Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OSB #3 Week 8: What % BF = ABS!?

Sorry for the ultra late post! I've been swamped with work the past couple days and didnt want to spend anymore time cross-eyed at the computer screen.... plus i was in a bit of a foul mood yesterday =P ...so i promise to keep this post as positive as possible!

23/8/2010  Week 7
Weight:   63.2kg

30/8/2010  Week 8
Weight:   63.2kg

Difference:  0.0kg

Yes i was shitty from useless numbers even though i can now see more cuts, lines and veins than last week. Talk about mind games! FUUUUCCCKK!... and i may have consoled my brain from the Negative Voice Fairy with some melting moments in the afternoon... geez i know how to make a situation even worse!...

Ok negative rant OVER.... told ya i'd make it short and sweet! But its feel good to get it off my chest.

So the above has reminded me to get my fat pinched next week. I am way overdue for a skinfold test and i know better than anyone that this is the true indication of progress!!! I'm taking a guess that my body fat will be around the 13% mark and low 60ml over 7 sites.

So that brings me to this question girls:

What % body fat and mls do you see your abs? (I'm referring to a 4-pack here, not to fussed about 6 atm)

Yeah i know the abs are usually the last to say peek a boo but boy i am getting IMPATIENT!... I want them YESTERDAY! lol

Last of all, i'm gonna take a break from fasting (ESE) for a few weeks. Why you may ask?

1. I have quite a few social engagements coming up on my usual fasting days - Thursday and Sunday. There's Fathers Day this weekend and i've got my works' National Sales Conference next week so i don't want to be awkward and not eat and then get hounded by everyone and then have to explain myself one zillion times!

2. I don't/won't fast on training days.

3. I have now been fasting twice a week for 20 WEEKS!

So it shall be interesting to see what my results will be over the next few weeks. I'm pretty confident that i will still get leaner as i fine tune my more intuitive style of eating and continue to train like an animal. I will also try my best to make a committment to myself to not binge when emotions get the better of me.

As Raechelle puts perfectly. "Make a decision and stick to it!"


  1. Everyone's abs show at a different point. I know some girls who always have abs, but hold lower body fat, while others lean out really quickly in the legs, but hold water and fat in their midsection. Unfortunately, there's no "magic" bf % where abs suddenly come in. Keep workin' hard, and they'll show up soon!

  2. Thanks babe, yeah i definitely a midsection and an inner thigh fat holder lol, everywhere else is pretty damn lean now! I will perservere! ;-)

  3. My abs are the last thing to show. I have freaky legs, but sadly the same thing cannot be said of my abdominals :(

  4. Kari has it spot on Chelle, everyones different. The old rule of thumb was under 10% for men and under 15% for women, but thats the kind of thing you read in Flex magazine...
    I find %'s to be clumsy and so much more innaccurate compared to what you're doing with your ml measurements.
    My abs started to come in as I dropped under 50ml, but they only ever showed well when I wasn't holding water. Thats something I learnt doing the photo shoot with Dallas... dry up before a photo shoot... I didnt realise how significant a difference it makes.
    And you're right, you are pretty damn lean! :)

  5. I hear you loud and clear Liz!!!

    Ali - under 50ml hey, well that gives me a ballmark figure to shoot for. We'll see if i can get there without 'dieting'! Looks like there will have to be an OSB #4!

  6. Sounds as though you are doing an amazing job Chelle, those abs will be showing through in no time. OSB #4 will be the home run hon :)

  7. Thanks babe, I'm getting there SLOWLY, one day at a time...i really don't want to do a OSB #5 though! ;-)

  8. I agree with Kari also. I have a 4 pk right now and still have lower body fat. I can typically always see my ribs too no matter if i'm weight 135 or 110 lbs.

  9. I am sooo the opposite April - i have splits in my quads but can only see the slightest lines of an upper 2 pack first thing in the morning!!