Monday, May 31, 2010

OSB #2 Week 7: Its all about Balance!

Well i'm happy to say that my head has safely been returned to ME! Thank god. She had taken a one week vacation to "Head-fuck Island" and got up to all sorts of mischief hanging out with all these Sugar Lunatics. Geez, she didnt even ask for my permission! lol

So as you can see, i have had quite a traumatic experience this past week. As horrible as it was, it was a huge learning curve.... I finally deciphered the reason behind the sugar/fat cravings!

First i spoke to GA about my PB issue on saturday and ya know what she said?

"Shelly your body is cravings.... CARBOHYDRATES! You need to add some complex carbs back into your diet. In chinese medicine, without rice your body has no earth, therefore you are not grounded. The carbs will satisfy your cravings and your hunger. If you feel like some sweetness after dinner then have a  mandarin".

FYI, i have followed a low complex carb diet for forever. I still have a couple pieces of fruit per day, but things like bread, potatoes, rice, oatmeal have been off the menu for a long time.

Then on sunday, i had to attend a seminar for work. The topic was Nutritional deficiencies affecting Mental Health. It was actually really interesting (for a sunday lol) and i got the pleasure of picking the brains of one of the guest speakers, an expert on vitamins and minerals. I asked him the same PB question.

The first thing he told me was, "Your body is cravings CARBOHYDRATES"!... What the? Two days in a row. Then he asked if i was NO! lol. He then proceeded to look me up and down and ask me if i follow a low-carb diet. So i explained the complex carb thing and he backed up everything GA had said to me on saturday. The PB cravings are definitely not a lack of EFA issue though incorporating them in my diet would only benefit me. He also said thats why the PB would never satisfy my cravings and i could keep going back for more was cos i needed carbs instead.

So i have taken on both their advice and added rice back into my lunch. And you know what? I feel fantastic. Within about half an hour my energy was up, my mood was bright and my focus came back. Motivational levels are up again WOOT!... oh and PB cravings are GONE!

I thing i did realise (well i think i have always known) is that food is all about BALANCE. For me, eating relatively lowish carbs AND fasting twice a week was a bit of overkill. So i am excited about seeing how my body responds in the weeks to come.

So onto results:

24/05/2010 Week 6
Weight:   64.2kg

31/05/2010 Week 7
Weight:   64.2kg

All i can say is thank god i didn't gain any weight with all the junk i consumed last week! Fingers crossed i am actually holding quite a bit of fluid due to the overload of sugar!

Mojo is back baby, 63kg here i come!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sometimes we need to experience Rockbottom to refocus...

Ok, well i haven't hit rock-bottom, not even close to that BUT emotionally i have had a bi-atch of a week. TTOM, sugar/fat cravings, fluid retention, that 'fat' feeling and what does that all equate to? HEAD GAMES!

For the past two weeks i have been a little cocky (because i am in smokin shape due to great results from ESE!) and have allowed myself to eat get away with a little too much PB and 85% lindt after dinner. The extra cals haven't affected my results but that's not the point. Going back for seconds and thirds is the beginning of 'out of control'/ mindless eating....and you know what that leads to?.... BINGING.

Episode #1. Monday, attack of the Gluten & Dairy Free Melting Moments... WTF? I never eat that stuff!
Episode #2. Today, attack of the White Choc Tim Tams (No, i didnt eat all of them =)!, oh and PB too, go figure!

For fucks sake, my head has been in a whirl wind. That internal battle of should I? Shouldn't I?

The aftermath.... Well it just wasn't worth it. Upset stomach and sugar coma syndrome!
I had all these ideas conjured up in my little mind that it would taste sooooo good, but at the end of the day processed food just tastes like SHIT!

So i am now gulping down apple cider vinegar, green tea, lemon juice, spirulina and some probiotics to help me digest and clear the crap from my body asap!

