Monday, September 27, 2010

OSB #3 Week 10: Off to a good re-start!

Happy Monday! Hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend! Mine was fun and relaxing which was awesome as the last few have been full-on. I got my arse whipped in slam class (boxercise), had a massage with GA, brunched with the girls, cleaned my pad - its now sparkling... i really should upload a photo of my mini-lawn patch, the height of the grass is beyond ridiculous, it could hide a small animal in there lol, had a siesta and plenty of me-time too.

Well i am happy to report that OSB #3 is off to a great re-start. Technically this should be Week 12 as i had 2 weeks off but its Week 10 because i said so ;-)... I'll let you in on a little secret why i couldnt report in..... because Ms Scale Fairy made me upset and i was too embarrassed to type the numbers into my laptop.... silly i know but when you've been in the 62s/63s for weeks on end and suddenly you see 64.2kg (141.2lbs)staring back at you, all you can do is flush the scales down the toilet....just kidding. Last monday they had dropped to 64.0kg, whoop di do and thats when i was like,

"Chelle, ok you've had a good break, you've ate a lot of shit food (hence the bloat and fluid retention!), yeah you've got a lot of negative shit going on that you have no control over BUT there is one thing that you do have control over... YOUR BODY!"

So that is why last week i knew i had to get back onto the ESE bandwagon and just take control of my life. There was no point feeling sorry for myself anymore. So i did my 2 x fasts (properly - no cheating!)  last week and have lossed most of the bloat and fluid that i had been carrying around for way too long. YEP i had an 800g (1.8lb) drop this morning, woot! ( Yes i realise the numbers aren't the be all end all, but they do provide feedback and i'm very in tune with my body so i know where i need to be!).. My body has tightened up a lot over the weekend, its a goooooood feeling!

So that brings me back to exactly where i was in Week 9... So lets just pretend i didn't even have 2 weeks off.... having said that, the last 2 weeks was a horrible experience that i needed to have. Why? So i could learn something and MOVE FORWARD!

6/09/2010  Week 9
Weight:   63.2kg  (139.3lb)

27/09/2010  Week 10
Weight:   63.2kg  (139.3lbs)

Difference:  0.0kg

So the big goal is still the 60kg (132lb) mark.... FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Back!... Intermittent Fasting 101.

I've been doing my head in for the past few weeks debating whether i should disclose to ya'll why i have been in total limbo lately. But i have decided to be professional and keep my mouth closed for the moment. Lets just say i have been surrounded by a fuck load of NEGATIVITY which is trying to suck the soul out of my inner positive princess. (and for once it has nothing to do with Hemorrhoid! lol)  Having said that, I have been exploring different avenues to rid myself of this situation, so UNIVERSE i am putting it out there - BRING POSITIVE CHANGE MY WAY!.. pretty please ;-)

Ok enough with the negative shit. I've used my limboness (not sure if thats a word lol) as an excuse to put everything on hold (OSB, fasting, afternoon walks etc) as i just needed some TIME-OUT from the world. The important thing is that I'm back now and ready to conquer it all, so BRING IT!

For those of you on my facebook would know that as of yesterday i am fasting again...properly. And i have been bombarded with a heap of questions so i thought i would share my experience!

To give you a brief run-down, this is fasting 101 as per the EAT STOP EAT program:

- 24hr period without food (eg. I ate breakfast thursday morning then didn't eat anything until breakfast this morning)
- You can drink any non-caloric beverages - water, herbal teas, lemon juice, black coffee, diet softdrink/cordial
- 2 fasts/week on non-consecutive days
- On non-fasting days you are NOT dieting
- With normal dieting you are cut calories on a daily basis (e.g 500-800cals/day), but with fasting you create your calorie deficit on only 2 days. Both methods create roughly the same calorie deficit over the course of a week.

