Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 15 OAP: Off to a good start

Hey ya'll hope you weren't hit by mondayitis!

Well today is weigh in day and i'm happy to report i have had a drop, yay! I was secretly hoping for a BIGGER one but i just need to remind myself that some weeks will be small drops, some will be big and there will also be plateaus...hopefully not too many GAINS! I am also keeping in mind that i will be saying farewell to these last few kilos FOREVER. That is right. The focus and discipline that i executed last week is something that i want to keep doing comp prep or not. The discipline to say NO to temptation during the week will allow me to enjoy a few treat meals on the weekend without that dreaded feeling of guilt, failure or the thought that i have ruined my progress.

I was suppose to go out for mexican and dessert on saturday night but one of the girls wasn't well so we'll be heading out this sunday. So instead i went out for Thai with mum and dessert. Gosh i am getting good at this no sugar thing!

Anywho i really must be quick as i still have to hit the streets for a 30min walk then get stuck into my uni books cos it is Day 1 today! My inner nerd is totally excited.

Week 16        21/02/2011
Weight:          63.9kg  (140.9lbs)

Week 15        28/02/2011
Weight:          63.6kg  (140.2lbs)

Difference:     300g Loss  (.7lbs)
Difference to Date:   1.6kg Loss  (3.5lbs)

Goal (for now):    59kg    (130.1lbs)
Need to Lose:     4.6kg    (10.1lbs)

Oh and before i forget, i did Zuzana's 600 Rep Sexier Toned Body Workout this morning. It took me about 35mins and i was totally F*ked. Seriously, it was hardcore. I'm used to doing 50 reps but today it was 60 reps of everything and those extra 10 reps make ALL the difference! I swear she must have been on drugs when she wrote this workout lol..... and then being such a machine i hopped on the treadie and pumped out 2.09km (1.3miles) in 10mins. Woot, on fire baby!

Abs Abs Abs Abs Abs is the only thing on my mind!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hurled in the Guts by a Medicine Ball

Well today started off with a bang. I woke up and wondered why it was so light. OMFG, my alarm didn't go off (2nd time this week!) and it was 6.42am! Bodyslam starts at 7.05am and i live 11mins away from the gym when all the traffic lights are GREEN. Pee'd, cleaned teeth, gym clothes on and out the door i raced. Thank god i had packed my gym bag the night before, i got there right on time!

Now I never train without coffee tantalizing my tastebuds but with the sudden rush of adrenaline it was like a mega caffeine hit. I was having a killer class until.... the medicine ball drill. We were in two lines (18 per side) opposite our partners, with our arse on the floor, legs interlocked and leaning back at a 45 degree angle. The aim of this exercise was oblique training, so 4 medicine balls (7, 8, 9 and 10kg) were given to 4 people.

On the whistle it was game on. If you had the ball you would twist to the right and  hurl pass the ball to the next person etc. You had to be on the ball (no pun intended lol) to keep sight of all 4 balls that were being hurled passed around. After a few mins, we changed direction to the left. I could see the 9kg medicine ball quickly approaching. A few moments later the lady next to me (my friend Zina) had it in her hands. I was ready to recieve it and next thing i knew, Zina (accidently!?) hurled it at me! I was taken by surprise and didn't react in time copping a flogging in the guts! OMFG, a 9kg ball in the stomach totally winded the life out of me! Before i knew it I was passed out on the floor on the floor not knowing whether to laugh or cry. I haven't been winded since my soccer days and boy did it hurt! I had to take a breather for a few minutes, then soldiered on and finished the class. Yes i was primed for a boxing battle... Zina and i are still friends lol.

Today was also my gym's 26th Birthday so Rockwear had a stand in the foyer and i happily treated myself to invested in 2 hot new tops and a pair of shorts. Rockwear gear rocks, literally. I have shorts that i bought 8 yrs ago that haven't stretched, have minimal fading and still look as good as new. Plus the cuts are totally flattering. I will post some progress pics soon!