In the midst of my sugar coma i realised that i have totally lost focus lately. My training has been solid BUT my motivation in regards to my goal of 60ml has been slipping. Yeah i wanna get there but i guess cos i dont have a definite time-line i've just been cruising along in the left lane hence the reason extras are just finding their way into my mouth. ESE is teaching me to develop a good relationship with all foods so i am ok with a treat here and there but the binging and excess PB has gotta stop! Just cos i fast does NOT mean i can do the latter!.. And there is NO WAY i will be strutting my stuff on stage until binging is a habit of the past.

So with that out in the open i believe that a time-line is ESSENTIAL for staying on track.

Monday 26 JULY is D-Day... 8 weeks to drop 21.6ml!

One thing that i will do (from tomorrow) is start taking my Fish oils again. I swear i posted about doing so months ago but ummmm.. my bottles still weighs the same lol...I think all these fat cravings are my bodys' way of telling me that it needs more essential fatty acids. I'm seeing my chiro next week so i will definitely ask him for his expert opinion what all of these fat cravings are related to!

So till them its full steam ahead.
My head space is all about feeling:

60ml baby, bring it on!

Monday, May 24, 2010

OSB #2 Week 6... FUCK off FLUID! =)

Geez monday has rolled around fast AGAIN! So that makes it weigh-in day.... Week 6, half way there already!

17/5/2010   Week 5
Weight:        64.1kg

24/5/2010   Week 6
Weight:        64.2kg

Difference:   + 100g
Difference to Date:   3.1kg Loss

Yikes, a 100g GAIN!  ... Nah, i'm not too worried.... Its TTOM...go figure....Feeling like a beached whale hahaha.....F*k off fluid is all i can say LOL!

My upper body is still feeling pretty tight but all the fluid seems to swim around in my quads....they are like a water magnet..... Is this the same for you girls or do you hold water in other places during TTOM?

So come next monday it'll be interesting to see what my real weight is then. It'll also be time to get my skins done, so we'll see what the important numbers are then.... BODY FAT baby!

Last of all, has any of you tried chicken liver? Well, i decided to cook it up for dinner last night... you know its very high in iron yadayadayada.... The first thing was the smelll.... then came the weird texture.... then the foul taste.... and 12 hours later i still feel like vomitting..... NEVER AGAIN!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Blogland Catch Up!

Well as most of you know, the INBA brisbane show was on yesterday arvo. It was an awesome event and the standard of bodies strutting their stuff on stage was no less then amazing!

The really exciting part was hanging out with the blogland guys and girls. I've had the pleasure of knowing Leisl, Steph & Ali for quite a while now, so it was great to cheer and scream with them. I also got to meet Hanni & Mick, CathyLeanne, Shannon and Selina. I tell you what, it is the most bizarre feeling meeting up with people for the first time when you know so much about their life! It was like we'd known each other for years!

Chatting with like minded fitness fanatics was such a breath of fresh air. When you are all so passionate about health and fitness its hard to keep your mouth shut.... What an amazing bunch of people, i feel so privelaged to be apart of their lives.

Being at the show made me realise just how important health and fitness is to me. Now that i am finally settled and well on my way to creating BALANCE in my life - body, mind, soul, food and training, maybe its finally time to let someone special into my life.... One thing i do know, they will DEFINITELY need to share this same love otherwise they won't understand me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

OSB #2 Week 5... Checking in!

Hey ya'll hope you had a fab weekend!

Mine consisted of slam class, followed by yum cha (again!) with the parents. Dad just got back last tuesday from his trip to Japan. He spent 5 weeks backpacking, filming a doco on the history of martial arts. Check out what he brought me back!

That my friends is a Samurai Sword, pretty cool huh!

They both then came over for coffee and helped me position my HOT new rug in the lounge room:

Deep Red is my new feature colour.... i LOVE it!

I also had a massage, went for a big walk around my burb, picked up my bedside table and had coffee with a girlfriend.

