Saturday, May 1, 2010

Power of the Mind

I had a gut feeling when i decided to post about ESE that i would receive feedback from both extremes of the spectrum: Awesome to Risky. But that is OK. I am just chuffed that people take time to read my blog. Heck, this time last year, my thoughts were on the RISKY end of the spectrum!

Nutrition is my passion, i love researching it, i love being my very own guinea pig and of course i love it when i get wicked results (in a healthy manner!). I love to educate people about health and i know that the best way to do so is by experience. So what i do wanna say is that i am learning very fast that there is NO 'one diet fits all' approach when it comes to maximising fat loss. I have tried many nutrition plans/diets over the years so i have a pretty good idea of what does and does not work, for ME (long term!).

FYI, on the days that i am not fasting, i eat 5 meals/day according to the principles of Precision Nutrition.  I eat roughly 1800 calories /day when i prepare the food myself, but obviously more if i go out for lunch or dinner. And no, i don't take out a mini scale to weigh food in a restuarant LOL. I am now really enjoying my 'treat' meals with NO GUILT! Now thats a first. I am NOT stressed or obsessed about food anymore.  I feel that i am slowly beginning to break that emotional bond that i have had with food for so many years. 

Take yesterday for example. I had the craziest day at work. I had to help one of my health food shops move shop.... MASSIVE job. I was on the go all day. After that was completed, the day was NOT over. I then had to race off to a natural health expo on the other side of town for the rest of the day. I then got stuck in traffic and didnt get home till 6.30pm. Usually i would have been utterly heart-broken distressed that i missed not 1 but 2 coffees that i am SO attached to in the afternoon. (I didnt even realised i missed them till this morning) I then went out for dinnner with Hemorrhoid last night....OMG again! (Geez, i may have to even stop calling her Hemorrhoid soon.....OMG did i really say that!? Well, touch wood, fingers crossed that i dont jinx myself!) We had a great night and enjoyed: Sizzling lamb with garlic and shallots, Sezchuan Prawns and Seasonal Greens in Oyster Sauce. The food was delish!

Atm, i am fasting twice a week, thursday and sunday. That is two days i dont have to stress over food prep, washing up, binging and food itself. Seriously, its just really easy. When we are 'dieting' we use calorie restriction on a day to day basis, right? Well just think of fasting as calorie restriction in a different way, only 1 or 2 days a week.

Some of you have wrote in and asked if i get hungry or low blood sugar or head spins. Having experienced all of that in the past.. you know that feeling of 'OMG its 12.30 and i was suppose to eat half and hour ago, my world is gonna end?" Yeah i know that feeling! What i can say is that the most important thing here is that you HAVE to go into the fast with the mindset that it is only for 24 hours, its no big deal, cos you get to eat tomorrow. The mind is such a powerful tool. And with that mindset, the grumbly tummy passes, your world does NOT end and you just get on with your day. Actually my tummy was less grumbly this week than last week. I think it is beacuse i know what to expect now and my mind is stronger. If you do a fast with the attitude that "This is hard, i cant do it, i need to eat every 3 hours', then of course you are gonna make it harder for yourself. You can control any situation with your mind.

Fasting is also helping me strengthen other areas of my life. One is my training. I have noticed that my intensity in the gym has picked up a knotch. I am more focussed and have been doing killer workouts cos i know that:

"Pain is weakness leaving the body", so deal with it!

What i am loving are the amazing results. I have received so many lovely comments about my body this week. It is changing really fast, i notice differences every day.... and i am feeling like a SEXY BITCH baby! Yeow! I am sleeping well, my energy is through the roof and you know what? My body feels STRONG and HEALTHY.

The rate i am going, i may not even need to fast twice a week for the entire 12 weeks, but i'll see how i go. Once i get to my ideal body i will drop it back to 1 fast/week. I am not here to get SKINNY people- just JNL hot hot hot.

ESE is working like a charm for ME. I thoroughly understand all the principles behind it and can see this as a lifestyle habit. I believe i have finally found my happy balance with food, training and life. I just wanna also say that i am NOT killing myself at the gym or overtraining either.

I am doing:
Weights: 3 x week with 15-20min cardio after
Bodyslam (boxing): 2 x week
Walk (outdoors... No power walks though... you know that i am a moderate stroller =)!): 2-3 x week, 30-45min.

Thats it. So what i can say to any of you out there whom are still struggling with fat- loss:

Don't be afraid to try new things. (I am by no means knocking the 'bodybuilding' rules at all, i know they work beautifully for many of you!). Life is about learning, and you can only do so from trial and error. Each of us has to find our OWN unique balance and once you find it, STICK WITH IT!

SMILE and have a fabulous weekend =)


  1. Whatever works for you babe, that's all that matters. The ESE sounds really interesting and can't wait to hear about it in more detail when we meet up. Yes, I'd imagine it would definitely make sense to help strengthen in other areas of you life too - wonderful for you.


  2. Hi Chelle. Thanks for following my blog. Looks like we know many of the same girls!



  3. Heya Frankie, We sure do! I was surfing the blogosphere last night and saw your name in the comments section of various blogs i read and thought i'd check you out! Love your blog.... ESE is very interesting, stay tuned!

  4. 雖然說上班很累,不過還是得努力應付每一天,看看文章休息一下,謝謝你哦! ..................................................

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