Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What the boob doc DOES NOT tell you.....


Ok boys, this post is for the GIRLS.... who have bought GIRLS... and i'm talking about 'boobs' and not 'humans'... So i would assume that this post isn't for any boys (that i know of), but if you are a boy who has bought girls (and by that i mean for yourself and not someone else) then feel free to read on!

Let me see..... Finding a bikini that FITS is a fuckin NIGHTMARE! (Even more frustrating than bra shopping!) ... and that is what the boob doc DOES NOT tell you!  

Am i just weird or is this also the case for any of you silicon blessed girls!?

I'm doing another photo shoot with Ada on friday and we've decided to do swimwear at The Spit. I'll also be modelling some cocktail dresses too, just not sure on the location yet... but trust me, i'll be prepared for ANYWHERE! lol

Believe it or not, until now i hadn't even bought a bikini since the arrival of 'the girls' in November. So off i ventured into Sunburn today with pretty purple in mind...

All i can say is THANK-YOU for 'separates' and SORRY to the poor new sales chick who had the bitch of a lovely job of re-hanging a million bikinis.

What i have learnt:

-  i'm a size 8 in bottoms (i really could have done with a 6 but they don't sell them... yes i have tiny hips =)
-  and i'm a size (ahem)... 14 in top! Never in a million years did i think i'd wear a size 14! Fuck, and the girls aren't even that big! Talk about random flash backs of the 8G Bitch!
- tiny thin straps DO NOT hold up 870g of silicon!
- you need a structured bikini top to secure the girls into... otherwise be prepared for sight-seeing lol
- 95% of size 14 tops DO NOT fit a size 8/10 body because the part in the middle of the bikini that links the cups together is way too WIDE and you feel totally like a porn star EXPOSED!

So after a whole hour of total frustration, i finally found a beautiful purple Jets number that is sexy and flattering.... now fingers crossed that it doens't rain on friday.

Monday, July 26, 2010

OSB #3 Week 3: The A HA moment...

Well well well, its monday peeps and you know what that means?....


TTOM has come and gone and the Fluid Fairy has finally fucked off lol...

19/07/2010  Week 2
Weight:   63.4kg

26/07/2010   Week 3
Weight:   63.0kg

Difference:  400g Loss

For the past 4 weeks i've been playing this silly 62s - 63s game but i am quietly confident that we will finally be saying farewell to the 63s  =)

You wanna know why?

Well i had an 'A HA' moment last tuesday when i was drawing up my Accountability Countdown Calender for OSB #3! You see, i have over 6 months of data that i had collected from all my OSB challenges. After reviewing it, i noticed a recurring pattern...

Binges ONLY occurred during the 7 DAYS BEFORE TTOM. No other time during the month.

And hows this - 90% of the time, the binge took place on the 4th and/or 7th day before TTOM! (Can you guess that maths was my fav subject at school lol)


So i figure, with this knowledge i will be better prepared when TTOM is approaching next.


This past week, my homemade protein bars have been working a treat in satisfying any craving and/or snacking that i had been experiencing at night after dinner. Which means that not only am i not mindlessly over consuming my quota of calories, i feel that my sense of SELF CONTROL is coming back which is probably one of the most IMPORTANT factors in the weight-loss game.

The Sexy Bitch Train is full steam ahead: NEXT STOP: DESTINATION SEXY SIX-PACK!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


As promised, here are my healthy (with a little bit of naughty) homemade delights that i have adapted from the Precision Nutrition Cookbook.

Homemade Protein Bars Chelle Style

3 scoops of Vanilla Protein Powder
1 tbsp Cocoa powder
1/2 tbsp Xylitol
4 tbsp Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter
3 tbsp Flaxseed Meal
2 tbsp Slivered Almonds
2 squares (20g) 85% Lindt broken into small pieces
1/4 cup water

Add all ingredients to a bowl EXCEPT the water and mix.
Add the water 1 tbsp at a time (you may/may not need all of it) until it resembles a dough consistancy.
Once combined, line a plate with glad wrap and spoon the blob of yummy goodness onto the plate.
Press into the shape of a giant square, cover with glad wrap and pop into the fridge for a couple hours to set. Once set, cut into 4 and

enjoy 1 at a time!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You know how i've been stringing you all along for a few weeks with '2 exciting opportunities in the pipeline'? Well all can be revealed today!