Onto results:

I did 2 fasts' last week. Breakfast to breakfast on thurs/fri and lunch to lunch sat/sun. I have to say it is definitely getting easier the more i do (have done 8 now). My body seems to know what is going on now so hunger really isn't an issue and the results are still coming! I've been getting a lot of compliments lately of how my body is looking and that my skin is glowing, and i have to say it is such a nice feeling when someone gives one without me mentioning a thing.

I've also been asked quite a bit of late if i'll be competing this year. The answer is ............... NO!

To date, i now have 6 friends whom are giving ESE a shot (disclaimer: i'm not getting paid to talk about ESE) because of my results so far. I know ESE is not for everyone (so i hope it doesn't sound like i am preaching!), there are plenty of ways of getting fantastic results but ESE is definitely working well for me.

11/5/2010   Week 4
Weight:   64.4kg

17/5/2010   Week 5
Weight:   64.1kg

Difference: -300g
Difference to Date: 3.1kg Loss

So not as big as the last few weeks, but hey a loss is a loss. It's not all about pulling big numbers (i have NO intention of losing any muscle mass, just FAT baby), just as long as the clothes are getting looser and i am feeling HOTTER! lol... That sexy six-pack is not far off saying peek-a-boo =)

It'll be interesting to see if a plateau will occur. I'll be keeping up my twice a week fast till i get to my ideal physique, only then will i cut it back to one a day. My nutrition is still pretty clean on non- fast days, but i do treat myself to a square of 85% Lindt and some crunchy PB most nights. And i am definitely enjoying my treat meals with NO GUILT woohoo!

Well gotta fly and hit the streets for a stroll in the COLD! Is it just me or is it bloody freezing for May? I really do not appreciate wearing tracksuits and ugg boots at any time of the year, let alone now!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As promised, i finally got James to do my skins this morning:

11/5/2010 Week 4
Weight:       64.4kg
Body Fat:    16.0%
Skin Folds:   81.6ml over 7 sites

Chest:          8.8ml
Tri's:            13.1ml
Midaxillary:  8.3ml
Sub Scap:    7.4ml
Abs:             15.4ml
Suprailium:    11.5ml
Thigh:           17.1ml

Yay, i pretty stoked. So thats a drop of 1.4%BF and 8.5ml since the end of OSB #1.

As you can see my back (sub scap) is getting pretty damn lean, always the first for me. And of course abs and thighs will be the LAST to join the party, but I am getting there one day at a time.

I am aiming for the 60ml mark for 'lifetime maintenance'. How cool does that sound?! NO more yo-yo'ing for me. THIS IS IT.

So i will do my skins done again in about 3 weeks time.
My mini goal is to get down to 15% BF, 70ml, 63kg.

Till then, kick arse and love life!

Monday, May 10, 2010

OSB #2 Week 4: Sweet Results

Who has Mondayitis today?... That would be me! I think we have been spoilt by having 2 long weekends in a row, it just took me FOREVER to get going this morning.

Anywho i have some super cool results to report in.

3/5/2010 Week 3
Weight: 65.2kg

10/5/2010 Week 4
Weight: 64.4kg

Difference: - 800g!
Difference to date: 2.8kg Loss

Hell yeah. I am stoked and feeling damn fine!.... AND yes i wore BIKE PANTS to the gym on friday!


We celebrated mothers day on saturday as my sis had to work on sunday so we took Hemorrhoid (seriously i really feel this name is quite inappropriate now....gosh times are changing!) to Yum Cha... And i am proud to say that i suffered absolutely NO anxiety over the carb-rich delish food. I 'Indulged Wisely" as my girl KellyO puts it. Though admittedly i felt quite bloated afterwards as i am not used to eating so much startchy/heavy food i.e rice/glutenous rice! But it was no big deal, the bloating soon resided as i began my fast after lunch. I am definitely starting to re-build a very healthy relationship towards all sorts of food. (FINALLY!) Even my approach to food choices is becoming more holistic. Moderation is the key people!

