Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hey kids, yes i am still alive! Did you miss me?

Sorry i have been MIA for the past week and a half. What can i say -


seriously, you have NO IDEA!... so get ready, i am here to whinge rant!

So my NO SUGAR policy kind of lasted only one day last week... Why?
Well i picked a bad time to start it seeing that i was away on a 3 day National Sales Conference for work. We had set menus for all our meals so excluding all sugar wasn't always possible BUT I did make relatively good choices for the most of it......and then there was dessert =P... thats when the Ms Sugar Fairy re-emerged...see i told you sugar is the devil!

I can't go into too much detail about the 'fuckin whirlwind' situation due to certain readers of my blog.....PEOPLE GOSSIP! But what i will say is that I have been a little lost the past few months, call it my quarter life crisis so for this reason i have taken some drastic action.... I'm putting it out there to the universe that positive news will come my way, and if that is the case then i promise to share with ya'll =)


Its TTOM, what can i say? I am feeling blah so can someone please give Ms Fluid Fairy a bitch slap!?

Now what i do wanna share with you is my learnings so far from my OSB #3 rollercoaster ride:

As you are probably aware, I have been trialling a lot of things (usually in 2 weeks blocks) with the foods i eat, when i eat, the amounts i eat etc. Some ideas have been a winner and some ideas have completely backfired into a binging bender. As much as my backfiring ideas have sucked big time, i have put it down to a learning experience. At the end of the day we are all INDIVIDUALS, so what works for one does not work for another. And the only way you will know what works best for YOU is by a LOT of trial and error. Sometimes you need to take 2 step back before you can move forward again.

What i have learnt: (and this applies for ME only)

- Intuituve eating (ie.eating when hungry) - is not always the best plan of attack when i train like an athlete and use intermittant fasting. It equates to too big of a calorie deficit which then leads to binging episodes. I trialled 'skipping arvo tea' for a while cos i am not technically hungry then. Having said that, what i do now is just have a smaller arvo tea - with less protein ( i ditched the 2 boiled eggs i always used to eat then and just have fruit, celery/carrot sticks and raw nuts) which seems to work well for me. Plus the extra fibre is good too.
- Intuitive eating and ESE has taught me that my world will not end and my muscles won't disappear if i miss a meal, or don't have PROTEIN with EVERY meal. Yes i don't freak out anymore =)
- Red Kidney Beans make me bloated
- Gluten Free Toast and PB is a recipe for disaster ;-)
- I get hungry when i am overtired- solution: SLEEP not EAT!
- I can only tolerate a 30g scoop of protein pwd (i use WPC ~25g Pro) straight after a workout. Any other time that much gives me indigestion! -My limiting factor is a 20g scoop ~ 17g Pro outside the Post -workout window.
- No sugar = no cravings!
- Eat sugar = want more sugar....where did that STOP button go? .. Oh that's right, Ms Fluid Fairy stole it and has strapped it around that damn wand of hers!
- My body is now tolerating small about of Natural yohurt ( i like Borhhoffen) and low fat feta, woo hoo!
- I don't need to eat much protein at breakfast - Usana fibergy shake and a coffee does me just fine.( i used to have an omellete every morning without fail). My morning tea meal is my real breakfast.
- Fasting from dinner to dinner is the easiest mentally BUT it causes me to cheat as i still drink coffee (not black HELL NO!) during the day. 2-3 cups/day on an empty stomach causes all sorts of heart palpitation lol! So it ends up NOT being a true 24hr fast which means i am really not getting the entire benefit. Read here, Mr Brad Pilon says so himself!

So back to Breakfast to Breakfast fasting for me starting tomorrow. Looking back at OSB #2, i got the best results from this fast. I believe it teaches me the best self-control too plus sleeping with a fasted stomach will allow the natural detoxification processes to occur more efficiently.

Anyways i think i have rambled on long enough... So no more trial and error for a few weeks, back to basics i go.



  1. Congrats on being human! I am watching the sugar thing timidly and wonder how I am going to do it myself. I think the travel and being a sales person is my number one excuse ;)

    Here to our 6 packs to come!!! :)

  2. LOL, I sure am Miss Amy! (I think i forget that sometimes, and wonder why i'm not perfect lol)

    Yeah i totally understand what it is like to be on the road in sales - there is no structure with meals! WIthout fail at least one meal is eaten whilst on route to appt!

    One thing that gets me through the day is being organised with my food. I usually spend an hour on sunday arvo prepping salads and brown rice for lunches- they keep fresh is tupparware for around 4 days. I also hardboil eggs and use canned tuna for my protein to add to lunch for the working week. Morning tea i always have a super shake that i make at breakfast time - banana, vanilla PP, rice milk, ice, flaxmeal, cinamon and ice in a blender - its delicious!

    What sugary things are in your usual day, maybe i can help you ween them out?

    Sexy six-pack, you and me girl ;-)