Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You know how i've been stringing you all along for a few weeks with '2 exciting opportunities in the pipeline'? Well all can be revealed today!

1. I've already posted about the Photo Shoot. The actual photos aren't too far away, so i promise to post them up when they are finished.

2. A couple months back I was given the chance by Chris Willitts to write a motivational article for his website - Mindful Muscle. Its a fantastic source of information where the likes of Tom Venuto and John Berardi have wrote articles for. So as you can imagine, i was super excited about this opportunity!

At Mindful Muscle you will find articles on:

- Mindfulness
- Strength Training
- Meditation
- Yoga
- Recovery
- Food & Nutrition
- Weight Loss

"By incorporating the concept of Mindfulness into you life you'll learn ways to strengthen your mental and physically capabilities and ultimately realise your human potential."

So here is my little piece - Mantras, Goals and Emotions Summon the Power Within

Its actually been posted up at the perfect time because the 1 thing i have NOT done is create a new Accountability Countdown Calender  in my Little Blue Book for OSB #3....Hmmmm maybe thats why i've been in a little rut this last week - No goals to visualise everyday!!!!

Off to do that NOW!


  1. Thats a fabulous article Chelle, congratulations!!!!! You should be so very proud of all your achievements this year, its wonderful to watch you grow in leaps and bounds
    HUGS xxx

  2. Aw thanks Cathy, you are so sweet! Watch this space.....cos there is a hell lot of growth to come! x

  3. WORK IT GIRL!!! I'm preparing for my next photoshoot in 4-5 weeks. Talk about a motivation factor!! ;-)

  4. Nothing like a camera lense to keep ya focussed hey girl?! I'm doing another shoot this friday....swimwear! Fingers crossed its not freezing seeing that its the middle of WINTER!... Glad to hear you're fighting fit again, kick some butt girl ;-)