Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PROGRESS PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A promise is a promise so here are my pics taken at 5pm today (4 meals and 2L of water later, so excuse me for the lack of lines lol!) ... Its TOM today and i'm feeling ultra fluidy but hey, this is a reminder to me that i am farewelling the 90ml mark FOREVER!

Monday, March 29, 2010

End of OSB Wrap Up.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I've been a little stressed out and disappointed ALL day. It seemed like i was DOOMED from the moment my alarm clock decided to wake me from my sleeping paradise. My winning streak came to a dead holt today. Defintely not the cinderella ending to my OSB challlenge.

The scales were UP. The body fat was UP. The skins were UP.... Then to top things off, disaster struck at work. 6 grands worth of my sales this month have been lost!!!! And nowhere to be found....maybe the computer fairy ate them? Its bonus month too, so fingers crossed this doesnt effect my sales figures.

8/3/10 (3 weeks ago)
Body Fat:   17.2%
Skinfolds:   89.1ml
Weight:       66.3kg (last week)

Body Fat:    17.4%
Skinfolds:    90.1ml
Weight:       66.6kg

Difference: + 0.2%, +1ml, +300g

Yeah sulk sulk, poor little me =(

BUT... gotta look at the big picture:

Week 1
Body Fat:    24.5%
Skinfolds:    135.9ml
Weight:        66.9kg
Body Fat:     16.4kg

Week 12
Body Fat:    17.4%
Skinfolds:    90.1ml
Weight:        66.6kg
Body Fat:     11.6kg

Body Fat:  - 7.1%
Skinfolds: - 45.8ml
Body Fat:  -4.8kg.... Now thats the important number!

So overall its a pretty good effort for 12 weeks worth of blood, sweat and tears. I will post up some progress pics in the next day or two. I''m just waiting for my sis to have an arvo/evening off work so she can take them.....Hemorrhoid aint taking them, thats for sure!!!!!!

I've started OSB round 2 today.

Body Fat:  12-14%
Skinfolds:  I'd like to get down to and MAINTAIN 55-65ml over 7 sites. 
Weight?     I really have no idea....Cant you tell!? lol..

Food Factor:
I have to admit that my nutrition has probably been at 80% the past few weeks. I'm not making excuses, but i know that all this house stress has thrown my hunger outta whack, and i have been ok with it. The 'extras' havent been bad - mainly PB (yummo!), nuts and PB bars. Its more so the portion sizes that has been the killer, and going back for seconds etc. I do know too that, when i'm in my 'own pad', there wont be too many naughties in my pantry. At Hemorrhoids, the kitchen is like a supermarket lol.

And you should all know that "If food is there, at some point it WILL be eaten!"

I also know that i am fairly LEAN now, so if i WANT to keep progressing forward i simply have to tighten things up. Why?

 Cos you can't out-train a poor diet!

With that in mind, this is how i'm GOING TO look like!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

BodySlam and Furniture!

I can't believe its the weekend AGAIN!

This week has been such a whirlwind, so i'm sorry i havent posted since MONDAY!

Training has been going AWESOME. I'm now doing BodySlam twice a week and loving it! Its really pushing me physically and mentally. Just the stimulation i need. Strength has never been an issue for me, but OMG, the endurance has been the killer! But not for long, i'll be fit as a fiddle (since when have fiddles been fit!!!??)  before you know it... These classes go for about an hour and by the end all i wanna do is cry lay on the floor. I got to that point on wednesday night where my body was in SO much agony that i couldnt stop laughing! Thats right, i was in hysterics. Have you ever experienced that?... Hey at least i wasnt vomiting over the balcony!

Wednesdays' have traditionally been my rest day, but now with Slam on wedesday nights, i'm now having a breather on thursdays. Which also means that i have cut down my weights' sessions from 4 to 3 a week. So fridays are now Back, Chest and Abs. And because Netty is training with me now, there is no such thing as a 'cruisy friday sess'.  It's intensity all the way baby.

