Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 15 OAP: Off to a good start

Hey ya'll hope you weren't hit by mondayitis!

Well today is weigh in day and i'm happy to report i have had a drop, yay! I was secretly hoping for a BIGGER one but i just need to remind myself that some weeks will be small drops, some will be big and there will also be plateaus...hopefully not too many GAINS! I am also keeping in mind that i will be saying farewell to these last few kilos FOREVER. That is right. The focus and discipline that i executed last week is something that i want to keep doing comp prep or not. The discipline to say NO to temptation during the week will allow me to enjoy a few treat meals on the weekend without that dreaded feeling of guilt, failure or the thought that i have ruined my progress.

I was suppose to go out for mexican and dessert on saturday night but one of the girls wasn't well so we'll be heading out this sunday. So instead i went out for Thai with mum and dessert. Gosh i am getting good at this no sugar thing!

Anywho i really must be quick as i still have to hit the streets for a 30min walk then get stuck into my uni books cos it is Day 1 today! My inner nerd is totally excited.

Week 16        21/02/2011
Weight:          63.9kg  (140.9lbs)

Week 15        28/02/2011
Weight:          63.6kg  (140.2lbs)

Difference:     300g Loss  (.7lbs)
Difference to Date:   1.6kg Loss  (3.5lbs)

Goal (for now):    59kg    (130.1lbs)
Need to Lose:     4.6kg    (10.1lbs)

Oh and before i forget, i did Zuzana's 600 Rep Sexier Toned Body Workout this morning. It took me about 35mins and i was totally F*ked. Seriously, it was hardcore. I'm used to doing 50 reps but today it was 60 reps of everything and those extra 10 reps make ALL the difference! I swear she must have been on drugs when she wrote this workout lol..... and then being such a machine i hopped on the treadie and pumped out 2.09km (1.3miles) in 10mins. Woot, on fire baby!

Abs Abs Abs Abs Abs is the only thing on my mind!