Saturday, April 3, 2010

Excuses OR Results?

"You can either make excuses or get results, but you cant have both."

This is a quote that really hit home for me last night whilst i was reading Tom Venutos' new book, The Body Fat Solution. I have to say, its a really good read. Tom talks a lot about the mental side of weight loss and emotional eating.


This past week has been really up and down for me in regards to my life i general. In my head i have used the following excuses to justify my outta control eating on 2 occasions. (Nothing like the nasty binges of the old days but bad enough for me at this new point in my life.)

1. Food: at 80% only. Easter indulgences (icecream and Lindt choc) have got the better of me. And you know me, Miss Dairy Intolerant! So i'm now bloated with oceans of fuckin fluid wooshing around my bod. My nose is running and my skin is breaking out. Did i mention i feel like shit!?

2. Training: Due to the public holidays i have missed out on a slam class and a back/chest sess. (Have gone for 2 x 1hr walks around Brisvegas riverside instead). Have not run this week.

3. TTOM this week.

4. Work Stress: As i mentioned earlier this week it was the end of the financial quarter for me which meant BONUS MONTH. I am one of those people whom rarely puts work before my training but this was a special occasion, seeing that 6 grand worth of my sales had disappeared on monday... So i busted my butt Tues and Wed and it paid off big time... Not only did i achieve my budget, i smashed it by 9 grand! WOOT! (that means there shouldnt be any empty spaces on the vitamin shelves in your local brisvegas healthfood shop or pharmacy lol). So yay, i will have extra $$$ to pay off my furniture!

5. Furniture Stress: I lost the screws and bolts for my queen sized bed that has been sitting in the garage for nearly an entire year. Did i mention King Singles suck!?... But after turning the house upside down today i found them! OMG what a relief, they were in some random shoe box that i nearly tossed out! ... I'm not even gonna get started on Vaccuum Cleaners, they are just as stressful as Washing Machines.


So as i took in the fresh air this morning i recited that quote to myself hundreds of times. And suddenly a lightbulb switched on. Food will always be there but 'time' comes and goes. You can NOT rewind the clock. Every second you waste putting 'emotional food' into your mouth will cause you to waste extra hours of your life trying to burn them off. Thus extending the time frame that'll take to achieve your ultimate body. Is it worth it?


I want to be lean, i want to show off a sexy six-pack, i want to be tight as with a rock-hard kylie, i want killer legs and yes i want to do an artistic photo shoot later this year. All these wants are within my reach. SO i now choose to be successful. And that means i need to choose a positive atttitude when it counts the most - in the face of difficulty. (Tom Venuto).  Refer to all of the EXCUSES above!

Life is not meant to be smooth sailing 24/7. You can't keep waiting for the 'right time' to get back on track. The right time is now.

So with that in mind, I am looking forward to catching up with the lovely Leisl for lunch tomorrow. We are making a pact to be strong and accountable no matter what the circumstances are. OSB 2 is re-kicking off on Monday so you had better WATCH THIS SPACE!...................



  1. Happy Easter Chelle. Have a great time with Leisl tomorrow and congrats on the sales this quarter. C ya on Monday for OSB 2! NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!

  2. Happy Easter Babe

    All I can say regarding your post is one big fat "DITTO". Yep, you and I certainly had the same stars aligned this week. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow chicki.


  3. Happy Easter Girl. ;-)
    It really IS a mental challenge isn't it? That's what I am working on- even last night I was talking myself OUT of having chocolate at 10pm. Why did I want it? I wanted it more so because I'd had a birthday cheat meal....and I was justifying, silly reasons. Well, thank God I was smart enough to focus on bikini time and say, Kelly You are gonna have a piece of birthday cake on Sunday. Chill out. You need to be kick butt on Saturday and then dang good on Sunday, enjoy that cake and move on!! ;-)
    Keep it up girl. I'm here too for accountability, you know that. XO

  4. Happy Easter Sexy Bi-atches ;-)

    Ren- It's definitely all about the RESULTS. 7 weeks till i get to meet you, let's stay strong. We are gonna be a smokin hot cheer squad!

    Leisl - Totally babe, what star sign are you!? We have SOOOOO much to discuss today!

    KellyO - Good on you for talking yourself outta that 10pm choc (i was so in your shoes on friday night!)... Yep that Bikini Train is a one way express, you and i are not allowed to even think of pressing the emergency stop button!

  5. Go girl! I love the attitude, and you are so spot on with everything you have said. Happy easter babe and enjoy your lunch with Leisl today :)

  6. Thanks K! Happy easter to you too =)

  7. Hey Chelle,
    Hope you had a great Easter! Thankyou for your support on my blog, its really appreciated:-) All your goals are def within your reach & you are progressing towards them each & every day, your recent pics prove you are a sexy fit chicky!!!!!
    Looks like I am gonna be on that cheer squad with you & Lauren;-)

  8. You're most welcome Leanne! Woohoo, the Sexy Bitch Cheer Squad, cant wait to meet you!