Friday, October 9, 2009

Bullshit Blinkers prevent Hemorrhoids

I have been very blessed to have some amazing friends in my life, without them who knows where i'd be right now. One in particular has introduced me to a few words that are now in my daily vocabulary :)

Bullshit Blinkers - you must wear these at ALL times to block out the 'bullshit'. For me, the gym is full of this, 90% of the people are just lovely and are in awe of my committment to the body building lifestyle. The rest are just jealous and therefore rude. However, since i started completely ignoring the rude ones, they've actually been really nice and somewhat supportive in the last couple weeks. Which is great, but its hard to believe what they are me they just seem fake and want my attention back, whatever.

Hemorrhoid - a pain in my arse! Well to be precise- people that are a pain in my arse lol- I love this word! There is one particular hemorrhoid that i live with (mum!), so i will refer to her as that from now on.

Anyways, the point of this blog (oh boy it nearly confrontation time AGAIN) is that this week (since wednesday) i've really let hemorrhoid get to me. I'm usually pretty good at just ignoring, but i think the combination of my jarred back and ultra fatigued body has resulted in emotions that are running a little on the high side.

SO i'm here to un-load:
Hemorrhoid just kept going on and on about how much protein i eat- about 120-150g/day, and how unhealthy that is and that i will have kidney failure yada yada yada and that i SHOULD be eating more rice and noodles (she's Malaysian) because then i would be eating a complete meal. So, stupidly i argued back that my body requires this as i'm an athlete and not a couch potato, i also mentioned that i do eat about 800g of fruit/veg a day and take spirulina to neutralise the acid forming proteins plus i drink 3L of alkaline water, but of course that doesnt matter...i wasted my breath yet again and got SOOOOOOO worked up! It makes me mad though, cos we'll have visitors over and she'll serve cake or bickies and i'll always refuse them and she'll tell me that lifes too short to miss out on yummy food. Total contradiction.

I've been studying and working in the nutrition field for the last 6 YEARS, but that means nothing to hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid thinks that just because she's a fuckin nurse that she knows it all. Even though sports nutrition has fuck all to do with sick fuckin patients, she just has NO RESPECT! So before i get carried away... i will just but my bullshit blinkers on and get over it :)

So a little bit of emotional eating happened tonight grrrrr, wasnt anything too naughty but over did the quantity a bit- greek yoghurt ( full fat, the only one in the fridge) with protein powder and all nat PB, and a handful of dried prunes and dates. ( Note to self- no more PB in the house, its too dangerous!) I wasnt even hungry, just needed something to numb my mind i guess.... Then i started reading Jeh's blog- you go girl! Have read from the beginning till Nov 08 so far, which inspired me and prompted me to start typing....ah feelin SO much better now!

Well tomorrow is a new day so i will surround myself with positivity, sunshine and good company.

My word of advice to you all:


Chelle x


  1. you to try to ignore the bullshit is a temporary solution, as we all have problems. it's like promising yourself that you will never get pissed off in traffic when some dickhead cuts you off. one can only control their emotional states up to a certain limit, before the bubble bursts. It certainly is the beginning and the right path to working on yourself, but in the end, until you talk more about the pain in your ass, figure out why it hurts, and than find a way to accept it and deal with it, you'll be up and down.

  2. Hey Chelle, I need a set of those blinkers too!!

  3. Hey ya hunny! Dont let those "h" get to you! You know what is good for you! You'll find loads of support online here - there are sooooo many gorgeous gals (and guys) who have helped me through the same kinds of stuff! Anything I can do to help - just yell out ;)

  4. Hey there.. Just popping in to welcome you to blogland! Look forward to following your journey!


  5. Those kind of people truly are just jealous. They are simply telling you things to justify to themselves why they "can't" live the lifestyle that you do. I like the bullshit blinkers lol :)

  6. ... why don't you move out and have more control of your lifestyle? Moms (especially Asian ones) don't really appreciate the bodybuilding lifestyle (or the athletic ones to my knowledge). And as far as I can tell, my dad still doesn't listen to me despite me being a qualified physio. *shrug can't win them all right?