Monday, April 5, 2010

OSB 2 Week 1.. Accountability Countdown Calender..and 1 hot babe!

I spent the weekend digging deep into my subconscious prepping my mind for the 12 weeks ahead. It is one thing knowing what you want to achieve, but actually getting there takes guts and determination. I am NOT going to make excuses anymore - my goal is now more important than the taste of emotional food.

One thing i wanna share with you is my ACCOUNTABILITY COUNTDOWN CALENDER.

In order to achieve great results i believe that it is vital that you track your progress - eg. workouts, weight, body fat, skins, and for me, most importantly 'nutrition 'habits'. That way, at the end of your challenge you can see why you have or have not succeeded.

Take a look at my ACC:

The ACC represents the 12 weeks (84 days) of my 12 week challenge (OSB 1).
- Every monday i recorded my weight. Every fortnight i recorded my skins and body fat.
- I recorded days i did cardio.
- For me recording my weight training was not necessary - its part of my daily routine and something i do not have to motivate myself to do.
- I recorded TTOM (its interesting to see the food eaten around those times!)
- I recorded the 4 days that i was run- down and didnt train.

Orange = Nutrition according to plan
Yellow  = Days when i have eaten a home made Peanut Butter Protein Bar (wed according to plan), other yellow days is when i have tucked into EXTRA PB or 85% Lindt Choc on top of my plan.
Pink = Treat meals, cheat meals, meals containing dairy, meals containing wheat (only one) or days that i completely lost the plot ( 2 only). Pink days most likely tipped me over my daily calories too.
1/2 Coloured: Eaten to plan first half of the day (usually till about 3pm), then it turned into a Pink or Yellow.

Weeks 1-6
Orange:  28 days
Yellow:   6.5 days
Pink:       6.5 days

Weeks 7-12
Orange: 24 days
Yellow:  10.5 days
Pink:       6.5 days

So you can CLEARLY see, the first 6 weeks were a lot cleaner than the second half of the challenge. Hence the reason i lossed:

Weeks 1-6
5.4% BF, 33.4ml

Week 7-12
1.7% BF, 12.4ml


So in order to achieve my OSB 2 goals i really need to cut down the number of Pink days and the number of extra Yellow days. So hell yeah, I WILL do it!

On a final note, i got to chat with my BFF Demi last night. As she lives in Greece now, we barely get to talk (apart from FB) let alone see each other. Dem's knowlege of training and food is incredible, so i picked her brain about getting into smokin condition (which is only one more round of OSB away!!!!!). She's says it how it is.

"You wanna be the best? You gotta eat clean and train F*kin hard. You gotta do what everyone else is NOT doing. There are no secrets."

So with that in mind i am pumped and i am focussed. I have about 40mls and 4-5% Body Fat that i AM gonna blast away...FOREVER. I will be posting progress pics every couple weeks for extra accountability too. So look out babes, with my new found attitude i will be smokin hot just like my girl Demi:


  1. Good to see babe! It's great having someone like Demi on your shoulder. Good work on the calendar too, I'll be sure to join you!


  2. Go girl! Your friend is HAWT!!!
    Here's to the next 12 weeks :)

  3. thanks girl's!!! thats the only way my love...good luck with it all..I know ya gonna kick ass!!!

  4. Honey, you and I are thinking and working the same train of thought. I love tracking everything and love what your friend said. There IS NO SHORTCUT, no pill, no easy way out. It's hard work and focus. Period. Eat less. Move more. Period.

  5. I love your calendar, I have created my own to stick on the wall - can't argue with colour coding! :)

  6. Whow how organised are you? Cant wait to see your results in 12 weeks