Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Blogland Catch Up!

Well as most of you know, the INBA brisbane show was on yesterday arvo. It was an awesome event and the standard of bodies strutting their stuff on stage was no less then amazing!

The really exciting part was hanging out with the blogland guys and girls. I've had the pleasure of knowing Leisl, Steph & Ali for quite a while now, so it was great to cheer and scream with them. I also got to meet Hanni & Mick, CathyLeanne, Shannon and Selina. I tell you what, it is the most bizarre feeling meeting up with people for the first time when you know so much about their life! It was like we'd known each other for years!

Chatting with like minded fitness fanatics was such a breath of fresh air. When you are all so passionate about health and fitness its hard to keep your mouth shut.... What an amazing bunch of people, i feel so privelaged to be apart of their lives.

Being at the show made me realise just how important health and fitness is to me. Now that i am finally settled and well on my way to creating BALANCE in my life - body, mind, soul, food and training, maybe its finally time to let someone special into my life.... One thing i do know, they will DEFINITELY need to share this same love otherwise they won't understand me.

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  1. aw i missed the photo, sorry i had to go early but it was great seeing you!! xox