Later this morning i met the gym girls for a late brunch (11am) at Perks at Garden City. (I still hadn't eaten anything since waking up). I had the Mediteranian Breakfast with a few changes- 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, haloumi (i gave half the slice to a couple friends) on gluten free toast (no butter)... and 1 small bite of my girlfriends Banana Bread. It was one of the girls- Jestina's birthday and guess who passed on the caramel mudcake??... That would be ME! Yep i wasn't even salivating interested. 7 days sugar free and you definitely lose your cravings.

However tonight will be my treat/cheat meal. It's another girlfriends 26th birthday and we are going out to Guzman Y Gomez at the Emporium for mexican... and then to FREESTYLE TOUT for dessert! So the plan is to have something light/not high in calories for dinner- possibly spicy chicken tacos because my dessert may just have a shitload few calories ;-) Someone send me a Fairy that will make me a calorie free dessert!

AND last of all i bought a hot new dress from Cue for tonight. I tell you what, it's an awesome feeling picking a size 8 (US size 4) off the rack and knowing that it is going to fit perfectly Pics to come!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

ABCs - Alphabet of Chelle

Well today marks day 5 of total food cleanliness... (don't stress, i do wash my vegies) and ALL my sugar cravings have vanished into thin air. Give me a woot! ( I think i had given Mr Pancreas a heart attack from how much insulin he had to produce last saturday night lol) My food has been spot on and training has been killer, i am totally focussed baby! I even hopped on the scales just to observe my efforts so far and i am ecstatic to report that i am down 300g (0.7lbs) since monday! ..But official weigh ins are for Monday only so i won't pop the champayne yet ;-)

I was just over at Miss Charlotte's Blog and came across this fun game to play:

ABCs - Alphabet of Chelle... I'm really not sure what the PBF stands for?

A. Age: 25
B. Bed Size: Queen
C. Chore you Hate: VACUUMING and MOPPING!
D. Dogs: Makita - my 12yr old Siberian Husky who lives with mum and dad- she's got fat since i left.
E. Essential Start to your Day: else are you suppose to start the day?
F. Favourite Colour: Green, although purple is slowly catching up!
G. Gold or Silver: Silver and White Gold
H. Height: 5"7' - 172cm
I. Instrument you Play: Piano (not since 2002 - i got up to grade 7)
J. Job Title: Sales Manager/ Nutritionist.... in a few years i'll call myself a Nutritional Psychologist!
K. Kids: None. I'd like one or two cheeky monkeys some day.
L. Live: Brisvegas, Australia...where all the cool kids live.
M. Mum's Name: Ex-Hemorrhoid...  Just kidding. Jenny
N. Nickname: Chelle, Shelly. School days it was Jeanzie
O. Overnight Stays in Hospitals: NONE but i was in and out of hospitals quite regularly as a kid. I had chronic bronchitis which usually resulted in pneumonia
P. Pet Peeve: SLOW CODGERS DRIVERS!... and people who wear shoes in my house. Hint hint.
Q. Quote from a Movie: ummmm I don't watch a lot of movies
R. Righty or Lefty: Righty. But i do use my left hand for my computer mouse
S. Siblings: Little 21yr old sis, Bec.
T. Time you wake up: 5.45am most days
U. Underwear: Bonds undies and Pleasure State Bras
V. Vegetables you Dislike: Squash tastes like vomit
W. What makes you run late: Umm I run late everyday even though all my clocks are set 10mins fast.
X. X-Rays you've had: Teeth, Spine ( i used to work for a chiropractor)
Y. Yummy food you make: Satay Chicken, Madras Chickpea Curry, Salmon steak but only when i can be bothered have to impress someone. During the week i am too lazy to cook.
Z. Zoo: Favourite Animal - Gorillas.... Just kidding.. Cheetahs

Join in and play!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Operation Asia-Pacs: Week 16: Day 112

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my decision to compete at the Asia Pac's: Fitness Model in June. I'm super excited and completely focussed now. It's amazing how one big decision can totally change ones' mindset. For the next 16 weeks food is ONLY fuel. Stat (allowing 1 treat meal/week atm) .... It will have to be so i don't blind the judges with a saggy bootay lol.

