Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What the boob doc DOES NOT tell you.....


Ok boys, this post is for the GIRLS.... who have bought GIRLS... and i'm talking about 'boobs' and not 'humans'... So i would assume that this post isn't for any boys (that i know of), but if you are a boy who has bought girls (and by that i mean for yourself and not someone else) then feel free to read on!

Let me see..... Finding a bikini that FITS is a fuckin NIGHTMARE! (Even more frustrating than bra shopping!) ... and that is what the boob doc DOES NOT tell you!  

Am i just weird or is this also the case for any of you silicon blessed girls!?

I'm doing another photo shoot with Ada on friday and we've decided to do swimwear at The Spit. I'll also be modelling some cocktail dresses too, just not sure on the location yet... but trust me, i'll be prepared for ANYWHERE! lol

Believe it or not, until now i hadn't even bought a bikini since the arrival of 'the girls' in November. So off i ventured into Sunburn today with pretty purple in mind...

All i can say is THANK-YOU for 'separates' and SORRY to the poor new sales chick who had the bitch of a lovely job of re-hanging a million bikinis.

What i have learnt:

-  i'm a size 8 in bottoms (i really could have done with a 6 but they don't sell them... yes i have tiny hips =)
-  and i'm a size (ahem)... 14 in top! Never in a million years did i think i'd wear a size 14! Fuck, and the girls aren't even that big! Talk about random flash backs of the 8G Bitch!
- tiny thin straps DO NOT hold up 870g of silicon!
- you need a structured bikini top to secure the girls into... otherwise be prepared for sight-seeing lol
- 95% of size 14 tops DO NOT fit a size 8/10 body because the part in the middle of the bikini that links the cups together is way too WIDE and you feel totally like a porn star EXPOSED!

So after a whole hour of total frustration, i finally found a beautiful purple Jets number that is sexy and flattering.... now fingers crossed that it doens't rain on friday.


  1. Haha I have thought to myself a few time, wow Chelle has great boobs, mine are wasiting away to saggy bits of skin, its not terribly attractive! SO I'll be hitting you up for the name of your Doc soon ;)

  2. yes, i have found the same -what works for me are the halter style kini tops as I'm narrow around the chest, but now better endowed :) Hooray for silicon! Next best bet is the structured top :)

  3. ahh, see, I just thought you had nice ladies, I didnt know they were a late addition.

    I have a pair of 10e naturals,I can guarantee they dont look as lovely as yours, but separates are the only way I've found to get something that doesnt resemble nanna undies on the bottoms.
    Hope the rain holds out for you.

  4. Thanks courtney, ah the girls were an awesome investment(on par with my pad...maybe even a better one lol. When you're ready, i'll share the details =)

    Glad to hear i'm not the only one liz!!! My bikini is semi halter with a bit of structure (no underwire though) - they seem to give better cleavage too! I think the triangle or bandeau numbers would fly off if the wind blew! I wouldnt even dare to wear one of those in the water lol

    Natural 10E, omg Lucky you Casey! (at least you don't have a 5 figured hole in your bank account! =))... i didn't even bother looking at non-separates for the nanna factor lol!

  5. my bought girls are old I don't have that problem anymore...and I don't remember if I had a problem when I bought them because that was about 20 years ago and I can't remember that far...LOL

  6. LOL rae! Hope you have a fabulous time on your trip!!!

  7. Haha Chelle, great post, something I wouldn't have even thought about! That being said, would you mind sharing the Dr details?? Bikini issue aside, are you happy with the job?

  8. Thanks Vix! Yeah i LOVE the girls. Really happy with the size and shape, plus they look very natural too - like i had grown them myself lol. I had the fastest recovery, only used panadol (didnt even need the panadeine forte) for 4 days, no pain just stiff moving around, scar had healed in 1 week, was able to walk the block after the 2nd day. Its been 8 months now and you can barely see my scar.

    Dr David Topchian -
    (He is Dr Flemmings business partner)

  9. I hear you. Sometimes I am amazed at how my D-cup boobs get in my flipping Way. And I'm planning on getting a boob job this year...not for size but for HEIGHT haha and I'm sure they'll get bigger. Oh well. What we chicks go through to look good.
    I tell ya,....!!! ;-)

  10. Exciting news Kelly girl! Oh I'm sure they'll look bigger but who cares, you have great boobs but they will look even HOTTER yeow!... Welcome to my world of E CUPS!;-)

  11. Is that Vess's Ada Chelle? You guys used to be friends hey?

  12. Yep Ves's (ex) Ada! Yeah we've been friends since i was 17, you know she's just had a baby boy?

  13. I'm the opposite...i'm a bigger bottom, extra small top ;) It's nice on the clearance rack since most women don't wear a S top!

  14. Lucky you getting all the bargains Miss April!;-)