Thursday, February 24, 2011

ABCs - Alphabet of Chelle

Well today marks day 5 of total food cleanliness... (don't stress, i do wash my vegies) and ALL my sugar cravings have vanished into thin air. Give me a woot! ( I think i had given Mr Pancreas a heart attack from how much insulin he had to produce last saturday night lol) My food has been spot on and training has been killer, i am totally focussed baby! I even hopped on the scales just to observe my efforts so far and i am ecstatic to report that i am down 300g (0.7lbs) since monday! ..But official weigh ins are for Monday only so i won't pop the champayne yet ;-)

I was just over at Miss Charlotte's Blog and came across this fun game to play:

ABCs - Alphabet of Chelle... I'm really not sure what the PBF stands for?

A. Age: 25
B. Bed Size: Queen
C. Chore you Hate: VACUUMING and MOPPING!
D. Dogs: Makita - my 12yr old Siberian Husky who lives with mum and dad- she's got fat since i left.
E. Essential Start to your Day: else are you suppose to start the day?
F. Favourite Colour: Green, although purple is slowly catching up!
G. Gold or Silver: Silver and White Gold
H. Height: 5"7' - 172cm
I. Instrument you Play: Piano (not since 2002 - i got up to grade 7)
J. Job Title: Sales Manager/ Nutritionist.... in a few years i'll call myself a Nutritional Psychologist!
K. Kids: None. I'd like one or two cheeky monkeys some day.
L. Live: Brisvegas, Australia...where all the cool kids live.
M. Mum's Name: Ex-Hemorrhoid...  Just kidding. Jenny
N. Nickname: Chelle, Shelly. School days it was Jeanzie
O. Overnight Stays in Hospitals: NONE but i was in and out of hospitals quite regularly as a kid. I had chronic bronchitis which usually resulted in pneumonia
P. Pet Peeve: SLOW CODGERS DRIVERS!... and people who wear shoes in my house. Hint hint.
Q. Quote from a Movie: ummmm I don't watch a lot of movies
R. Righty or Lefty: Righty. But i do use my left hand for my computer mouse
S. Siblings: Little 21yr old sis, Bec.
T. Time you wake up: 5.45am most days
U. Underwear: Bonds undies and Pleasure State Bras
V. Vegetables you Dislike: Squash tastes like vomit
W. What makes you run late: Umm I run late everyday even though all my clocks are set 10mins fast.
X. X-Rays you've had: Teeth, Spine ( i used to work for a chiropractor)
Y. Yummy food you make: Satay Chicken, Madras Chickpea Curry, Salmon steak but only when i can be bothered have to impress someone. During the week i am too lazy to cook.
Z. Zoo: Favourite Animal - Gorillas.... Just kidding.. Cheetahs

Join in and play!!


  1. you go girl! no sugar cravings! i love it! i need your motivation at the moment, my gym membership has been collecting dust as i pound the pavement outside.

  2. Oops, PBF was the blog I got the idea from. Thanks for playing!

  3. Laree - sending some over the Pacific!! But seriously, half mary training is FULL ON, you're doing awesome ;-)

    Char - LOL,all fixed now. I love these games!