Clean eats began yesterday (after my 'last extremely naughty treat'... *magnum and lindt chocs* on saturday night) and have continued on today with zilch cravings. Me - no cravings OMG! I told you my mindset has changed!

I did Zuzana's Hot Mess workout this morning with 15mins on the tready after (i don't usually do cardio after her workouts but i wasn't sure how late i'd get home from work this arvo). Just as well because I missed my arvo walk due to the shitload of lighting in the sky. I don't mind walking in the rain, but the off chance i get fried by a lighting bolt just ain't worth the risk!

Oh and guess what, i even studied for an hour last night and uni doesn't even kick off until next week! Gosh i am nerd, but hey i've got to be a non-procrastinator now!

Anywho here are my starting stats:

Week 16:     21/02/2011
Weight:        63.9kg  (140.9lbs)

I'm not exactly sure what my contest weight should be, so i'm guessing around the 58kg (127.9lb) mark. Keeping in mind that i have nearly a kilo (2.2lbs) of boobage stuck to me lol. FYI i haven't been below 59kg (130lbs) since year 12 (2002) so being in 50s kind of FREAKS ME OUT! So i am just focussing on getting to 60kg (132.3lbs) for now.

Anyway time to visit Ms Hair Wax Fairy! Night!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Decisions Decisions... BIG EXCITING DECISIONS!

Well i have been toying with this idea for quite some time now...To be, or not to be: that is the question.... thats all i remember from Shakespeare lol. You see, on a whole i've been in a pretty good place. My training has been going A for AWESOME, my food choices probably average at about 85% over the course of a week and even though i whine and grumble about not being PERFECT (and overeating my body weight in PB lol), i'm still doing enough to keep myself in pretty fine form:

BUT I have come to the point now where 'pretty fine' just doesn't cut it anymore. It's time to step it UP. I've come to realise that the difference between 'pretty fine form' and 'smoking hot form' is a BIGGER goal. Yep that is right. Although OBB is a challenge, it is MY own challenge and therefore there is no real urgency in it. I can keep delaying the DEADLINE when it suits me. No one is forcing me to crack a camera lense pose in front of a camera, no one will slap my bottom if i have 10 treat meals instead of 3, no one will know if i have an extra TBSP or 5 of PB. You get my drift?

So after spending yesterday thinking; texting Steph back and forth and chatting with my mentor Jenny, i have decided that it is time to CHANGE my CIRCUMSTANCES...

I've always been a competive gal. I thrive on the excitement of competition. Competing helps me focus, it energises me. It creates a shift in my mindset and brings out the best in me. Competing is what encourages me to excel to the fullest of my potential. SO for that reason, i have decided to....

COMPETE  in the ANB Asia Pacific International: Fitness Model Division in June!

That is exactly 16 weeks tomorrow. I have an exciting adventure ahead of me I can't wait to dust off my stripper heels and strutt my stuff on stage once again. It's going to be a very delicate juggling act to balance full-time work, part-time uni, training and comp prep but i am up for the challenge. UNI is definitely my first priority and unlike my party days previous degree where my attitude was 'you only need 50% to PASS',  I would really like graduate with Honours this time around. So i will become Little Miss Non-Procrastinator Organised. Watch me.

On a final note, my journey to the stage WILL be a healthy balanced one. I'm guessing i will need to drop 5-7kg but by NO means will i do anything EXTREME. I know from past experience that the more extreme your contest prep is (diet and training) the more likely it is that you will suffer an extreme rebound. And if that was to happen to me i would be utterly devastated. I will not sacrifice my health for a competition, it's just not worth it.

The personal journey of comp prep is something that you can not buy. You can only experience it. I know this will be a journey of strength and growth and I am looking forward to bringing a hot, sexy package to the stage.Whether i place or not does not matter (mega cool if i do!), its the accomplishment of committing 100% to a goal that will be the most rewarding part.

Look out JNL!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 7 OBB: Breakthroughs and Sweating it out Zuzana Style!

