Monday, February 21, 2011

Operation Asia-Pacs: Week 16: Day 112

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my decision to compete at the Asia Pac's: Fitness Model in June. I'm super excited and completely focussed now. It's amazing how one big decision can totally change ones' mindset. For the next 16 weeks food is ONLY fuel. Stat (allowing 1 treat meal/week atm) .... It will have to be so i don't blind the judges with a saggy bootay lol.

Clean eats began yesterday (after my 'last extremely naughty treat'... *magnum and lindt chocs* on saturday night) and have continued on today with zilch cravings. Me - no cravings OMG! I told you my mindset has changed!

I did Zuzana's Hot Mess workout this morning with 15mins on the tready after (i don't usually do cardio after her workouts but i wasn't sure how late i'd get home from work this arvo). Just as well because I missed my arvo walk due to the shitload of lighting in the sky. I don't mind walking in the rain, but the off chance i get fried by a lighting bolt just ain't worth the risk!

Oh and guess what, i even studied for an hour last night and uni doesn't even kick off until next week! Gosh i am nerd, but hey i've got to be a non-procrastinator now!

Anywho here are my starting stats:

Week 16:     21/02/2011
Weight:        63.9kg  (140.9lbs)

I'm not exactly sure what my contest weight should be, so i'm guessing around the 58kg (127.9lb) mark. Keeping in mind that i have nearly a kilo (2.2lbs) of boobage stuck to me lol. FYI i haven't been below 59kg (130lbs) since year 12 (2002) so being in 50s kind of FREAKS ME OUT! So i am just focussing on getting to 60kg (132.3lbs) for now.

Anyway time to visit Ms Hair Wax Fairy! Night!


  1. yay for making the choice to compete!
    i;ll be cheering you on from the virtual sidelines!!!

  2. I didn't get to commenting on the last post, but this is really awesome!! Especially that you found a fitness model comp bc that is a great figure to go for! Im gonna make up my own personal fitness model comp just so I can have a deadline to strive for :D

  3. Thanks Melissa, i'm super excited!! I'll be cheering you on from the 'virtual sidelines' too WOOT!!

    Katie - GO girl!!! I thought fitness model would be less extreme on my body than figure and the catergories sound like heaps of fun too!

  4. Good to see you getting up there and having a crack. No reason that you can't get there in a sane balanced fashion!

  5. Thanks Char!!

    Thanks Liz, might as well show off my hard work!! no extremes = no (minimal) rebound that is the goal!!

  6. You go girl will be there to cheer you on xoxo

  7. WOOT WOOT thanks Hanni! Btw, which comp are you prepping for!?