Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 6 OBB: Plateaus and Mindless Eating

Well its taken me a few days to get my thoughts together on how i should tackle this post. What i realised is that i don't have superhuman powers... (damn it!).... No seriously, sometimes it is really hard to admit to the world that you are struggling. People want to read that your life is rosey and that you are kicking butt 24/7 right?

Well its time for me to step out of the comfort of DENIAL and come clean with some accountability 101. Over the past few weeks i have fallen back into my BAD HABIT of mindless snacking. My name is Chelle and i am a Snackoholic.... The snacking usually occurs around mid arvo until after dinner. My usual 'healthy' snacks of choice (that are in the pad) are almonds, sunflower seed/pepitas and of course PB. Its not like i am hungry or anything so i guess i'm snacking to fill a void.

I'm sure many of you have been there before. You eat a meal (and are satisfied) but then 5 mins later you just want to nibble on 'x'. Then 10mins later you do the same and it goes on and on until you finally tell yourself to 'get your shit together and CLEAN YOUR TEETH!"

So yeah that has been me. Which is also the reason why I feel like i am getting nowhere with OBB. All those extra calories add up fast and even though i am doing my fasting and training like an animal, at the end of the day CALORIES IN = CALORIES OUT = PLATEAU!

I was a little sooky over the weekend about why i couldn't be strong and just say NO. I mean how hard can it be? It's just a two letter word. Monday morning came and i just had to tell myself to 'harden the fuck up!' Where does snacking get you? NOWHERE! There is a price for EVERYTHING. I know i am in good shape now but my goal is to be in ROCKING shape 24/7. Is the price to pay worth it? FUCK YEAH!

Time to get serious and say NO to mindless snacking. I am better than that. So after that massive pep talk i had going on in my little head i have officially been snack free for two whole days. Woohoo. Baby steps yeah? Yeah it has been hard at times but i am just focussing on the bigger picture.... and I have even resorted to gargling my mouth with mouthwash after each meal to turn me off the thought of snacking lol.... but hey its working!

So i'll leave you with my results from Monday:

Week 5:          31/01/2011
Weight:           63.9kg  (140.9lbs)

Week 6:          7/02/2011
Weight:           63.9kg  (140.9lbs)

Difference:      0.0kg  (0lbs)
Difference to Date:   1.3kg LOSS  (2.9lbs)

Goal:                60kg  (132lbs)
Need to Lose:  3.9kg (8.6lbs)

So i ask you, "How do you break bad habits?"


  1. keep it up babe .. we all go through it . . first step is acknowledging there's some sort of void to fill there . . and that we aren't actually hungry.

  2. Stock up on healthy snacks and do not even brng the others in your home. :) Good luck! And wishing you tons of discipline.

  3. OMG here I just wrote my post about being down and being my own worst enemy and I came here because I was thinking, "Chelle is perfect, Chelle is kicking butt, she will put me in my place" and now I see that you too have been frustrated. I'm not happy, but I guess it shows we are all human and this is always going to be a journey that we have to keep the faith on right? ;-)

  4. Great honest post! I have been there ssssoo many times! Deep breath, then reboot. How do I break the bad snack habit? I will let you when I've kicked it!

  5. Thanks for all the positivity girls, I am determined to break this! My next step is to focus on separating real hunger from emotional hunger until non-snacking is an automatic habit! Stay tuned :)