- During a fast your insulin levels hit an all time low allowing your body to release body fat for fuel for effectively i.e fat burning
- During a fasted state growth hormone levels are elevated protecting muscles from being broken down
- By not having to digest food for 24hrs, you are allowing your bodys' natural detoxification processes to occur for effectively and efficiently
- Your metabolism WILL NOT slow down during a 24 hr fast. Weight training and lean muscle mass has the most prominant effects on metabolism. You actually have to withhold from food for at least a 72hr period before metabolism starts to slow down... and that happens quite slowly!
- During a fast (especially the first few) your body gets rid of a lot of inflammation in the form of excess fluid, toxins, bloat. i.e no more PUFFINESS!
- You become more aware of actual hunger over 'emotional hunger'

I could go on forever but if you're interested feel free to ask me or do your own reseach. Craig Ballantyne has done a whole heap of fascinating interviews lately with Brad Pilon, the author of Eat Stop Eat (ESE)

For those of you whom have been following my OSB challenges will know that i have had a lot of success with ESE. I've dropped over 4kg and 10% body fat since the start of the year and have found this strategy far more effective and easier than traditional dieting. I am by no means saying that other methods don't work (cos they obviously do!) but for me fasting is my method of choice.

FYI, for most of OSB #3 i have cheated during my fasts. I was doing the dinner to dinner fast which meant that no food could be consumed during the day. By cheating, i was drinking 2- 3 cups of coffee with milk and sugar to get me through it. Although i was still getting some benefit with for-going food for a 24hour period, what i wasn't breaking was my emotional addiction to coffee (with milk and sugar). Yes i was still a slave to that delicious cuppa. Which relates directly to using food to deal with emotions, something i am still working on overcoming.

So this week i made up my mind that it was time to break outta limbo and get at least one part of my life back on track.... the sexy-bitch body! I decided i would go back to breakfast to breakfast fasting and it went like clockwork. I ate breakie as per normal and drank a lot of water (about 3L) through-out the day. I had a roasted dandelion coffee in the arvo (hmmmm not exactly like the real thing BUT it was black and caffeine free lol). I didnt experience any hunger at all though i'll admit that i had few urges to make a real coffee but i talked myself out of it. And i know those urges were entirely emotional so i am happy i was strong enough to deal with them! After about the 8hr mark i noticed something pretty cool. My body was beginning to de-bloat by the hour, as arvo turned into night i could feel my body tightening up as i started getting rid of a lot of fluid/toxins/bloat. There are 2 things that i notice during a fast - 1. I pee more than usual! 2. I feel the cold more - as there is no food in your system you body starts to utilise fat stores for energy, therefore the body has to work harder to keep you warm!

When i woke up this morning i noticed a considerable difference:
- My lines were back!
- Less bloated, fluidy and puffy
- Tighter
- Appetite was re-set
- I was more aware of actual hunger and therefore i got full a lot quicker - MINDFULNESS
- I felt lighter and had heaps of energy during my work-out this morning and my strength was not effected

So there you have it. The sexy-bitch train is back in motion and on its way to 50mls!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back Next Week!

Sorry for being such a bad blogger these past couple weeks! I've had a million things going on in my crazy little world called life but i promise i will be back next week!

chelle x

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hey kids, yes i am still alive! Did you miss me?

Sorry i have been MIA for the past week and a half. What can i say -


seriously, you have NO IDEA!... so get ready, i am here to whinge rant!

So my NO SUGAR policy kind of lasted only one day last week... Why?
Well i picked a bad time to start it seeing that i was away on a 3 day National Sales Conference for work. We had set menus for all our meals so excluding all sugar wasn't always possible BUT I did make relatively good choices for the most of it......and then there was dessert =P... thats when the Ms Sugar Fairy re-emerged...see i told you sugar is the devil!

I can't go into too much detail about the 'fuckin whirlwind' situation due to certain readers of my blog.....PEOPLE GOSSIP! But what i will say is that I have been a little lost the past few months, call it my quarter life crisis so for this reason i have taken some drastic action.... I'm putting it out there to the universe that positive news will come my way, and if that is the case then i promise to share with ya'll =)


Its TTOM, what can i say? I am feeling blah so can someone please give Ms Fluid Fairy a bitch slap!?

Now what i do wanna share with you is my learnings so far from my OSB #3 rollercoaster ride:

As you are probably aware, I have been trialling a lot of things (usually in 2 weeks blocks) with the foods i eat, when i eat, the amounts i eat etc. Some ideas have been a winner and some ideas have completely backfired into a binging bender. As much as my backfiring ideas have sucked big time, i have put it down to a learning experience. At the end of the day we are all INDIVIDUALS, so what works for one does not work for another. And the only way you will know what works best for YOU is by a LOT of trial and error. Sometimes you need to take 2 step back before you can move forward again.

