Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Peace i have been waiting for

Well guys and gals its officially been 1 week and 2 days since i got the keys to my new pad and i have to say that the freedom feels no less than absolutely amazing. I keep having to pinch myself to make sure i am not dreaming. The pad has a relaxing feel to it and the energy is very calm.... its peaceful. Coming from a home that felt like world war 3 at times this is definitely the change i have needed, for my body, mind and spirit. I think i am gonna learn a lot about myself in the days, weeks and years to come.

A few things i have learnt about myself so far:

1. I'm a bit of a clean freak.... but i am not completely anal! =)
2. I'm am even more organised  than i used to be. Especially with dinner prep! (I used to eat quite a bit of Hemorrhoids cooking, not anymore)
3. As there are not a lot of 'extra foods' lying around my kitchen, i am not snacking on much extra food.


4. I LOVE candlelight.
5. I still can't sit still.... for more than 10 minutes... I don't think that'll ever change... I get bored doing nothing.

So it has taken me until thursday to get EVERYTHING moved in and put into place. I have re-arranged my kitchen cupboard 3 times already lol. And for that reason, my training got put on hold this week because i was 1. exhausted 2. no time. I really despise using "no time" as an excuse for not gymming, but there were things that just had to get done. I also had to keep racing to the shops to buy bits and pieces that i NEEDED! I don't feel guilty either for righting this week off, i did quite of lot of intermittent exercise with the hours of lifting, cleaning, un-packing and building furniture. But i did get in 2 ultra grueling bodyslam classes and a 1hour walk around my new 'burb' this morning. And can i say OMG, the mountains hills are 'butt-liftingly' awesome!!!!. Got skins with James in the morning and i am feeling pretty damn good =)

On a final note, i went out to dinner with Hemorrhoid on friday night. We went to this awesome Japanese restaurant in Sunnybank Hills. And i have to say she was very pleasant to be around. WTF?! You read correct..... Maybe the distance is what needed to happen. She's also insisted that she cooks me up a chilli prawn stir-fry (one of my favs) that i can 'takeaway' for dinner tonight! (my pad is 3.6km away).

Well 2010 has definitely been the year for change, so i can't wait to see what else this year has to offer!


  1. my relationship with my mom improved when i moved out of her house a few years ago as well. sometimes living with someone can make you crazy, but when you aren't living together you can enjoy eachothers company.

  2. That's awesome on all counts, Chelle! I know how hard relationships with parents can be sometimes so I hope that things really improve now you've moved out. I just hope that I don't drive my own kids mad in the future. :)

  3. So, so glad it is all working out for you Chelle! Maybe your new space and independence will bridge the gap between you and your mum??? Doing a little happy dance for you right now!

  4. you have your sanctuary at last, v happy for you :) i think the lower stress levels will also do wonders for osb!

  5. Hey Chelle,
    So glad you are so happy & everything has fallen into place for you!!

  6. You girls rock! Thanks for all your lovely comments... My little oasis is the best investement i have made..... besides 'my girls'! lol

  7. Hey Chelle

    So happy for you that you've found the perfect pad! As you know, I can relate a lot of what you're saying having just moved myself.

    Your relationship with your mum will definitely improve now that you both have your own space, guatanteed.