Happy Valentines Day!

Boy did i give myself a kickarse wake-up call this morning! I was going to do Zuzana's new 400 Burpee workout but chickened out decided against it as there were a few exercises that weren't going to be feasible at my gym. (You can't hog too much equipment without copping the evil eye!) Katie - let me know if you do it!!!! So i will leave it for an at- home workout day. BUT what i did do was a total slaughter sweat fest:

Zuzana's Swim in Own Sweat Workout and I added Bench Step Ups after each burpee. All up 200 DB Swings, 155 Burpees, 155 Bench Step Ups!!! OMFG it was awesome torture. It took me about 35mins and towards the end I began seeing stars! Long gone are the days of 60min workouts! (except for boxing class). After sweating every mil of water out of my body I began to wonder if it was possible to perspire blood lol... gosh i looked attractive after that workout. NOT!

Onto OBB. Well the scales have decided to start moving DOWN again. And now that i have ended my love affair with Mr Crunchy PB, I am quietly confident that they will continue to consistantly move DOWN week by week now.... 360+ calories of PB/day isn't the worlds' greatest fat burning snack lol

I read a quote from Michelle Bridges over the weekend: Her motto is, "With every breakdown there is a breakthrough".

That is so true for me. It really hit me last week that the only way i can go from lean to sexy-sixpack condition (and stay there FOREVER) is NOT by training harder but by overcoming 'mindless eating'. So i'm making a big effort to eat ONLY at meal times and the results are starting to show.

N.B I did have a few treat meals last week (banana bread, caramel slice and some greek shortbread) because i wasn't strong enough to just say NO when offered by friends and family. But thats ok, I am not going to dwell on the past, i am an itsy bit stronger this week so I will tackle any temptations that arise this week head on!

Week 6:           7/02/2011
Weight:            63.9kg  (140.8lbs)

Week 7:           14/02/2011
Weight:            63.7kg   (140.4lbs)

Difference:       200g LOSS (.4lbs)
Difference to Date:  1.5kg LOSS

Goal:                 60kg  (132.2lbs)
Need to Lose:   3.7kg  (8.2lbs)

Yeah nothing flash but hey at least the numbers are moving DOWN! I really want to hit the 62s in the next couple of weeks so its time to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spooning with Mr A.B. get your minds out of the gutter!

As you know, i've been having a love affair with Mr Crunchy PB for quite some time now. It is really quite intoxicating. Together we are inseparable but when he is on his lonesome he likes to separate his oil from his nuts.... now that just sounds competely wrong... He invests a lot of dollars calories in me and does that by the soup server tablespoon. I mean who can stop at just one?... Just saying.

What got me thinking about ending this toxic, scale-plateau'ing relationship was what happened the other week. I was doing the groceries and had to buy some nuts for my trail mix jar. Instead of raw almonds i decided to go with raw peanuts. After bringing them home and opening the pack up i realised something BIG.

Peanuts are moorish.
Peanuts are a softer nut and easier and quicker to chew than almonds.
You can eat them by the ten tonne truckload handful and in a blink of an eye you wonder which Fairy stole the rest of your packet.

Almonds on the other hand are a hard nut.
Almonds are delicious yet only require a few (for me- 6 or 7) to ring my satisfaction bells.
I can have a 100g container of almonds sitting in my fridge and it will take weeks to empty.

Suddenly i had one of those 'aha' moments... Raw peanuts are moorish and so is crunchy PB. Almonds are un-moorish so would that mean Almond Butter would be un-moorish too??

So off to Woolies (on friday) i went to tracked down a jar of of Melrose Almond Butter:

Melrose 100% Almond Nut Spread

Nutrition Information

Per                10g Serve Per 100g
Energy                 240kJ 2400kJ
Protein                   1.9g 19.5g
Fat -Total               5.4g 54g
-Saturated              0.4g 3.7g
-Trans                  0.01g 0.1g
Polyunsaturated      1.3g 13g
Monounsaturated   3.7g 37g
Carbohydrates       0.4g 4.0g
-Sugars                  0.4g 4.0g
Sodium                0.5mg 5mg
Dietary Fibre          0.9g 8.8g
Calcium                24mg 234mg
Magnesium           27mg 270mg
Potassium             65mg 650mg
Vitamin E           2.62mg 26.2mg

Well at $6.95 for a 250g jar i hoped this baby would be worth the $$!

