Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thrillseeking, HOT BOYS and That Little Red Dress

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO over sweating, it is seriously gross. I have even superglued my portable fan to my hand..... it goes everywhere i go.

Well yesterday was super fun. I kicked off the day with BodySlam class. Note to Self - Do not eat lots of chocolate the night before boxing unless you want to burp it up the entire class....ewwwww. Total queezy tummy but i still proved to John (my ultra fit boxing partner) that i am a warrior. I won't let him beat me and he won't dare let a girl beat him either. Makes a good partnership.

After an ice cold shower i got my arse over to Dreamworld for my girlfriends' 41st birthday. FYI, make sure you pre-pay for your tickets before you rock up because it took us 1hr and 10mins of hell of lining up in the fucking HOT SUN to get through the entry gates. Not cool. But we soon forgot about our frustrations after losing multiple heartbeats on the Giant Drop.

OMFG, what an adrenaline rush! After hanging in the sky for what seemed like an eternity, this baby dropped us 120m (39 storeys or 394 feet) at 135kph (84mph). I thought i was going to die. I was screaming but no sound was coming out lol. All the other rides were piss easy after that! We also headed to White Water World in the arvo to cool off. Every family in Queensland must have been there, the line up for the slides were up to an hour! Screw that! So we just floated around in the wave pool instead.

...and that was the first time i have worn a bikini this summer! (Omg my tan lines are terrible - mega shortie short tan lines and crop top tan lines- white boobs and olive decollatage is a great combo NOT lol!) I felt 'comfortable' but definitely not in 'rocking shape' yet, so it was good kick up the backside to keep persisting with my hardcore training and CLEAN-ER eating!.. Post on mindful eating to come.

I had to leave about 3:30pm and on the way to my car i came across a group of 3 HOT guys.... They didn't stay hot for long though:

HOT boys: How you doing?
Me: I'm doing great thanks.
HOT boys: Do you have a CIGARETTE!
Me: Smoking is GROSS!
Un-hot Boys: But you aren't, you are HOT!
Me: That's because i don't SMOKE!

Ten points for me haha! Seriously, smoking is such a turn off.

And to end my day i headed out to the China Sea Restaurant at Milton for a Chinese New Year Dinner with GA and some friends. We had a 10 course banquet and the food was AMAZING! I definitely recommend checking it out if you are into delicious asian food.

I was told to wear red for good luck.

Every girl needs a little red dress.