Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot and Sweaty BUT kicking some serious arse!

ALL i can say is FUCK OFF HUMIDITY! I love summer but this 1000% humidity thing is becoming a little on the gross side. I'm in and out of the car all day for work so i'm am totally over looking like i choose to shower in my clothes. To add to that, the aircon at my gym has been dead for the past 5 weeks....ummm total sweatfest in there. Too bad for the afternoon crowd because by then its a smelly sweatfeast hehehe

In light of the humidity, i decided to torture challenge myself with another pornstar Zuzana workout this morning - Marine Corp Workout. It was killer! It took me about 28 mins and by the end my legs were on fire. I did about 140 push ups in the workout and to be honest, they felt like the recovery! FYI, i don't use an interval timer as i prefer to not stop and rest between sets. No rest for the wicked!!

I tell you what, since i began doing her workouts a few months back i have become so fit and strong its insane! My (good) pain threshold is extremely high now... i'd totally give 'The Commando' a run for his money ;-).  My body has been tightening up by the day and my legs are in killer shape, really happy with my progress so far! High intensity all the way baby! Anyone who is strapped for time or cash, enjoys being slaughtered in a workout and wants to get into killer shape I totally recommend Zuzanas workouts. She rocks... even though her youtube videos make me cringe lol.

Well i'm off for a bone rub massage soon and tomorrow i'll be heading to Dreamworld and White Water World for my friends birthday!!!

Have a fabulous weekend ya'll!


  1. ive tried one of her workouts started off good and then she reached up for her pullup bar and i though CRAP i havnt actually set mine up *smack on the hand* so that was a 2 minute workout... haha i know what you mean about the humidity!!!!!

  2. LOL, i actually use the overhead beams in my courtyard to do pull ups!!

  3. Hi Chelle,
    I am an avid reader of your blog. Great posts. I did the Marine Corp Workout last night! I believe I could have filled a green garbage bin with sweat! I know what you say about "humidity!"

    I've been doing Zuzana's workout every second day since late last year and I too am feeling tighter! stronger! and fitter! I conquered 3 massive steep hills on my morning walk the other day to discover I'm no longer puffed at the top??! Go figure? SSSSOOOOO I'm my next walk I decided to incorporate 10 burpees after a peak! In total I did 30 burpees. It was fun! I will increase that. Plus! I've decided to take a backpack with weights in it next time. OH, I won't do the burpees with the backpack. I'm not that fit ;-)

    Happy training!


  4. You're on fire, Chelle - you're a machine! High fives all round!

  5. Liz - I sure am!! I haven't had so much fun with training in a long time!! WOOT!!

    Maraina - Hello! Thanks for dropping by ;-). Every second day - wow you must be fit! Sounds like you are killing it girl, keep up the awesome work!

  6. So funny (even though I'm in Miami now) to hear you talking about excessive Humidity when Chicago has like 200 feet of snow and 17 degrees LOL
    You have totally convinced me on Zuzana workouts- holy hell!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  7. Kellygirl - I know hey, total extremes! LOL
    I knew you'd LOVE her workouts, they bring intensity to a whole new level!! Bring on that sexy six pack WOOT!

  8. My form can be improved. Alot!!! And I am majorly slow. But I never give up ;-)