Months ago i ventured out of my comfort zone to try UNHULLED TAHINI as i had heard rave reviews about it. I've always liked sesame seeds, I mean who doesn't like Sesame Snaps? But to my utter disgust, my friend Leisl and I both agreed that it was VOMIT IN A JAR. I mean I could have stuck my finger down my throat, bottled the surprise and labelled it as tahini!! Seriously gag material.

On a side note, i cracked up when i got this message from Miss Steph:
Steph, "What will you put it (the almond butter) on?"
Me, "a spoon".

What else!? LOL, am i the only one who eats PB out of the jar!?

Anywho, i nervously opened the jar on friday night and dipped in the TEASPOON....twice. It was soooooo good! BUT that was ENOUGH and i was completely SATISFIED!!!! No triple dipping at all occurred and i had only had 2 teaspoons = 1/2 tablespoon. Go me!

So i have officially dumped Mr Crunchy PB and have run off with my Sugar Daddy, Mr Almond Butter. He knows my waist-line is important to me.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Off to UNI.... AGAIN!

Well peeps, last night i received the exciting news that i had been hoping for....
I have been accepted into UNI! Woot Woot!

Yep, over the next 2yrs i will be doing a Graduate Diploma in Psychology through USQ by correspondance part-time. I'm very excited and a little nervous about studying again. If you had asked me a year ago if i'd ever go back to uni (my first degree was Nutrition Science) i would have told you FUCK NO! I didn't really enjoy degree # uno partly because i was fresh out of high school and just wanted to party till the sun came up every weekend and also because half the units were as boring as watching paint dry. (Sorry Steph, i'm sure it'll get more exciting in 3rd year lol)

This time around at the ripe old age of 25 i am now a 'mature-age student'. Doesn't that make me sound ancient? But i'm definitely going into uni with a different mind-set now.... to party till the sun comes up.....

Thank God for the Internet.....otherwise i would never have passed lol

Just kidding. I'm doing it to further my career and gain insight into this crazy head of mine. Then i will save the world by ridding all 'emotional fatness' from society allowing us to become a nation of body beautiful!

Chelle - Nutritional Psychologist and Body Creator.
Not a bad title hey?!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 6 OBB: Plateaus and Mindless Eating

Well its taken me a few days to get my thoughts together on how i should tackle this post. What i realised is that i don't have superhuman powers... (damn it!).... No seriously, sometimes it is really hard to admit to the world that you are struggling. People want to read that your life is rosey and that you are kicking butt 24/7 right?

Well its time for me to step out of the comfort of DENIAL and come clean with some accountability 101. Over the past few weeks i have fallen back into my BAD HABIT of mindless snacking. My name is Chelle and i am a Snackoholic.... The snacking usually occurs around mid arvo until after dinner. My usual 'healthy' snacks of choice (that are in the pad) are almonds, sunflower seed/pepitas and of course PB. Its not like i am hungry or anything so i guess i'm snacking to fill a void.

I'm sure many of you have been there before. You eat a meal (and are satisfied) but then 5 mins later you just want to nibble on 'x'. Then 10mins later you do the same and it goes on and on until you finally tell yourself to 'get your shit together and CLEAN YOUR TEETH!"

So yeah that has been me. Which is also the reason why I feel like i am getting nowhere with OBB. All those extra calories add up fast and even though i am doing my fasting and training like an animal, at the end of the day CALORIES IN = CALORIES OUT = PLATEAU!

I was a little sooky over the weekend about why i couldn't be strong and just say NO. I mean how hard can it be? It's just a two letter word. Monday morning came and i just had to tell myself to 'harden the fuck up!' Where does snacking get you? NOWHERE! There is a price for EVERYTHING. I know i am in good shape now but my goal is to be in ROCKING shape 24/7. Is the price to pay worth it? FUCK YEAH!