What i have learnt: (and this applies for ME only)

- Intuituve eating (ie.eating when hungry) - is not always the best plan of attack when i train like an athlete and use intermittant fasting. It equates to too big of a calorie deficit which then leads to binging episodes. I trialled 'skipping arvo tea' for a while cos i am not technically hungry then. Having said that, what i do now is just have a smaller arvo tea - with less protein ( i ditched the 2 boiled eggs i always used to eat then and just have fruit, celery/carrot sticks and raw nuts) which seems to work well for me. Plus the extra fibre is good too.
- Intuitive eating and ESE has taught me that my world will not end and my muscles won't disappear if i miss a meal, or don't have PROTEIN with EVERY meal. Yes i don't freak out anymore =)
- Red Kidney Beans make me bloated
- Gluten Free Toast and PB is a recipe for disaster ;-)
- I get hungry when i am overtired- solution: SLEEP not EAT!
- I can only tolerate a 30g scoop of protein pwd (i use WPC ~25g Pro) straight after a workout. Any other time that much gives me indigestion! -My limiting factor is a 20g scoop ~ 17g Pro outside the Post -workout window.
- No sugar = no cravings!
- Eat sugar = want more sugar....where did that STOP button go? .. Oh that's right, Ms Fluid Fairy stole it and has strapped it around that damn wand of hers!
- My body is now tolerating small about of Natural yohurt ( i like Borhhoffen) and low fat feta, woo hoo!
- I don't need to eat much protein at breakfast - Usana fibergy shake and a coffee does me just fine.( i used to have an omellete every morning without fail). My morning tea meal is my real breakfast.
- Fasting from dinner to dinner is the easiest mentally BUT it causes me to cheat as i still drink coffee (not black HELL NO!) during the day. 2-3 cups/day on an empty stomach causes all sorts of heart palpitation lol! So it ends up NOT being a true 24hr fast which means i am really not getting the entire benefit. Read here, Mr Brad Pilon says so himself!

So back to Breakfast to Breakfast fasting for me starting tomorrow. Looking back at OSB #2, i got the best results from this fast. I believe it teaches me the best self-control too plus sleeping with a fasted stomach will allow the natural detoxification processes to occur more efficiently.

Anyways i think i have rambled on long enough... So no more trial and error for a few weeks, back to basics i go.


Monday, September 6, 2010

OSB #3 Week 9: No Sugar = No Cravings!

Ok i know i promised to get my skins done today but i've decided to have a week off gym. The reason being is that i noticed that the intensity of my workouts was starting to decline at the beginning of last week and by saturday's boxing class i was totally useless. My body was reacting with a 5 second delay to my brain lol. I'd been sleeping really well so i knew my muscle fatigue had nothing to do with not having enough shut eye so i looked back at my ACC and realised that it had been 10 weeks since my last break! ... I'm already feeling revitalised by sleeping in and not training this morning. This week will all be about walks in the glorious 27 degree (80 F) sunshine!!!

As you may recall i am also having a few weeks off fasting too and guess what? Not fasting last week had no ill effect on my results for weigh-in day today:

30/8/2010   Week 8
Weight:     63.2kg

6/9/2010     Week 9
Weight:     63.2kg (139.3lb)

Difference:   0.0kg

I have come to realise that my body seems to have been in maintainance mode over the past month or so, which is not a bad thing seeing that i have spent the past 8 months losing FAT. I am pretty damn lean (i'm guessing around 13% BF and low 60mls) atm and i feel happy and comfortable in the way i look. Of course there can and will be improvements to come but i'm at that point where i can grab anything i want off a clothing rack (usually a size 8 AUS) and feel confident that i look great!

Now what got me thinking was a comment from Ali on yesterdays' post:

"cutting out that stuff (refined sugar in dressings/lite-mayo/sauces) will really get your ml's moving I think! Sugar is the devil!"

