i am satisfied there is no urge to open the fridge and/or pantry and stare into space!.... then walk back 5 mins later and stare some more lol

Breaking the binge (and overeating) is complicated but i know it CAN be conquered and I know i WILL conquer it. I know it will take time and persistance. I am learning new pointers every week and creating new habits. I am becoming stronger, more resiliant and more aware of my body, my emotions and the crazy world that is my life.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Body Image - Its All about ATTITUDE!

Do you have issues with your body image?

Like most girls, i have my own body image demons that i fight with from time to time. I have my 'Gross i'm Fat' days (usually to do with Ms Fluid Fairy) and 'Fuck yeah, i'm LEAN baby' days. Now that i am half way through OSB #3, I'm happy to say that the latter is how i feel 90% of the time.


This week, to my delight is TTOM... NOT! And it seems like Ms Fluid Fairy has been in a nasty mood. Instead of sprinkling 'fluid fairy dust' over me she's hired a fuckin bob cat and dumped a 'sahara desert portion of fluid fairy dust' over me.... ugh, so now i'm looking PUFFY.

I know its just to do with hormonal changes in the body (and maybe the Magnum i ate last night cos i was feeling sorry for myself) and i know that the fluid will subside in the next day or so Chelle- build a bridge and get over it!

Note to self:
1. Stop using food to deal with emotions - it didnt even taste half as good as i imagined
2. It didnt change how i was feeling at all!.... Now i'm PUFFY, so i think i'm worse off lol

Do you have trouble spots?

For me, my abs (middle to lower) are ALWAYS the last to come into condition. Along with my inner thighs. And when Ms Fluid Fairy visits i.e NOW, it is those two areas that are WORST affected.

I'm really happy with my upper body right now - I can see all the spilts and veins in my shoulders and arms; my back and chest are well defined; calves are killer (thanks mum and dad and years of being a runner/sprinter); my butt is perky and i have no muffin top present either lol.

So with all those positive points, why do i still stew over my trouble spots? ... Its like, sometimes we are so blinded by our trouble spots that we forget to focus on the entire package that is essentially SMOKIN!. We need to let go of the 'fear that change won't happen' because it is all just IN OUR HEADS. The truth is that change IS happening, and it is happening NOW... just fuckin slowly lol.

I've only got 2.6kg to lose till i reach my ultimate body goal..... I'm on the HOME STRETCH now, I just gotta stay focussed and know that it WILL HAPPEN.

As my girl KellyO says, 'ITS ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE!"

So with that, i'm kicking my silly sorry attitude out the door and replacing it with SMILES and POSITIVITY. I have so much going for me at the moment that i don't have time to WASTE being sad.

Oh and i should remind myself that i just bought the hottest outfit from CUE on tuesday.....did i mention my shorts were a size 6 (AUS)!?

Monday, August 16, 2010

OSB #3 Week 6: To above and beyond!

Happy monday peeps!

Which means weigh- in day! Gosh, i'm nearly half way through OSB #3, this year is starting to fly now.

Anywho just so you know, TTOM is a day or two around the corner...lucky me.... NOT! To my delight, Miss Fluid Fairy checked in yesterday....bitch... I think she'll be hanging around for a few more days. But as you'll see, she hasn't really affected my results this time (which means i have lossed more FAT!):

9/08/2010  Week 5
Weight:   62.6kg

16/08/2010  Week 6
Weight:   62.6kg

Difference: 0.0kg  NONE

Apart from the fluidy feeling, i'm actually looking pretty damn lean. We did a circuit style (weights) slam class on saturday and i was checking myself out in the mirror (as you do!) whilst training and damn there were some nice lines and veins that i hadn't seen before! WOOT!... So bring on next monday i say!

Onto fun stuff...

SO over the weekend, my girlfriend and i went out for dessert (yes, just dessert...who needs lunch? lol) at Freestyle Tout. For anyone who has a sweet tooth, you gotta check this place out, it is to DIE for. I had this delicious Hot Fudge-Walnut Brownie, covered in this decadent dark chocolate sauce with chocolate fudge icecream (and there was also a piece of dark chocolate for decoration)...mmmmmmm, are you salivating now!? .... No surprises when my fast started! lol

Oh and i'm super excited to tell you that i FINALLY handed my pt assignments in on thursday! Woohoo, what a fuckin relief! I was wooting  (ok that looks wrong if you dont read it properly haha) screaming in the car....seriously...Talk about a HIGH! They are done and dusted!... Definitely no more study...for now. I have been stress free and its a pretty awesome feeling.... And you know what?... Now i'm bored lol


I have some great ideas in my pipeline that i am working on. I spent quite a bit of time thinking over the weekend with a very clear mind, so i know exactly what direction i want to head down....


Exciting things WILL be blessing my life.



Monday, August 9, 2010

OSB #3 Week 5: Give me a WOOT!

Well well well, i just know that this is gonna be a smashing week! Why? Because i feel on top of the world!

