Monday, July 12, 2010

Kick-arse end to OSB #2! + Progress Pics!

Today marks the end of OSB #2 and i have been on the biggest high all day!

5/07/2010   Week 12
Weight:  63.4kg

12/07/2010  End of OSB #2
Weight: 62.9kg

Difference:  500g LOSS

Week 1:                                 Week 12:
Body Fat:   17.4%                 Body Fat:     14.2%
Skinfolds:    90.1ml                Skinfolds:      71.1ml
Weight:       67.2kg                Weight:         62.9kg
Body Fat:    11.7kg                Body Fat:      8.9kg

Body Fat:    3.2%    Loss
Skinfolds:    19.0ml  Loss
Weight:        4.3kg   Loss
Body Fat:     2.8kg   Loss

Now if we combine my results from OSB #1 and OSB #2 which is 24 weeks of mega HIGHS and some (depressing) LOWS:

OSB #1       (Starting figures)        OSB #2         (End Result)
Body Fat:    24.5%                         Body Fat:      14.2%
Skinfolds:    135.9ml                       Skinfolds:      71.1ml
Weight:       66.9kg                         Weight:          62.9kg
Body Fat:    16.4                             Body Fat:      8.9kg

Difference to Date:
Body Fat:    10.3%   Loss
Skinfolds:     64.8ml  Loss
Weight:        4kg       Loss
Body Fat:     7.5kg   Loss

I have to say i am pretty stoked with my results so far and i'm well on my way to achieving my ultimate body - my SEXY BITCH body!

So here are a few progress pics that my sis took this arvo:

So there you have it! I'll post about OSB #3 Goals tomorrow. Night!


  1. Awesome results Chelle, nice one!

    Also good to see your doing this over a longer period of time, in it for the long haul.

    Thanks for continuing to share your journey

  2. Well done babe, you are looking frigging HOT! Keep up the awesome work xoxox

    I agree with Shar too :)

  3. You are looking great.
    Well done.

    You are a real inspiration.


  4. chelle you r one sexy girl lol!! Your a great example of someone who is looking after themselves off season with great balance xxoo

  5. you look amazing, I have such a long road ahead, I do wish it all happened a little faster!

    I am new to all this biz,what might OSB mean?


  6. The long haul all the way Shar, its the lifestyle habits that i'm here to create and keep! x

    Kristen, Frankie, Lauren, Char and Rae - thanks for your lovely words, you girls are awesome x

    Christine - thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad to hear my journey can inspire others!

    Courtney - The blogland girls came up with the idea that 2010 is the year of the 'sexy bitch'. So i named my first 12 week challenge "Operation Sexy Bitch- OSB".

    At first the road does seem long and that's why OSB is only 12 weeks. Now into OSB #3, and looking back the past 24 weeks have flown by! Cut your journey into baby steps and before you know it you'll be at the finish line =)

  7. Love it, and how exciting that you havce made it to the end of your 2nd "OSB" =) And onto #3.

    Can I ask how tall you are?

    I am on a 12 week program, and I am nearly half way through ( i will more than likely do another program after this one, just taking baby steps at the moment trying to get through each day)

    I wish there was more reward for my hard effort, maybe in a couple of weeks the hard work and sacrifice may show through, all I am thinking is, no wonder people get the shits and eat rubbish!

    I have done impeccably well with my eating, the exercising has been difficult to keep on track, i find myself exercising at some rediculous time of the night, I think i have only missed a handful of workouts.

    anyway this is about you not me!

    Your amazing and I love following your journey!

  8. I am 172cm tall!... Wish i had another couple inches on me though hee hee. How about you?

    Awesome work with your impeccable eating! But i hear you about the results coming slowly. Do you get your body fat measured?

    I found with OSB #1, i dropped about 7.1% body fat, but my scale weight only dropped 300g - which would do my head in at times! It wasnt until i started doing the fasting in OSB #2, that the weight really started to come off. Not only fat, but i feel i have got rid of a lot of excess fluid too.

    I realise you're doing an IBO program, and that is fantastic but there is always the option of giving ESE a shot when your 12 week cycle is over.

    Anywho, keep persisting babe, you WILL get there =)

  9. Well done Chelle :)
    Although the muscle preservationist in me doesn't like ESE.. lol... It's cool you're trying new things and sticking to them to test how well they work for you as an individual.

  10. Thanks ALi - lol, well so far i don't think the fasting has eaten away much muscle! But if i suddenly become 'Skinny Fat' you'd better be the first person to pull me up and say 'i told you so'!

  11. i think you look more sexy tnan bitch, a wanna be your osb#3 one nigth session...congratulations..sinceraly..Mexican lover guy