Monday, July 25, 2011


Well it has just hit me that life on cloud 9 will be coming to an end in 8 days time. My best friend Demi will be heading back home to Greece next tuesday. There is no hiding it, I am absolutely gutted. I feel like someone has just ripped out my heart from my chest. It hurts BIG TIME. Make that 10 times worse than any pain that ex-Hemorrhoid ever caused me.

I'm still recovering from a cold too so i can't even smash out a kick-arse workout to clear my head and find some peace. Even the thought of studying doesn't appeal to me either ATM.

On a positive note i have decided that i will be doing a trip to Europe in 2013 which will be exciting (even though its another 2 fuckin years away). So saving for that starts next paycheck!

Time to (try) and turn this frown upside down..

Here's are a pic from the weekend:

My new blue-black hairdo.

and in the words of Madonna:


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Magical Month!

Ok so you know its been a looooong time since you have blogged when people start asking if you have died still write!. Four people in one week! Woah, feeling the love, people are missing me! So i finally logged into Blogger and OMFG, its been 4 weeks! Holy shit, sorry to keep you hanging peeps! Truth is, life has been so fuckin exciting i have barely had a chance to chill, let alone allow myself 30 minutes to write a blog.

You wanna know why?

My bestest friend in the whole enitre universe has FINALLY made the trip back to Australia from GREECE after 7 fuckin years!!!! Excited? Much? You have no idea! Demi has been here for 4 weeks so far (hence the blog abscence!) and will be staying with me for another 2 glorious weeks of fun and mischief!

I think i had forgotten what it was like to be truly happy 24/7. Everyday has been filled with smiles, hugs, love and so much laughter... our secret sexy six-pack exercise ;-)

One thing i have learnt from her is to ENJOY ALL FOODS.. in small quantities... Must be that Mediteranian philosophy! It's all about calories in vs calories out people. I've really relaxed on my food obsessiveness this month and i am in better shape than ever... According to D, you can still eat your Uncle Toby's Fibre Plus Cereal, English Fruit Muffins, Jalna Vanilla Yoghurt, Pasta, (that is what is currently in my pantry!) Sushi... and wait for it.... Maccas Grand Angus Burger and still sport at super sexy body like this:

My other exciting news is that i finished my first semester of uni with killer results. I got a High Distinction (7) and a Distinction (6)!

Semester 2 began this week. I'm doing Cross-Cultural Psyche and Developmental Psyche which should call for an interesting semester!

And last of all...

Guess who has been initiated into the SUB 49 min 10k club!!!


Last week i smashed out a 48:51min 10k baby! So who knows how fast i will be running in the next month, maybe sub 46? The sky is the limit!

Well i'd better fly, but here's a few pics of us before heading out to Zuri Bar last weekend!

Such Posers...

Always Smiling...
And how could i leave without my signature pose!