Time to get serious and say NO to mindless snacking. I am better than that. So after that massive pep talk i had going on in my little head i have officially been snack free for two whole days. Woohoo. Baby steps yeah? Yeah it has been hard at times but i am just focussing on the bigger picture.... and I have even resorted to gargling my mouth with mouthwash after each meal to turn me off the thought of snacking lol.... but hey its working!

So i'll leave you with my results from Monday:

Week 5:          31/01/2011
Weight:           63.9kg  (140.9lbs)

Week 6:          7/02/2011
Weight:           63.9kg  (140.9lbs)

Difference:      0.0kg  (0lbs)
Difference to Date:   1.3kg LOSS  (2.9lbs)

Goal:                60kg  (132lbs)
Need to Lose:  3.9kg (8.6lbs)

So i ask you, "How do you break bad habits?"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thrillseeking, HOT BOYS and That Little Red Dress

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO over sweating, it is seriously gross. I have even superglued my portable fan to my hand..... it goes everywhere i go.

Well yesterday was super fun. I kicked off the day with BodySlam class. Note to Self - Do not eat lots of chocolate the night before boxing unless you want to burp it up the entire class....ewwwww. Total queezy tummy but i still proved to John (my ultra fit boxing partner) that i am a warrior. I won't let him beat me and he won't dare let a girl beat him either. Makes a good partnership.

After an ice cold shower i got my arse over to Dreamworld for my girlfriends' 41st birthday. FYI, make sure you pre-pay for your tickets before you rock up because it took us 1hr and 10mins of hell of lining up in the fucking HOT SUN to get through the entry gates. Not cool. But we soon forgot about our frustrations after losing multiple heartbeats on the Giant Drop.

OMFG, what an adrenaline rush! After hanging in the sky for what seemed like an eternity, this baby dropped us 120m (39 storeys or 394 feet) at 135kph (84mph). I thought i was going to die. I was screaming but no sound was coming out lol. All the other rides were piss easy after that! We also headed to White Water World in the arvo to cool off. Every family in Queensland must have been there, the line up for the slides were up to an hour! Screw that! So we just floated around in the wave pool instead.

...and that was the first time i have worn a bikini this summer! (Omg my tan lines are terrible - mega shortie short tan lines and crop top tan lines- white boobs and olive decollatage is a great combo NOT lol!) I felt 'comfortable' but definitely not in 'rocking shape' yet, so it was good kick up the backside to keep persisting with my hardcore training and CLEAN-ER eating!.. Post on mindful eating to come.

I had to leave about 3:30pm and on the way to my car i came across a group of 3 HOT guys.... They didn't stay hot for long though:

HOT boys: How you doing?
Me: I'm doing great thanks.
HOT boys: Do you have a CIGARETTE!
Me: Smoking is GROSS!
Un-hot Boys: But you aren't, you are HOT!
Me: That's because i don't SMOKE!

Ten points for me haha! Seriously, smoking is such a turn off.

And to end my day i headed out to the China Sea Restaurant at Milton for a Chinese New Year Dinner with GA and some friends. We had a 10 course banquet and the food was AMAZING! I definitely recommend checking it out if you are into delicious asian food.

I was told to wear red for good luck.

Every girl needs a little red dress.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot and Sweaty BUT kicking some serious arse!

ALL i can say is FUCK OFF HUMIDITY! I love summer but this 1000% humidity thing is becoming a little on the gross side. I'm in and out of the car all day for work so i'm am totally over looking like i choose to shower in my clothes. To add to that, the aircon at my gym has been dead for the past 5 weeks....ummm total sweatfest in there. Too bad for the afternoon crowd because by then its a smelly sweatfeast hehehe

In light of the humidity, i decided to torture challenge myself with another pornstar Zuzana workout this morning - Marine Corp Workout. It was killer! It took me about 28 mins and by the end my legs were on fire. I did about 140 push ups in the workout and to be honest, they felt like the recovery! FYI, i don't use an interval timer as i prefer to not stop and rest between sets. No rest for the wicked!!