1. I've already posted about the Photo Shoot. The actual photos aren't too far away, so i promise to post them up when they are finished.

2. A couple months back I was given the chance by Chris Willitts to write a motivational article for his website - Mindful Muscle. Its a fantastic source of information where the likes of Tom Venuto and John Berardi have wrote articles for. So as you can imagine, i was super excited about this opportunity!

At Mindful Muscle you will find articles on:

- Mindfulness
- Strength Training
- Meditation
- Yoga
- Recovery
- Food & Nutrition
- Weight Loss

"By incorporating the concept of Mindfulness into you life you'll learn ways to strengthen your mental and physically capabilities and ultimately realise your human potential."

So here is my little piece - Mantras, Goals and Emotions Summon the Power Within

Its actually been posted up at the perfect time because the 1 thing i have NOT done is create a new Accountability Countdown Calender  in my Little Blue Book for OSB #3....Hmmmm maybe thats why i've been in a little rut this last week - No goals to visualise everyday!!!!

Off to do that NOW!

Monday, July 19, 2010

OSB #3 Week 2: The Road to Self-Control

I don't want to dwell too much on last week cos i have put it behind me and moved on but here's a quick summary:

- Extremely lax with food argh!:
- I had a few emotional eating benders - sigh- um lets just say that shit loads icecream and choc visited my palate last week! - so not cool with that.

So as a result the Fluid Fairy blessed me with a giant FUCK YOU this morning! lol... Its the dairy i tell ya, i was SOOOOO puffy this morning, it wasn't till i started pumping some iron that my lines started to show again.

12/7/2010 Week 1
Weight: 62.9kg

19/7/2010 Week 2
Weight: 63.4kg

Difference: 500g Gain

I'm pretty used to this loss/gain game now so i'm really not phased by 'the scales' this time round.... i know that its just fluid, but really its no fun being a blowfish puffy! WAKE UP CALL!

So after pulling myself together during my stroll this arvo i've made a HUGE decision to TAKE CONTROL OF THE FOOD.

For a long time now i've been one of those people whom can NOT keep treat food in the house at all times for fear that it will be consumed way too fast. So usually if i feel like a treat, i'll buy what i want, eat it and be done with it. And i'm sure that this is similar behaviour to many of you whom struggle with binging too?

It dawned on me that by NOT having treats in the house takes AWAY my self-control. Because when the trigger food suddenly appears, my STOP button suddenly DISAPPEARS. So I figure if i can live with yummies in my pantry (without them disappearing in a few days) it will be more power to me and my self-control should improve.

So tomorrow i'm gonna make up some yummy homemade protein bars with ingredients i bought today - PB, 85% Lindt, cocoa, flaxmeal, slivered almonds, vanilla protein powder. I'll make enough for dessert for the rest of the week, so the ultimate test will be if they last until sunday night and that the PB jar doesn't get raided in the process!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OSB #3 What's Next!?

When i first embarked on Operation Sexy Bitch all i had was a picture in mind of EXACTLY how i wanted to look like. I wasn't quite sure on the time-frame that it would take to get me there so as i now enter OSB #3 i can confidently say that in 12 weeks time i WILL have my Sexy Bitch body! This is the home stretch baby!

So before i tell you my goals, this is where my body is at now:

Chest:            6.0ml
Triceps:         10.8ml
Midaxillary:  7.2ml
Sub Scap:      6.8ml
Suprailium:    9.8ml
Abs:               15.3ml
Thigh:            15.2ml

Total:            71.1ml

So as you can see Ms Body Fat likes to hang out with my abs and thighs, when bored she visits my triceps lol. Yes I am one of those gals whom has no problem getting lean through the chest, shoulders and back but my lower body is ALWAYS the last to get into condition. That just comes down to genetics.

So that brings me to GOALS:

1. 55ml (7 sites)- I think this will be an achievable figure that i can maintain year round and can get to in a healthy balanced way. (Remember i'm not interested in 'EXTREMES' this year!)

