Monday, July 19, 2010

OSB #3 Week 2: The Road to Self-Control

I don't want to dwell too much on last week cos i have put it behind me and moved on but here's a quick summary:

- Extremely lax with food argh!:
- I had a few emotional eating benders - sigh- um lets just say that shit loads icecream and choc visited my palate last week! - so not cool with that.

So as a result the Fluid Fairy blessed me with a giant FUCK YOU this morning! lol... Its the dairy i tell ya, i was SOOOOO puffy this morning, it wasn't till i started pumping some iron that my lines started to show again.

12/7/2010 Week 1
Weight: 62.9kg

19/7/2010 Week 2
Weight: 63.4kg

Difference: 500g Gain

I'm pretty used to this loss/gain game now so i'm really not phased by 'the scales' this time round.... i know that its just fluid, but really its no fun being a blowfish puffy! WAKE UP CALL!

So after pulling myself together during my stroll this arvo i've made a HUGE decision to TAKE CONTROL OF THE FOOD.

For a long time now i've been one of those people whom can NOT keep treat food in the house at all times for fear that it will be consumed way too fast. So usually if i feel like a treat, i'll buy what i want, eat it and be done with it. And i'm sure that this is similar behaviour to many of you whom struggle with binging too?

It dawned on me that by NOT having treats in the house takes AWAY my self-control. Because when the trigger food suddenly appears, my STOP button suddenly DISAPPEARS. So I figure if i can live with yummies in my pantry (without them disappearing in a few days) it will be more power to me and my self-control should improve.

So tomorrow i'm gonna make up some yummy homemade protein bars with ingredients i bought today - PB, 85% Lindt, cocoa, flaxmeal, slivered almonds, vanilla protein powder. I'll make enough for dessert for the rest of the week, so the ultimate test will be if they last until sunday night and that the PB jar doesn't get raided in the process!



  1. You can do it chelle!!!!!!!!!!!!

    btw, maybe next time you can try to make the bars with 99% Lindt chocolate? :P dunno how that'll taste, but personally I love 99% dark chocolate!!!!!!!

    Not sure if you can find them here...cos i bought them from the Lindt Cafe in Sydney..~maybe next time I goto Sydney for a holiday I'll bring some back for you~~^_^

  2. Thanks Nicole - i know i can too! (i have too lol!)

    99% Lindt, i didn't know they even made it!Is it really bitter?... Oh the Lindt Cafe - that brings back fond memories. I've been there once before with my aunty for cake and coffee - OMG AMAZING! I'll be going to Syd again in november for a week so will check it out =)

  3. Those protein bars sound nice! No advice to offer here sorry - if it's in the house I'll eat it.

  4. I know that question was pitched at the girls but I'll throw my 2 cents in.. haha
    Eating loads and loads of food all day stops me from wanting food! lol. Stef williams was up to 8 meals in her off season last year.
    Also... I know you know my thoughts on this.. But I think ESE is probably the worst thing you could do if you struggle with binging. I might even go as far as to say that it would encourage binging for people who dont yet have a problem with it.
    BUT, I dont have any fasting experience, so I'm definately no expert.. Just my opinion.
    Oh and we dont keep 'treat food' in the house either.. And has worked so far. But yeh having a nice dessert can be great. I have frozen nat yoghurt and protein powder every damn night and I love it! haha

  5. Char - total delish heaven. Just add all to a bowl and slowly mix in a little bit of water till all sticks together, but not too wet otherwise its too goey. Line a plate with glad wrap, and spoon the mixture and shape into a bar. Cover with glad wrap then Pop in the fridge for a couple hours and enjoy!

    Ali - Thanks for your feedback and i understand where you're coming from ;-).

    What i will say is that my binges have definitely been less frequent since starting ESE, and they do not occur the meal after a fast or the day after a fast. My stomach can't handle as much food coming off a fast and bingin doesnt even cross my mind during that time as i am totally aware of actual hunger over emotional hunger. Also, fasting doesnt make me ravenous either.

    I could probably add more vegies through the day to increase the fibre load but there is no way you'll see me eating 8 meals/day lol!!!

    I'm with you on the 'dessert' every night though. Until today, i've never really 'scheduled' in dessert into my plan so perhaps my body is craving (besides any emotional shit!) a little bit of sweetness after dinner and thats why i get into the habit of snacking on stuff. I can't do the frozen nat yog/PP cos the dairy will make my nose run BUT i'm hoping my homemade protein bars will do the trick!

  6. I won't necessarily dwell on/end up eating something just cos its in the house. For instance there is a whole lot of chocolate going on in our right now in preparation for my party on saturday that Ali is perhaps not aware of... hehe. But I'll be damned if I can stop once I've started sometimes! All I can do is decide on what is an appropriate portion (eg 1 one the bars) and eat it s-l-o-w-l-y :)

  7. Hey chelle,

    I understand completely where your coming from with the 'out of control behaviour' regarding food. Its something ive struggled with most of my life - but not during comp prep, may have something to do with the structure?
    Anyway i love that your so aware of your habits, thats when change can happen, otherwise we stay in denial!
    Just a couple of treats u might be interested in - protein freeze (protein icecream that is totally heavenly) and new rice cakes in caramel and apple/cinnamon flavour (kristin was talking about them the other day) you get them from safeway.
    Hope they help with those cravings - seems to be helping me!
    BTW you look amazing, so dont be so hard on yourself babe!

  8. Steph - Hmmm appropriate portion size...whats that!? LOL;-) Well I only had 1 portion of my homemade protein bar last night, so off to a good start!... Looking forward to saturday, will 'appropriate portions' be applicable then!?

    Lauren - How do you make your protein icecream?... I don't even remember the last time i ate a rice cake, let alone a flavoured one! But those flavours sound interesting so i might just have to suss them out!

    I think structure does play a big role in staying on track. Thats why i figure if i can look forward to a little planned 'treat' each night then i may be less likely to veer off track in the arvo (after work) cos i know that i am not going with out!

  9. Hey Chelle,

    You sound exactly like me with having yummy stuff in the house... I can't be trusted! My hubby actually hides food from me. lol I am loving my Jarrah Chocolatte(Milk belgian Desire) and jelly at night and usually stops me feeling deprived and eating. Your protien bars sound very yummy.

  10. Us girls are a crazy species Shan! LOL. Your dessert sounds very decadent too!