This lunch to lunch fast (for me) was a piece of cake. What makes the time fly is keeping BUSY. That way you are not bored and thinking about food 24/7. The mind is a powerful tool and trust me, you can make yourself believe you are hungry when really you are not.

I saw GA in the arvo, then had the pleasure of building more flat-packed furniture....NOT! What a mission, it took me nearly 2 hours but i now have this awesome Daybed and Outdoor Setting in my courtyard. I can now chill out with a coffee and book in the sunshine or i can gaze into the stars at night. Just perfect.

I have had a few questions about training during a fast. IMO i think it is best if you either:

1. Completely rest or
2. Work-out, followed straight away by a Post-workout meal, then begin your fast or
3. Fast, then in the last hour of your fast do your work-out so you can consume a Post-workout meal

Personally, i would NOT do a big workout at the start or half-way through a fast as I believe that Post-workout nutrition is very important.

Well thats my weekend in a nut-shell. I have a ballmark figure of 61kg that i am focussed on achieving over the next 8 weeks, but if it takes longer then so be it. I may get to 62kg and be happy there but i may hit 61kg and still have a bit to go. We'll just have to see what happens! So stay tuned!

Skins will definitely be done tomorrow morning, i PROMISE!

And last of all, i am NOT impressed by whomever is Commenting (in Chinese) and leaving me links to PORNO sites. FUCK OFF! ..... in the nicest way possible =)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Horns, 6-Packs & Dinner Fasts

What a week! Work has been SOOOOOOOOOOO busy and i'm a little over it! I've been doing some overtime at our customer service office late afternoon- just boring data entry BUT its helping heaps with my mortgage and allowing me to NOT have a roomie atm. So just sucking it up for now. I have now come to hate the TAX FAIRY ... work more = earn more = tax more...How is that fair!?

Ok enough complaining!

Training is kicking arse this week, been pushing out some heavy weights and also did a killer slam class last night too! My God there are some HORNS at my gym at night! Nothing hotter than sweat and muscles i say....Ok i'm getting carried away lol. And yeah i got some nice looks too. Its amazing when you are feeling confident how you see the world in another light.

Sorry i still havent had a chance to get skins done. I was supposed to get them done tuesday morning, but my DayBed (for my courtyard....more flat-packed furniture, sigh) got delivered so i only had time to rush through my leg sess. Hopefully get them done next week. But all i can say is that i am feeling so damn LEAN atm that i'm getting to a stage mentally that i dont need a number to prove myself! Yeah my sexy six-pack has partially come out of hiding woot!

I decided to try a dinner to dinner fast from last night to tonight....Hmmmm i HATED it! I didn't get any tummy grumbles and it was pretty easy. But that wasnt the problem......I had coffee withdrawals lol. (You can still drink black coffee... but that is gross!) On breakfast to breakfast or lunch to lunch fasts i still get to have a coffee or two. Not today. I was a little grumpy. Fasting is still supposed to be an enjoyable experience so i can say that i WILL NOT be fasting dinner to dinner EVER again! Also i think my appetite was definitely higher tonight compared to other fasts. Perhaps because i had to endure an enitre (BUSY) day without food?

Anywho, time for some telly and bed.


Monday, May 3, 2010

OSB #2 Week 3 Results

Its Week 3 already! Geez with all these awesome long weekends we are now in MAY eeekk! Where is this year going?!

I fasted a little differently over the weekend. I have been fasting breakfast to breakfast BUT because i had a lunch date with Miss Leisl and Miss Kristin (so lovely to meet you K!), i had to re-arrange my food times. So lunch to lunch it was. OMG, SO much easier! I had only one tummy grumble at 7am sunday morning which lasted for all of 1min. Now i rarely do fasted morning cardio but i had no choice yesterday, so off i went for an 1 hour walk in the beautiful sunshine. It took me about 5 mins to get going, as i just had to tell myself, 'today Chelle, there are only fat stores to use for energy" and once that i was planted into my mind, the rest of the walk was brilliant!