2. 60-61kg - I really want a tight, flat tummy with abs coming through. Not neccesarily all 6 of them, but come spring time i wanna be confident enough to train in a crop top at the gym. (Besides the fact that it is winter, i still wouldn't train in a crop top atm! Getting close, but not there yet). I also want more definition in my quads. I'm happy with the shape, but they just need some more chiseling. (Inner and outer thighs is Ms Body Fats' favourite place of residence!)

Please note that i have ZERO desire to get THIN or SKINNY!  Lean, athletic, curvy and sexy all the way =P

3. 11-12% Body Fat - Is what i'm assuming the above will equate too.

To get there:

1. ESE. I will continue with twice weekly fasting until i get to my sexy bitch body as this has been one of my secrets to my success so far. Once achieved i will drop the fasting back to once a week.

2. Training:
3 x    weight sess/week with 10-20min cardio at the end
2 x    Bodyslam/week
3-4 x Outdoor walks 30-60mins/week

The above combo is what i have been doing for the past 12 weeks. It seems to be enough training to get good results and not too much that i get tired/exhausted all the time.

Less is More is one of my mottos' this year.

I do need to add some abs training into my program.....somewhere..... We do a bit in Bodyslam....yeah yeah call me lazy ;-) I also don't train bi's or calves...did i just verbalise that!? (We also do some bicep work in Bodyslam and years of sprint/running training has left me with killer calves.....geez i'm good at making excuses!)

3. Breaking the BINGE
Well its been 9 months since i became an inhabitant of blogland and this is probably the most important goal for me to achieve. I have definitely improved 100% to where i was (emotionally and physically) this time last year, but as they say 'old habits die hard'. This beast requires consistant effort and time to tame so be prepared for another 12 weeks of the highs, lows and plateaus! I'll be turning 25 at the end of October so if i can achieve this goal by then it will be the perfect birthday present. I feel that my life is heading down an amazing path and lots of exciting opportunities are coming my way but the only thing holding me back is the binging.  Its like i take one giant leap forward and then a bulldozer picks me up and drops me underground two giant steps back...At least the general trend is forward lol.

Liz N has kindly recommended a book by Brooke Castillo called "If i'm so smart, then why can't i lose weight". I'm hoping that i read something that gives me that "a ha moment". And/or makes me aware of certain emotional/physical triggers that i still seem to be missing. You see, weight/fat -loss isn't just about the food. If it was i never would have had a problem! Even with a Nutrition Science degree and all the knowledge in the world i still have my issues. Healing the mind is complex and it takes time. But when i get there, the world better be prepared for what i have to offer!

WATCH THIS SPACE..............................

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kick-arse end to OSB #2! + Progress Pics!

Today marks the end of OSB #2 and i have been on the biggest high all day!

5/07/2010   Week 12
Weight:  63.4kg

12/07/2010  End of OSB #2
Weight: 62.9kg

Difference:  500g LOSS

Week 1:                                 Week 12:
Body Fat:   17.4%                 Body Fat:     14.2%
Skinfolds:    90.1ml                Skinfolds:      71.1ml
Weight:       67.2kg                Weight:         62.9kg
Body Fat:    11.7kg                Body Fat:      8.9kg

Body Fat:    3.2%    Loss
Skinfolds:    19.0ml  Loss
Weight:        4.3kg   Loss
Body Fat:     2.8kg   Loss

Now if we combine my results from OSB #1 and OSB #2 which is 24 weeks of mega HIGHS and some (depressing) LOWS:

OSB #1       (Starting figures)        OSB #2         (End Result)
Body Fat:    24.5%                         Body Fat:      14.2%
Skinfolds:    135.9ml                       Skinfolds:      71.1ml
Weight:       66.9kg                         Weight:          62.9kg
Body Fat:    16.4                             Body Fat:      8.9kg

Difference to Date:
Body Fat:    10.3%   Loss
Skinfolds:     64.8ml  Loss
Weight:        4kg       Loss
Body Fat:     7.5kg   Loss

I have to say i am pretty stoked with my results so far and i'm well on my way to achieving my ultimate body - my SEXY BITCH body!