Right now i have no desire to increase the amount of training i am doing. I currently do:
Weights - 3 x 45min/week
Bodyslam (boxercise)   - 2 x 60mins/ week
Outdoor Walk  - 4 x 45mins/week

There is the option of adding some HIIT after my weights sessions but for now i am more interested in seeing what effect cutting out sugary dressings/sauces has on my physique. I believe that my body is now at a point  where i have to start fine-tuning my nutrition to get off the plateau. And by fine-tuning i have no interest in cutting carbs, dieting hard and/or dramatically increasing cardio.

So today i had my first lunch WITHOUT any sugary dressings and guess what?! I ate my lunch and felt completed satisfied, not to mention the taste of REAL mayo and REAL hot sauce (not the sugary crap) was killer! Usually i'd eat, feel full and still have the peckish/cravy urge to snack on something else after. And i think a lot of that may have to do with the 17g of sugar that was in the dressings i was using! They would trigger a massive insulin spike causing me to want even more sugar. I am sure you have experienced that before? You have some chocolate, lollies or something sweet and suddenly you want more and more? That is the sugar playing games with your head and overiding your appeitite control centre.

So perhaps the 'mindless eating' that i have been experiencing is not entirely emotional but partially to do with the truckloads of sugar that has been pumping continuously through my bloodstream?!

Time will tell, but i am very excited about this little discovery of mine and can't wait to see how my body responds over the upcoming weeks! So look out cos the Sexy-Bitch train has taken off again, next station: Destination 4-Pack!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My "Sweet Poison" lightbulb moment

As i lay outside basking in the sun yesterday reading David Gillespies' - The Sweet Poison Quit Plan i came across another 'lightbulb' moment. I had borrowed the book from dad after he happily boasted to me that he had dropped 3kg over the past month just by eliminating refined sugar from various parts of his diet.

I was onto Chapter 2: How to Break the Addiction - Step 5: Re-Stocking when the sub-topic Condiments came up. It went on to list the sugar content of many popular store-bought sauces. Then suddenly it hit me... I raced into the kitchen, swung opened the fridge door and grabbed the bottles of Hot Chilli Sauce, Lite Mayo and Fat-Free French Dressing that were smiling back at me.

As i scanned down the Nutrition Information Panel, my face turned to disgust...

FYI, i am one of those people who like to drown use (store-bought) dressings in their salads and stir-frys. I am also guilty of the following:

1. I grab 'lite or fat-free' dressings on auto-pilot
2. I've never really taken much notice of the sugar content.. yeah yeah spank me now ;-)
3. I don't make my own dressings... call me LAZY

And here is what i discovered per tablespoon (20g) of each dressing:
Hot Chilli Sauce -                   8g Sugar
Fat-Free French Dressing -     3.5g Sugar
Lite Mayo -                            5.5g Sugar

OMG! ... I generally used 1 tbsp of each for my lunch which = 17g Sugar + i will use 1 tbsp of Hot Chilli Sauce most nights with my dinner.( i like it hot ;-) )That means i am ingesting a whopping 25g Sugar/day just on condiments alone! Holy Shit!

Just to put this sugar consumption into perspective:
1 day =      25g sugar
1 Week = 125g Sugar   (I used 5 days, as i have been fasting and/or eating out for some lunch/dinner meals)
1 Year =   6.5 kg Sugar (14.3lbs.... Amy, i did the conversion just for you!)

6.5kg Sugar = 26000 CALORIES

1kg (2.2lbs) of Fat = 9000 Calories

so hyperthetically speaking, if all 26000 calories were not burnt off and stored as fat, that would equate to 2.9kg (6.4lbs) FAT GAIN over the course of a year!

Pretty scary stuff hey!

So no prizes for guessing where those sauce bottles went! I then drove off to the supermarket and bought the following:

Cholula Hot Sauce and Whole Egg Mayo. Both have negligible amounts of sugar per serve. Yes i realise Whole Egg Mayo has more fat and more calories than the 'lite' stuff, BUT it also contains an ingredient list that i can understand. And because it is not laced with ginormous amounts of sugar it packs a wicked punch of flavour in a small amount.. And because it is not watered down, i only need to use half as much. So for roughly the same amount of calories that i would consume using the other 3 sauces, i automatically remove an extra 25g Sugar/day and a massive Insulin Spike from my nutrition plan. In doing so will not only bring me one step closer to breaking my addiction to 'sweet poison' but will bring me one step closer to being LEAN for LIFE!

How much hidden 'sweet poison' are you consuming?