Onto results....
Now i have read  ESE a number of times now and I'm aware that the weight-loss will be a combination of fat and water. (no muscle is lossed due to high Growth Hormone Levels that naturally occurs during a fasted state). Also too, when Insulin levels are at an all time low (in a fasted state, especially at the 18-24hr mark), excess body water is released. (Insulin causes the body to store water). So according to this, if i weigh in straight after a 24 hour fast, my body will be at its lightest.

That is exactly what i did last monday morning (fasted sunday breakfast to monday breakfast). So over the course of the day and week as you consume food (and salt!), some excess body water will be re-gained to a certain degree. And because i had lossed a huge amount (2.3kg) it obviously couldn't have been ALL fat.

Knowing this, today's results indicate my 'actual' weight rather than my non-permanent 'fasted weight'. As i started eating at lunch yesterday meant that there were 3 meals in my stomach rather than zero.

26/4/2010 Week 2
Weight: 64.9kg

3/5/2010 Week 3
Weight: 65.2kg

Difference: 300g gain

Difference to date: 2kg Loss

Now i know what you are thinking, that is a "GAIN' this week, OMG.... but results provide feedback!

Read on...
The 300g gain suggests to me that i  now have a REAL baseline result for where my body is at. The previous weigh in was after a complete 24hr fast. Therefore i can probably assume that 1. i had lossed quite a lot of excess water during the final stages of my fast and 2. there was absolutely no food in my body thus giving me a huge loss. Had i weighed in after 3 meals as i did today, i would assume that my 'actual' weight last monday may have been around 66kg. (Remember my weight the week before was 67.2kg). Therefore i have probably lossed 600 to 800g this week. So i will make sure from now on that i do weigh in with at least a couple of meals in my system to give myself a more accurate day to day result. Make sense??? And James will finally be doing my skins tomorrow morning, yay. And you know what? I believe i am now ready to wear my WHITE shorty gym shorts, woot!

Its weird, but sometimes l feel like i'm in the defensive talking about ESE. I think it is because this concept is so left of field from the norm that i feel like i have to fight for my point of view. Silly i know. But what i will say is that i am here to provide an honest insight into fasting. (Disclaimer: I am NOT getting paid to blog about ESE) So i will be sharing with you my entire journey: the good, the bad and the ugly! But from what i have experienced so far, there has been no downside.

On a final note, Electric Line Trimmers (small whipper snippers) are a BITCH to use! Not only are they so damn heavy and not counter-balanced properly BUT my entire courtyard is full of fuckin grass clippings! They were flying everywhere! So much for a 2min mow ( the Bunnings guy totally told me a porky lol), it took me forever to cut the grass, then clean the damn place up. I am now having second thoughts about paving some of my 2 x 3m2 lawn!

Ok final final note. To all of my asian fans out there, could you please (pretty please with sugar on top!) comment in English, if possible? I can't read Mandarin/Cantonese and have to keep asking friends to translate your comments lol

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Power of the Mind

I had a gut feeling when i decided to post about ESE that i would receive feedback from both extremes of the spectrum: Awesome to Risky. But that is OK. I am just chuffed that people take time to read my blog. Heck, this time last year, my thoughts were on the RISKY end of the spectrum!

Nutrition is my passion, i love researching it, i love being my very own guinea pig and of course i love it when i get wicked results (in a healthy manner!). I love to educate people about health and i know that the best way to do so is by experience. So what i do wanna say is that i am learning very fast that there is NO 'one diet fits all' approach when it comes to maximising fat loss. I have tried many nutrition plans/diets over the years so i have a pretty good idea of what does and does not work, for ME (long term!).