So here are a few progress pics that my sis took this arvo:

So there you have it! I'll post about OSB #3 Goals tomorrow. Night!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sand, gravel, mangroves and labourers!

Well i'm happy to announce that i have had a fabulous end to a very stressful week. I got to do a ..... photo shoot! Woot! One of my girlfriends is doing her photography portfolio so i got to play model.

The fun began thursday arvo at the hairdressors. (Note to self - never wait 10 weeks for a haircut EVER again. My long black locks had turned into some crazy arse amazon jungle lol). Lizzy did another amazing cut (i think i have mentioned before that i don't even have to blow dry my hair cos it always sits perfectly hence the reason i still don't own a hairdryer!) and coloured my hair 'gothic black'. Its the blackest black you can get...HOT.

Friday morning came and i headed off to Ada's (friend/photographer) house to do make-up and pick out the wardrobe. We decided on lingerie, a cocktail dress, high fashion corture ( i think that means something you wouldn't normally wear in public lol), oh and some um... material with holes in it - not quite sure what it was but i wore it!

From there we headed off to Nudgee beach fishing peer. Here we shot the cocktail dress underneath the peer whilst trying not to get blown into the ocean by the cyclonic wind lol. After that we ventured off into the elements Boondall Wetlands.... oh how i love mud and mangroves. And you know what i wore?.... Lingerie and the material with the holes in it... much to the delight of the family riding by not once but 3 times on their bikes! I'm not sure what the go was with that. But i did my best to hide behind a stick and blend into the grass lol.

By now i was beginning to relax with my posing (was quite stiff to begin with- it kind of reminded me of comp posing prep- suck EVERYTHING in and look RELAXED at the same time!) and getting to know my angles. We then had lunch and headed out to the airport... Interesting place for a shoot was my first thought... Then we arrived at the destination - a gravel landscape underneath the gateway overpass....right next to a main roundabout. Here we did the corture shoot.We had this beautiful afternoon sun creating amazing lighting, teamed up with the wind, black heels, black lacey lingerie bottoms, black feather bower and a top to match.

Throughout the shoot we lost count of how many car horns went off then to top it off, one of the (road?)labourers came over for a perve to give us a lesson on posing and camera angles! He turned out to be a very classy gentleman whom taught me the difference between 'tasteful' and 'trashy' photography, from a man's perspective....

"Its ok to show your breasts but NEVER show your 'bits' to the world love!"

I definitely abided by his rules lol.. Trust me, i have mastered the 'tasteful' front on pose!

By the end of the shoot i think there were 6 labourers watching all their christmas' come at once lol. Whats with lacey lingerie? Why does it make us feel beautiful and make their jaws drop!?

We wrapped up after that. I had such a blast. Ada's ideas were very artistic and creative so i can't wait to see the end result. She should have the photos finished in a couple weeks so i will share some with you all then.

So here's a couple pics of me after we finished the shoot.

Well have a fantastic weekend ya'll. I'm doing dinner and dvds with the girls!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The What the FUCK! haha

Ok guys, i must seem like an emotional trainwreck atm. Up - down - inside- out, geez i can't even keep up with myself!... This damn eclipse ( i think it's a lunar one) has left me extremely ungrounded, but i can happily say that i am getting back on my feet...slowly. I've got a list of positive affirmations scattered over my new office desk that i am reading to myself everyday now. I think i will get a cork board to hang in my office to stick all my dreams and goals on to and keep me in a POSITIVE MINDET.

Some people think that my life is just so rosey all the time (i guess i do come across that way in real life) but i'm here to tell it how it is. (And no i'm not here begging for sympathy either). I don't live on Cloud 9 everyday, but i am working towards it! I do find blogging very therapeutic and after posting from that dreaded hole on monday, the rest of my week has been 10 x better.

Happiness begins with self love.

