Monday, August 2, 2010

OSB #3 Week 4: My body still amazes me...+ Progress Pic

Just when i think i have my body ALL figured out, it throws me a fuckin curveball lol. Last week was fantastic, training was intense, i ate really well (i.e no binging), was stress-free and I've been feeling pretty damn LEAN- gotta love SPLITS in my quads baby! I've actually never been this lean outside of 'comp prep' and with the 25 degree weather over the weekend, all i could think of was 'bring on summer', cos i'm gonna be smokin in my bikinis! Yeow!

Anyway, i think i must have jinxed myself when i said i'd be saying farewell to the 63s for the last time...This morning i have woken up with massive bloating in my stomach. You know that feeling when a LOT of shit just needs to come out?... Literally hahahahahahaha..... no fluid retention though (fluid fairy didn't visit me =))... so hopefully it'll be gone in 24 hours but i have no idea where it came from????... Hmmm maybe some hommus i ate yesterday? Dunno.

26/07/2010    Week 3
Weight:    63.0kg

2/08/2010      Week 4
Weight:    63.7kg .... Umm WTF?

Difference:  700g GAIN

Yeah i know its just a number. Bloating and scales aside i'm still feeling AWESOME and high on life this morning.... 6 months ago i would have been heartbroken lol......... this time around i'm just intrigued by my body.

Check out this post by Lyle McDonald that Charlotte has posted up. Its quite a fascinating phenomenom on fat loss.

Anyway i must fly... But i'll leave you with my latest progress pic.... I had a girlfriends 27th birthday over the weekend. We had a blast at Jade Buddha, then danced up a storm at Zuri Bar. They had this amazing Dj, bongo player and.....violinist! She took the latino house music up to another level....Totally wicked!


  1. "The feeling when a lot of shit needs to come out" - tried colon hydrotherapy? I can recommend a gorgeous therapist - Carolyn Burnett

  2. hahaha You crack me up... I read your post bottom to top.. I do that sometimes... Dont know why.. And when I saw you were worried about 700g I was about to suggest spending some time 'in the office' but you said it for me! haha.

  3. Shelly - no i'm yet to try it!... the thought of a hose up my bum kind of freaks me out a bit lol... I've heard that CH actually flushes out all the good bacteria in the gut, what are your thoughts on that?

    Ali - there seems to be a 'do not disturb' sign on my office door atm hahahahaha

  4. The hose up the bum thing freaked me out too initially but once I did it (it doesn't hurt or is uncomfortable at all) and I seen just how much shit one can hold I never looked back. The shit backed up in your system is toxic! If you take a probiotic orally you are replacing any lost good bacteria. Google and you'll find lots of info. Carolyn is a wealth of knowledge too :)

  5. Glad to find your blog and glad you're reading mine!!! Can't wait to get to know you! Thanks for your sweet comment!!

  6. You're welcome Tori, you deserve it!