Monday, July 26, 2010

OSB #3 Week 3: The A HA moment...

Well well well, its monday peeps and you know what that means?....


TTOM has come and gone and the Fluid Fairy has finally fucked off lol...

19/07/2010  Week 2
Weight:   63.4kg

26/07/2010   Week 3
Weight:   63.0kg

Difference:  400g Loss

For the past 4 weeks i've been playing this silly 62s - 63s game but i am quietly confident that we will finally be saying farewell to the 63s  =)

You wanna know why?

Well i had an 'A HA' moment last tuesday when i was drawing up my Accountability Countdown Calender for OSB #3! You see, i have over 6 months of data that i had collected from all my OSB challenges. After reviewing it, i noticed a recurring pattern...

Binges ONLY occurred during the 7 DAYS BEFORE TTOM. No other time during the month.

And hows this - 90% of the time, the binge took place on the 4th and/or 7th day before TTOM! (Can you guess that maths was my fav subject at school lol)


So i figure, with this knowledge i will be better prepared when TTOM is approaching next.


This past week, my homemade protein bars have been working a treat in satisfying any craving and/or snacking that i had been experiencing at night after dinner. Which means that not only am i not mindlessly over consuming my quota of calories, i feel that my sense of SELF CONTROL is coming back which is probably one of the most IMPORTANT factors in the weight-loss game.

The Sexy Bitch Train is full steam ahead: NEXT STOP: DESTINATION SEXY SIX-PACK!


  1. Aha*.. moments like these are wonderful aren't they!

    Believe it or not I have no idea when my TTOM is or when its coming. MIght have something to do with having two children so close together so young, I have never got to know my body... I might need to start doing some charting.

  2. Hi Chelle - good work on the loss, and glad to see your sense of self-control is coming back!

    I am the same as you in that I can follow my 'plan' relatively easily apart from just before TTOM, when my appetite really increases for a couple of days. Apparently your body expends more calories in the few days beforehand due to all the extra processes it is going through - so give yourself permission to have a little extra food.

  3. Courtney - i definitely recommend keeping your own ACC, its a great way to learn a lot about yourself. I know for me, days when i feel like i'm carrying heaps of fluid, low in energy, sugar cravings etc usually coincides with different stages of my cycle.

    Do you take spirulina at all? I find its really good for balancing hormones =)

    Thanks Char. Yeah i've heard about the body needing more cals in the lead up to TTOM. I will ask my massage therapist the reasons behind that on saturday and let ya know. Perhaps i should just add in another meal and see if that prevents a binge from occurring.....

  4. Nice work :)
    Love that you kept track of it all to see what was slipping you up. Stephs good with all that record keeping, but I suck!

  5. Thanks Ali, i'm an analytical nerd. Give me tables, graphs and highlighters anyday lol!

    You know, i think another reason why the protein bars are also working at keeping my hunger/cravings/snacking at bay was because i wasn't eating enough cals during the day... Now i seem to have the right amount of fuel with some yummy calories too =)

  6. i just read your article chelle (bit slow I know) you rock girl! smarts and beautiful - double threat hehe xoxo

  7. Thanks stephy you're a sweetheart! x