Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 7 OBB: Breakthroughs and Sweating it out Zuzana Style!

Happy Valentines Day!

Boy did i give myself a kickarse wake-up call this morning! I was going to do Zuzana's new 400 Burpee workout but chickened out decided against it as there were a few exercises that weren't going to be feasible at my gym. (You can't hog too much equipment without copping the evil eye!) Katie - let me know if you do it!!!! So i will leave it for an at- home workout day. BUT what i did do was a total slaughter sweat fest:

Zuzana's Swim in Own Sweat Workout and I added Bench Step Ups after each burpee. All up 200 DB Swings, 155 Burpees, 155 Bench Step Ups!!! OMFG it was awesome torture. It took me about 35mins and towards the end I began seeing stars! Long gone are the days of 60min workouts! (except for boxing class). After sweating every mil of water out of my body I began to wonder if it was possible to perspire blood lol... gosh i looked attractive after that workout. NOT!

Onto OBB. Well the scales have decided to start moving DOWN again. And now that i have ended my love affair with Mr Crunchy PB, I am quietly confident that they will continue to consistantly move DOWN week by week now.... 360+ calories of PB/day isn't the worlds' greatest fat burning snack lol

I read a quote from Michelle Bridges over the weekend: Her motto is, "With every breakdown there is a breakthrough".

That is so true for me. It really hit me last week that the only way i can go from lean to sexy-sixpack condition (and stay there FOREVER) is NOT by training harder but by overcoming 'mindless eating'. So i'm making a big effort to eat ONLY at meal times and the results are starting to show.

N.B I did have a few treat meals last week (banana bread, caramel slice and some greek shortbread) because i wasn't strong enough to just say NO when offered by friends and family. But thats ok, I am not going to dwell on the past, i am an itsy bit stronger this week so I will tackle any temptations that arise this week head on!

Week 6:           7/02/2011
Weight:            63.9kg  (140.8lbs)

Week 7:           14/02/2011
Weight:            63.7kg   (140.4lbs)

Difference:       200g LOSS (.4lbs)
Difference to Date:  1.5kg LOSS

Goal:                 60kg  (132.2lbs)
Need to Lose:   3.7kg  (8.2lbs)

Yeah nothing flash but hey at least the numbers are moving DOWN! I really want to hit the 62s in the next couple of weeks so its time to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!!


  1. awesome bub . . it's always harder to lose that last little bit . .
    "After sweating every mil of water out of my body I began to wonder if it was possible to perspire blood" . . HAHA i love that!!
    that workout sounds like torture . . i miss high intensity workouts .. adductor isn't 100% so it's a nice change to switch between the two . . slower, longer sessions. keep it up boo xx

  2. Mel - Tell me about it babe but i am on a mission!!
    Try using Heel Traumeel Cream on your injury (can buy it from the healthfood store and some pharmacies). Its packed full of anti-inflammatory herbs and homeopathics and great for healing soft tissue injuries xo