Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OSB #3 What's Next!?

When i first embarked on Operation Sexy Bitch all i had was a picture in mind of EXACTLY how i wanted to look like. I wasn't quite sure on the time-frame that it would take to get me there so as i now enter OSB #3 i can confidently say that in 12 weeks time i WILL have my Sexy Bitch body! This is the home stretch baby!

So before i tell you my goals, this is where my body is at now:

Chest:            6.0ml
Triceps:         10.8ml
Midaxillary:  7.2ml
Sub Scap:      6.8ml
Suprailium:    9.8ml
Abs:               15.3ml
Thigh:            15.2ml

Total:            71.1ml

So as you can see Ms Body Fat likes to hang out with my abs and thighs, when bored she visits my triceps lol. Yes I am one of those gals whom has no problem getting lean through the chest, shoulders and back but my lower body is ALWAYS the last to get into condition. That just comes down to genetics.

So that brings me to GOALS:

1. 55ml (7 sites)- I think this will be an achievable figure that i can maintain year round and can get to in a healthy balanced way. (Remember i'm not interested in 'EXTREMES' this year!)

2. 60-61kg - I really want a tight, flat tummy with abs coming through. Not neccesarily all 6 of them, but come spring time i wanna be confident enough to train in a crop top at the gym. (Besides the fact that it is winter, i still wouldn't train in a crop top atm! Getting close, but not there yet). I also want more definition in my quads. I'm happy with the shape, but they just need some more chiseling. (Inner and outer thighs is Ms Body Fats' favourite place of residence!)

Please note that i have ZERO desire to get THIN or SKINNY!  Lean, athletic, curvy and sexy all the way =P

3. 11-12% Body Fat - Is what i'm assuming the above will equate too.

To get there:

1. ESE. I will continue with twice weekly fasting until i get to my sexy bitch body as this has been one of my secrets to my success so far. Once achieved i will drop the fasting back to once a week.

2. Training:
3 x    weight sess/week with 10-20min cardio at the end
2 x    Bodyslam/week
3-4 x Outdoor walks 30-60mins/week

The above combo is what i have been doing for the past 12 weeks. It seems to be enough training to get good results and not too much that i get tired/exhausted all the time.

Less is More is one of my mottos' this year.

I do need to add some abs training into my program.....somewhere..... We do a bit in Bodyslam....yeah yeah call me lazy ;-) I also don't train bi's or calves...did i just verbalise that!? (We also do some bicep work in Bodyslam and years of sprint/running training has left me with killer calves.....geez i'm good at making excuses!)

3. Breaking the BINGE
Well its been 9 months since i became an inhabitant of blogland and this is probably the most important goal for me to achieve. I have definitely improved 100% to where i was (emotionally and physically) this time last year, but as they say 'old habits die hard'. This beast requires consistant effort and time to tame so be prepared for another 12 weeks of the highs, lows and plateaus! I'll be turning 25 at the end of October so if i can achieve this goal by then it will be the perfect birthday present. I feel that my life is heading down an amazing path and lots of exciting opportunities are coming my way but the only thing holding me back is the binging.  Its like i take one giant leap forward and then a bulldozer picks me up and drops me underground two giant steps back...At least the general trend is forward lol.

Liz N has kindly recommended a book by Brooke Castillo called "If i'm so smart, then why can't i lose weight". I'm hoping that i read something that gives me that "a ha moment". And/or makes me aware of certain emotional/physical triggers that i still seem to be missing. You see, weight/fat -loss isn't just about the food. If it was i never would have had a problem! Even with a Nutrition Science degree and all the knowledge in the world i still have my issues. Healing the mind is complex and it takes time. But when i get there, the world better be prepared for what i have to offer!

WATCH THIS SPACE..............................


  1. Looking forward to following along Chelle - you can do it!

  2. Work it girl. Isn't it funny how we all hold fat in different areas?? Mine used to be mostly in my butt/thighs....with the new "diet" and such, I'm losing steady but it is MOSTLY in my butt/thighs that I can see the most leaning out, and the lower hips is my stubborn area- from the side, I look very lean/thin, from the front, it's like an extra layer of inches on my outer hips. Can't WAIT to lose it!! GRRRR but WE WILL won't we girl??

  3. We so WILL Kelly girl!!! BRING IT!