Thursday, April 1, 2010

Introducing my friend Steph!

First of all i just wanna say a huge THANK YOU for all the lovely comments on my progress pics. It's always a little daunting posting them up...i think that comes from the semi-naked factor lol....but i have to say that i feel pretty proud of how i am looking atm. Give me another 12 weeks and it shall be time to put up my comparison pic against Miss JNL!

OSB round 2 will be involving a lot more high intensity cardio which i am excited about. I think i really need to mix up my training now to get wicked results. I am absolutely loving Bodyslam classes and most importantly i am having FUN!

I'd also like to introduce my friend Steph. I've known Steph since high school, she's an awesome athlete and although a year older than me, we spent many hours training for track together- 100m, 200m, 400m. She's got some awesome goals that she wants to achieve this year so please all welcome her aboard the Sexy Bitch Train!


  1. Hey Chelle, missed you too girl! I have just been a bit busy lately. I looooooove having my bro around (he is my only sibling) and I don't get to see him much (1-2 times a year!). So, now he has gone again, life resumes as normal. Your pics are gorgeous! You have worked hard and have a great bod because of it. Geez, JNL should be shakin' in her kini!!!!! Well, done Chelle!

  2. Lauren!!!! (do you have a nickname? I find it quite formal calling people by their full name when i know them well (in a blogland kinda way!)... SOunds like you had a fabulous week with your bro!

    Aw shucks babe, lets see what osb 2 can bring!

  3. Yeah I get Ren alot. It is also on my number plates!

  4. Hi (above guy or girl?)
    Are you able to translate your comment into english please? I have no idea what you have wrote! thanks =)