Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hurled in the Guts by a Medicine Ball

Well today started off with a bang. I woke up and wondered why it was so light. OMFG, my alarm didn't go off (2nd time this week!) and it was 6.42am! Bodyslam starts at 7.05am and i live 11mins away from the gym when all the traffic lights are GREEN. Pee'd, cleaned teeth, gym clothes on and out the door i raced. Thank god i had packed my gym bag the night before, i got there right on time!

Now I never train without coffee tantalizing my tastebuds but with the sudden rush of adrenaline it was like a mega caffeine hit. I was having a killer class until.... the medicine ball drill. We were in two lines (18 per side) opposite our partners, with our arse on the floor, legs interlocked and leaning back at a 45 degree angle. The aim of this exercise was oblique training, so 4 medicine balls (7, 8, 9 and 10kg) were given to 4 people.

On the whistle it was game on. If you had the ball you would twist to the right and  hurl pass the ball to the next person etc. You had to be on the ball (no pun intended lol) to keep sight of all 4 balls that were being hurled passed around. After a few mins, we changed direction to the left. I could see the 9kg medicine ball quickly approaching. A few moments later the lady next to me (my friend Zina) had it in her hands. I was ready to recieve it and next thing i knew, Zina (accidently!?) hurled it at me! I was taken by surprise and didn't react in time copping a flogging in the guts! OMFG, a 9kg ball in the stomach totally winded the life out of me! Before i knew it I was passed out on the floor on the floor not knowing whether to laugh or cry. I haven't been winded since my soccer days and boy did it hurt! I had to take a breather for a few minutes, then soldiered on and finished the class. Yes i was primed for a boxing battle... Zina and i are still friends lol.

Today was also my gym's 26th Birthday so Rockwear had a stand in the foyer and i happily treated myself to invested in 2 hot new tops and a pair of shorts. Rockwear gear rocks, literally. I have shorts that i bought 8 yrs ago that haven't stretched, have minimal fading and still look as good as new. Plus the cuts are totally flattering. I will post some progress pics soon!

Later this morning i met the gym girls for a late brunch (11am) at Perks at Garden City. (I still hadn't eaten anything since waking up). I had the Mediteranian Breakfast with a few changes- 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, haloumi (i gave half the slice to a couple friends) on gluten free toast (no butter)... and 1 small bite of my girlfriends Banana Bread. It was one of the girls- Jestina's birthday and guess who passed on the caramel mudcake??... That would be ME! Yep i wasn't even salivating interested. 7 days sugar free and you definitely lose your cravings.

However tonight will be my treat/cheat meal. It's another girlfriends 26th birthday and we are going out to Guzman Y Gomez at the Emporium for mexican... and then to FREESTYLE TOUT for dessert! So the plan is to have something light/not high in calories for dinner- possibly spicy chicken tacos because my dessert may just have a shitload few calories ;-) Someone send me a Fairy that will make me a calorie free dessert!

AND last of all i bought a hot new dress from Cue for tonight. I tell you what, it's an awesome feeling picking a size 8 (US size 4) off the rack and knowing that it is going to fit perfectly Pics to come!

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