Monday, September 27, 2010

OSB #3 Week 10: Off to a good re-start!

Happy Monday! Hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend! Mine was fun and relaxing which was awesome as the last few have been full-on. I got my arse whipped in slam class (boxercise), had a massage with GA, brunched with the girls, cleaned my pad - its now sparkling... i really should upload a photo of my mini-lawn patch, the height of the grass is beyond ridiculous, it could hide a small animal in there lol, had a siesta and plenty of me-time too.

Well i am happy to report that OSB #3 is off to a great re-start. Technically this should be Week 12 as i had 2 weeks off but its Week 10 because i said so ;-)... I'll let you in on a little secret why i couldnt report in..... because Ms Scale Fairy made me upset and i was too embarrassed to type the numbers into my laptop.... silly i know but when you've been in the 62s/63s for weeks on end and suddenly you see 64.2kg (141.2lbs)staring back at you, all you can do is flush the scales down the toilet....just kidding. Last monday they had dropped to 64.0kg, whoop di do and thats when i was like,

"Chelle, ok you've had a good break, you've ate a lot of shit food (hence the bloat and fluid retention!), yeah you've got a lot of negative shit going on that you have no control over BUT there is one thing that you do have control over... YOUR BODY!"

So that is why last week i knew i had to get back onto the ESE bandwagon and just take control of my life. There was no point feeling sorry for myself anymore. So i did my 2 x fasts (properly - no cheating!)  last week and have lossed most of the bloat and fluid that i had been carrying around for way too long. YEP i had an 800g (1.8lb) drop this morning, woot! ( Yes i realise the numbers aren't the be all end all, but they do provide feedback and i'm very in tune with my body so i know where i need to be!).. My body has tightened up a lot over the weekend, its a goooooood feeling!

So that brings me back to exactly where i was in Week 9... So lets just pretend i didn't even have 2 weeks off.... having said that, the last 2 weeks was a horrible experience that i needed to have. Why? So i could learn something and MOVE FORWARD!

6/09/2010  Week 9
Weight:   63.2kg  (139.3lb)

27/09/2010  Week 10
Weight:   63.2kg  (139.3lbs)

Difference:  0.0kg

So the big goal is still the 60kg (132lb) mark.... FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!


  1. Funny that, being negatively impacted by what the scale says. I don't think it has to be that way. The other thought is that your goal weight may be too low - you're looking pretty hawt in your photos. Entertain the possibility you may be "on fire" at a higher weight. MOre muscle right :)

  2. Tell me about it! Its so silly how they can make or break me sometimes Liz.... You may be onto something with my 'goal MAINTAINANCE weight' though. I was 59kg @ 19% BF when i finished highschool and now i'm 63kg @ 14% BUT i still have a bit of padding on the stomach and inner thighs which has got to go! I also need to remind myself that i am carrying around an extra 870g of silicon too... So perhaps 61kg may be my happy place ;-)

  3. I think Liz has hit it on the head Chelle. I am like you, going bonkers at the scale weight and still with a little padding on the thighs and tummy, but sitting at 72kg and 12% bf.

    I reckon that if you follow the 80/20 rule you'll be right. You gotta love the skin you're in darl. xxx

  4. Wow thats awesome progress Miss T!... You know i think my problem is that i strive for perfection far too often (whatever that is!?). I'll try to follow a 95/5 rule and when i slip up i'll have that feeling of failure. Like you said, ease up on the nutrition and just live cos realisticly i am in the best (and healthiest) shape of my life right now..So i think it comes back to a lot more positive self talk and self love x