Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As promised, i finally got James to do my skins this morning:

11/5/2010 Week 4
Weight:       64.4kg
Body Fat:    16.0%
Skin Folds:   81.6ml over 7 sites

Chest:          8.8ml
Tri's:            13.1ml
Midaxillary:  8.3ml
Sub Scap:    7.4ml
Abs:             15.4ml
Suprailium:    11.5ml
Thigh:           17.1ml

Yay, i pretty stoked. So thats a drop of 1.4%BF and 8.5ml since the end of OSB #1.

As you can see my back (sub scap) is getting pretty damn lean, always the first for me. And of course abs and thighs will be the LAST to join the party, but I am getting there one day at a time.

I am aiming for the 60ml mark for 'lifetime maintenance'. How cool does that sound?! NO more yo-yo'ing for me. THIS IS IT.

So i will do my skins done again in about 3 weeks time.
My mini goal is to get down to 15% BF, 70ml, 63kg.

Till then, kick arse and love life!


  1. Think I just lost my comment... grr. Great work Chelle, you just keep getting better each week. Good luck with fast #7 today!!


  2. Thanks babe... thats the plan!!!!!