Monday, April 26, 2010

OSB #2 Week 2: Crazy Results!

It's weigh-in day and i have got the CRAZIEST results EVER!

As you all know, i could not for the life of me crack 66kg in the entire 12 weeks of OSB #1. I know scale weight is not the 'be all end all' BUT dropping numbers does matter to a certain degree. As i revealed yesterday i have am eating according to ESE and LOVING it.

SO here are the results:

19/4/2010 ( Week 1)
Weight: 67.2kg

26/4/2010 ( Week 2)
Weight: 64.9kg!     No, that is NOT a typo!

Difference: 2.3kg

Yeah baby!!!

I had to triple check the scales cos i thought i was seeing things lol. I knew i was feeling smaller, tighter and dryer and my abs and thighs have come in heaps BUT being in the 64s, that just blew my mind! I haven't been there since Oct 09 sometime.

I will hopefully get skins done on friday (if james is working), last time was 4 weeks ago and i was 17.4% BF and 90.1ml.  But cos of me moving, public holidays and James being sick we've had to keep putting it off, BUT i am feeling LEAN! You know why? Cos i wore a tight WHITE lycra singlet to gym today and that only happens when i am feeling ultra fine, cos as you know, white shows EVERYTHING!

Apart from that i have bought my first TOOL... No, i am not talking about a person LOL!.. My aunty gave me some gift vouchers as a house warming present and one of them was a BUNNINGS one. OMG i love that place, i never thought i would ever say that. I am now the proud owner of an Electric Line Cutter for my 3x2m2 patch of grass.... Now i just have to figure out how the hell to use it!


  1. Wow, nice scale drop Chelle!!!! Wish I could pull those sort of numbers. Isn't Bunnings just the best for all your home stuff :) We had to pop in there today and I reckon every man, dog and child was there too!!!

  2. 要愛你的仇敵,為那些逼迫你的人禱告........................................

  3. Thanks guys!

    Shannon - I agree...but it wasnt as busy as IKEA, thank god lol!