A bit of shit has gone down this past week. Last wednesday my good friend/boss/state manager, the victorian state manager, national sales manager and 6 reps got made redundant, just like that. It was a total shock. I have been reassured that my job is safe but its still a very un-settling matter. I'm also really upset to be losing some good friends from my team. In a way they are part of my family, people i would talk to nearly everyday. When you're a rep, your phone is your best me! So along with the restructure my workload has now doubled and i'll be flying to Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Rocky three times a year. I'm kind of excited as i think a little bit of travel will spice up my life a bit too.

They say change is as good as a holiday. But to be honest, i hate losing friends (not in the 'i'll never see you again' sense of the word) -my now ex-boss is moving back to melbourne, my best friend is STILL in greece, my single girl friends have now got boyfriends, i'm living on my own (which i do love) but sometimes i just feel a little alone..... just putting it out there!


Ok, sorry to harp on about negative shit....But if you're still reading you may be interested in the Title!

So i have something exciting happening this friday that i need some beautiful lingerie for... No boys involved!... oh no girls either - not in that way lol!!!... You'll find out soon... So i decided to check out this lingerie shop at Carindale today. I've walked in, had a look around and the sales lady has come up to me and asked if i needed some assistance with sizes.

I said, " i'm looking for a 10DD in this one "(black lacey number)
She said, "Oh love, you won't fit into a 10DD"
I gave her the "I know what size i am look".
She said, " Oh you'll definitely be a ....(give me a drumroll).... 8G"
I said, "FUCK OFF no actually i didn't say anything because i started to giggle!
Then the stunned look on my face said it all.... Seriously what are you suppose to say to that?
She said, " Trust me, i am never wrong". and handed me this 8G bra.
Me- still to stunned to speak, and trying not to laugh in her face because this 8G bra looked like a fuckin curtain. I was thinking to myself, i need a bra to wear on my BOOBS not a bonnet to wear on my HEAD!
So all i could finally manage to say was, "Um i think thats too big" (Are you fuckin kidding me, maybe she was intending it for my butt cheeks!?)
And before she had time to say anything else i could have wet my pants laughing over i LEFT!

And i've been smiling ever since =)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

OSB #2: Week 12 Self Sabotage, is this common?

Well i'm starting to get used to this dumb arse pattern of 'weight' loss....(Big) drop - small gain - plateau, (big) drop - small gain - plateau... Repeat. And that's why 'scale' weight is not the be all end all...and so i have to always tell and REMIND myself before i wanna cry... only joking... Girls, you know what i mean (fucking fluid =P )... Having said that, scales DO provide feedback and as long as the numbers are on a downward trend (overall) you are on the right track!

So as of yesterday, this was the number crunching much to my DELIGHT... not =)

28/06/2010  Week 11
Weight:  62.9kg

5/07/2010   Week 12
Weight: 63.4kg

Difference: 500g GAIN
Difference to Date: 3.8kg LOSS

So why the gain? Well i'm guessing it possibly a mixture of fluid, no weight training (2 weeks!), more 'treat' meals than usual ( well i was on holidays), being sedentary (sick and on holidays) LOL... I could go on and go but heres to wishing away the Fat-loss Fairy Bitch next week! Oh yeah and i promise i will get my skins done cos it will be end of OSB #2 and i'll need to put up some progress pics too!

But one thing i do notice and maybe you go through this too? When i do get good (scale) results, immediately i get excited...No shit haha. But then, i either get complacent or some how seem to sabotage myself with food for the rest of that week. Maybe thats the reason for the 'gain' and then the 'plateau'?  Its like part of me fears success in some way and i seem to take one step forward and two steps back. Then i seem to snap out of this depressive mindset, pull myself together, have another kick-arse week and then the cycle repeats itself. Does that make sense? Bingeaholic syndrome (i'm sure it is one) seems to be more complex than i imagined. I honestly thought i'd have kicked it earlier now that i'm away from the the Hemorrhoid in my life who's not a Hemorrhoid anymore. But there seems to be other triggers that just sets me off and breaking them all is fuckin difficult, not to mention STRESSFUL too!

I just don't get it, i've got amazing friends, good job, my own pad, extremely healthy, pretty smokin body and a hot set of girls (if i say so myself lol!)... so whats preventing me from being happy?

HELP! What to do?!