I finally STOPPED procrastinating yesterday and got started on the last unit of my PT assessment (Strength and Conditioning) that was due *ahem* ... last september...seriously lol...My family knows the owner of FIT really well, so i've got away with them being overdue....I think that is an understatement...Its a running joke now!... There have been a couple reasons i believe why i have procrastinated over them:

1. I definitely have no intentions of actually being a PT! (Nutrition, writing, fitness modelling is what i love doing and where i want to be)
2. Procrastination (for me, as told by my chiro/kinesiologist) is a 'fear of things being difficult'. Hence the reason i had put it off and put it off.

So saturday night i decided to go for a big drive (i had a ME weekend), zoned out and had a big discussion with my brain...literally! One thing that came into mind was a spiritual affirmation that my chiro had given me a few months back in regards to my procrastinating. - 'Let it be easy'. He told me that nothing is hard when you break it down into baby steps, you just need to take the first one.

I woke up sunday morning in such a positive mindset, took my first baby step and started the fuckin assignments lol... I'm just about finished now. Time consuming YES, brain fried YES, hard... NOPE! And most importantly, i feel FREE (well by tonight i'll feel really free!). Yep i feel like to some extent my life has been on hold because there was some stress going on, deep down in my subconscious because of the assignments. Now i have more room to let more exciting opportunities into my life!

Anywho i bet ya'll hanging out for my results... Week 5 already!

I had a pretty good feeling about this morning. You know when you walk past the mirror and think - yeow baby! Well that has been like everyday this past week! I'm definitely feeling a lot leaner than i was in the photo shoot, so i cant wait for the next one!

2/08/2010  Week 4
Weight:   63.7kg

9/08/2010   Week 5
Weight:   62.6kg

Difference:  1.1kg LOSS

I knew i was carrying a shitload of bloat last week lol


Friday, August 6, 2010

Sneak Peak of the "Gravel Shoot" + an unexpected comment....

This week has been a fantastic journey of self discovery. I've been doing a lot of reading on the topic of 'emotional eating' and have discovered some of the 'trigger factors' that accentuate my ISSUE! I am on a mission to master the combination of 'awareness and control'.

Awareness: of actual hunger over emotional hunger... i.e intuitive eating
Control: over portion size, over mindless snacking, over not eating till i'm overstuffed and ill! Dealing with emotional issues on an emotional level and not with physical food.

In order to achieve the above, i have started to listen to my body and ask it questions even when the faintest thought of 'snacking' crosses my mind.

Am i really hungry?
Am i bored?
Am i stressed?
Will eating 'x' really make me feel better?

And so forth. This has been a successful exercise so far and i one that i am going to keep on doing. Already i am feeling lighter, leaner (pretty easy when you aren't consuming MINDLESS CALORIES!) and clearer in the mind. So i'll keep you posted over the upcoming weeks as my mind becomes .....FUCKIN STRONG BABY!

Now onto the unexpected comment...

I swung by mum and dads' this arvo ... i think i need a drumroll....

My mum (ex - hemorrhoid!) said, "Wow michelle you look great, have you lost weight!?"

I nearly toppled over from a coronary lol....Seriously i do not remember the last time my mum has EVER given me a compliment. Let alone one about my body!

How things have changed. So i couldn't help but smile and say, "yes and thanks." =)

And last of all i have a couple sneak peaks from Ada's photo shoot to share with ya'll!

Monday, August 2, 2010

OSB #3 Week 4: My body still amazes me...+ Progress Pic

Just when i think i have my body ALL figured out, it throws me a fuckin curveball lol. Last week was fantastic, training was intense, i ate really well (i.e no binging), was stress-free and I've been feeling pretty damn LEAN- gotta love SPLITS in my quads baby! I've actually never been this lean outside of 'comp prep' and with the 25 degree weather over the weekend, all i could think of was 'bring on summer', cos i'm gonna be smokin in my bikinis! Yeow!

Anyway, i think i must have jinxed myself when i said i'd be saying farewell to the 63s for the last time...This morning i have woken up with massive bloating in my stomach. You know that feeling when a LOT of shit just needs to come out?... Literally hahahahahahaha..... no fluid retention though (fluid fairy didn't visit me =))... so hopefully it'll be gone in 24 hours but i have no idea where it came from????... Hmmm maybe some hommus i ate yesterday? Dunno.

26/07/2010    Week 3
Weight:    63.0kg

2/08/2010      Week 4
Weight:    63.7kg .... Umm WTF?

Difference:  700g GAIN

Yeah i know its just a number. Bloating and scales aside i'm still feeling AWESOME and high on life this morning.... 6 months ago i would have been heartbroken lol......... this time around i'm just intrigued by my body.

Check out this post by Lyle McDonald that Charlotte has posted up. Its quite a fascinating phenomenom on fat loss.

Anyway i must fly... But i'll leave you with my latest progress pic.... I had a girlfriends 27th birthday over the weekend. We had a blast at Jade Buddha, then danced up a storm at Zuri Bar. They had this amazing Dj, bongo player and.....violinist! She took the latino house music up to another level....Totally wicked!