I tell you what, since i began doing her workouts a few months back i have become so fit and strong its insane! My (good) pain threshold is extremely high now... i'd totally give 'The Commando' a run for his money ;-).  My body has been tightening up by the day and my legs are in killer shape, really happy with my progress so far! High intensity all the way baby! Anyone who is strapped for time or cash, enjoys being slaughtered in a workout and wants to get into killer shape I totally recommend Zuzanas workouts. She rocks... even though her youtube videos make me cringe lol.

Well i'm off for a bone rub massage soon and tomorrow i'll be heading to Dreamworld and White Water World for my friends birthday!!!

Have a fabulous weekend ya'll!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 5 OBB: Feeling illegal!

Sorry for not posting OBB results yesterday but work has been CHAOTIC!!! You have no idea. The first week of the month fries my brain which makes me want to drive over my F*king phone...twice....just to be sure it won't work anymore. I was too brain dead last night to put a sentence together so you would probably have thought that i was typing in a foreign language lol.

Nothing too spectacular to report on. Its TTOM so i am holding onto a bit of fluid mainly through my legs. I noticed my quad separation beginning to disappear on sunday morning, hopefully should see my lines again by thursday. And yes they feel HEAVIER than normal.....ah the joys of being a woman.

Week 4            24/01/2011
Weight:            63.5kg   (140lbs)

Week 5            31/02/2011
Weight:            63.9kg    (140.9lbs)

Difference:      400g GAIN  (.9lbs)

Difference to Date:   1.3kg LOSS  (2.9lbs)

Goal:                  60kg (132lbs)
Need to Lose:    3.9kg  (8.6lbs) 

Yeah i had a small gain BUT for the first time ever it didn't phase me in the slightest! No crying at all =P. I know its just water and as i have mentioned before, with fasting your body goes through the following pattern: BIG drop; small gain/plateau; BIG drop: small gain/plateau. This week is a small gain week.

Also too, one of the reasons that i believe the gain didn't phase me is because i am feeling pretty damn fine...if i do say so myself! I am 100% confident wearing a tight white lycra singlet without having to wear a body wrap underneath lol. These past 4 weeks i have found a good balance with my training, social life and work and i'm kinda in a happy place right now. I'm still working on the food side of things but have noticed a huge improvement in my choices and attitude towards food. I know by the time we reach mid year i WILL be at my GOAL and rocking it big time with a smile from ear to ear....ok that sounds cheesy haha.

The other big news is that i ran another PB for 6km yesterday - 29:25mins, shaving 20 sec off my previous run last friday WOOT!

And this morning i did Zuzana's Burpee Slaughter workout. I up'd the weights and used a 10kg DB for the first 6 rounds and 12.5kg DB for the final 4 rounds. Boy did i notice a difference (from 8kg DB), it was KILLER! I was seeing stars by round 8 and did my best to NOT see VOMIT too. My time was 23:45mins.

Does anyone use Pre-workout supps? I prefer training on just a coffee and minimal breakfast ( i drink a fibre shake and take a few sipps of my post workout/morning tea smoothie with is really my breakfast/1st meal of day). I was given a few samples of MRI Ripcuts (Aminos, NO, Green Tea ext, Caffeine, Rhoidiola, White Kidney Bean ext, and a billion other things) ages ago which had been collecting dust in my pantry. Because i was quite tired this morning i thought what the hell i'll give one a try and see what affect it would have on my energy levels. (Trust me, you can't finish Burpee Slaughter if you believe you are the tiniest bit tired.)

Holy Shit, within about 5mins i could feel my heart start to race (and i only had half the sachet cos it was quite sweet and i couldn't stomach the rest), lets just say it definitely got me through my workout. In the zone baby! I could have worked out all day lol. My heart was still racing and my hands were still trembling at 3pm. Each to their own but i'm definitely not a fan of thermo's, it felt like I had taken something illegal lol...Back to the coffee tomorrow!