FYI, on the days that i am not fasting, i eat 5 meals/day according to the principles of Precision Nutrition.  I eat roughly 1800 calories /day when i prepare the food myself, but obviously more if i go out for lunch or dinner. And no, i don't take out a mini scale to weigh food in a restuarant LOL. I am now really enjoying my 'treat' meals with NO GUILT! Now thats a first. I am NOT stressed or obsessed about food anymore.  I feel that i am slowly beginning to break that emotional bond that i have had with food for so many years. 

Take yesterday for example. I had the craziest day at work. I had to help one of my health food shops move shop.... MASSIVE job. I was on the go all day. After that was completed, the day was NOT over. I then had to race off to a natural health expo on the other side of town for the rest of the day. I then got stuck in traffic and didnt get home till 6.30pm. Usually i would have been utterly heart-broken distressed that i missed not 1 but 2 coffees that i am SO attached to in the afternoon. (I didnt even realised i missed them till this morning) I then went out for dinnner with Hemorrhoid last night....OMG again! (Geez, i may have to even stop calling her Hemorrhoid soon.....OMG did i really say that!? Well, touch wood, fingers crossed that i dont jinx myself!) We had a great night and enjoyed: Sizzling lamb with garlic and shallots, Sezchuan Prawns and Seasonal Greens in Oyster Sauce. The food was delish!

Atm, i am fasting twice a week, thursday and sunday. That is two days i dont have to stress over food prep, washing up, binging and food itself. Seriously, its just really easy. When we are 'dieting' we use calorie restriction on a day to day basis, right? Well just think of fasting as calorie restriction in a different way, only 1 or 2 days a week.

Some of you have wrote in and asked if i get hungry or low blood sugar or head spins. Having experienced all of that in the past.. you know that feeling of 'OMG its 12.30 and i was suppose to eat half and hour ago, my world is gonna end?" Yeah i know that feeling! What i can say is that the most important thing here is that you HAVE to go into the fast with the mindset that it is only for 24 hours, its no big deal, cos you get to eat tomorrow. The mind is such a powerful tool. And with that mindset, the grumbly tummy passes, your world does NOT end and you just get on with your day. Actually my tummy was less grumbly this week than last week. I think it is beacuse i know what to expect now and my mind is stronger. If you do a fast with the attitude that "This is hard, i cant do it, i need to eat every 3 hours', then of course you are gonna make it harder for yourself. You can control any situation with your mind.

Fasting is also helping me strengthen other areas of my life. One is my training. I have noticed that my intensity in the gym has picked up a knotch. I am more focussed and have been doing killer workouts cos i know that:

"Pain is weakness leaving the body", so deal with it!

What i am loving are the amazing results. I have received so many lovely comments about my body this week. It is changing really fast, i notice differences every day.... and i am feeling like a SEXY BITCH baby! Yeow! I am sleeping well, my energy is through the roof and you know what? My body feels STRONG and HEALTHY.

The rate i am going, i may not even need to fast twice a week for the entire 12 weeks, but i'll see how i go. Once i get to my ideal body i will drop it back to 1 fast/week. I am not here to get SKINNY people- just JNL hot hot hot.

ESE is working like a charm for ME. I thoroughly understand all the principles behind it and can see this as a lifestyle habit. I believe i have finally found my happy balance with food, training and life. I just wanna also say that i am NOT killing myself at the gym or overtraining either.

I am doing:
Weights: 3 x week with 15-20min cardio after
Bodyslam (boxing): 2 x week
Walk (outdoors... No power walks though... you know that i am a moderate stroller =)!): 2-3 x week, 30-45min.

Thats it. So what i can say to any of you out there whom are still struggling with fat- loss:

Don't be afraid to try new things. (I am by no means knocking the 'bodybuilding' rules at all, i know they work beautifully for many of you!). Life is about learning, and you can only do so from trial and error. Each of us has to find our OWN unique balance and once you find it, STICK WITH IT!

SMILE and have a fabulous weekend =)