And you wanna know how i feel?.... Bloody awesome. I can just feel that body fat melting off, should be interesting to see what my skins are on monday morning i.e. end of OSB! (round 1)

So apart from the above, i have been busy racing all over the countryside trying to find furniture for my unit. 2 weeks till i move in..But who's counting? =). This morning i put a deposit on a lounge suite, dining table and 2 bar stools. The only thing i'm spewing about is the fact that the dining table wont arrive for 6 weeks! Eeek!.. Apparently they've been really popular.... Suppose i will just have to eat off the floor lol.

What else? I've also found a fridge and washing machine to buy too. I'll put deposits on them next week. But what a mission washing machines were! I put a message on facebook about which one to buy and 26 comments later i was very confused - total brain explosion! Omg, front loader, top loader, so many brands, noisy ones, quiet ones, energy consumptions, water consumptions, direct drive, non direct drive and the specs went ON and ON! I could now be a successful washing machine sales lady....SO in the end i decided on a 7kg LG Front Loader with Direct Drive.... Please don't tell me otherwise because i do NOT want to know! lol

Anywho, i am off for a much needed massage with GA.

Have a fabulous weekend ya'll!

P.S. I just wanna say that all you girls whom are competing in the upcoming weeks are looking AMAZING! You're all keeping me motivated to make sure i'll be in smokin shape too whilst cheering you on!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 12 OSB!

Wow its Week 12 OSB, and what a journey it has been so far.

I am still 66.3kg, same as last week...surprise surprise... I think i am at the point now where i am not too fussed about the scales....basically cos they don't f&*kin move! LOL. But its been a good indication to let me know to not to be so hard on myself when i slip up with my nutrition.... I was angry at myself for going overboard with the nuts/PB last week but Tara, i think you were right. My metabolism has thanked me for it. My body seems to have used the extra calories for recovery. The week off gym has done me a world of good and i definitely recommend it to ya'll. I felt so revitalised this morning, it was amazing. I felt strong, lean and motivated. The best combination to be.

And what made it even sweeter...... I now have a TRAINING PARTNER!


My friend Annette and i used to be TPs years ago, until i moved to the northside (the worst side of the river lol) for work. She's now 3 months post- pregnancy and is on a mission to get her lean body back. It wont take her long at all- good old muscle memory! This girl has the most amazing set of shoulders and hasn't trained in months. Netty's like me - crazy, goal focussed, strong, competitive and trains like a bi-atch! So we are gonna whip each others butt into SMOKIN SHAPE!

On that note, i will be doing my end of OSB Round 1 skins on monday. So will post the end results and some pics for ya'll to see. And also my new goals for OSB Round 2!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peace... and the Worst Driver in the World.

Well i'm happy to say my mind is at peace once again. I think all the housey stress had taken a down turn on my emotions this week, throwing me all outta whack. To add to that, Hemorrhoid was just being a plain hemorrhoid. Just when i think i've figured her out, she opens up a new can of nastiness from her hemorrhoid supermarket.... Anywho, not to worry cos Chelle is back in the game!

That's right. I've really taken this cardio thing up a notch this week. I did not 1... but 3 x 5.5km runs! And it felt awesome. The fresh air on my face, the adrenalin pumping through my veins and just that sense of freedom felt amazing as i pounded the pavements. My body is definitely feeling tighter for it too.

Yesterday i had my last sexy six pack sess with James. I'm very sad to let PT go, but it will definitely be off my luxury list for a while.... So for that, James annihilated me. Yep, we did boxing abs...Oh yeah, killer. We started off with reps of...100! WTF!?.... What happened to reps of 30?... And no breaks, nada, none. OMG i was in so much pain, i just wanted to sob....seriously... so i swore profusely instead. Yes he copped an earful... he deserved it haha. But i soldiered on and got through the bastard of a session.... I only thank him for it now...

Pain is weakness leaving the body

Then this morning i did Bodyslam aka Boxing bootcamp. OMG it was f*&%ing AWESOME! Total insanity. My arms were literally about to drop off! But remember i'd rather vomit than give up and i didnt feel like vomiting so toughed it out is what i did. Boy was it worth it, my hands were still shaking two hours later! By tomorrow i think my body will be in a coma lol.

The rest of the day has been pretty cruisy, did groceries, watched 2 episodes of Alias (how hot is Jennifer Garners' body?!), treatment with GA - I so needed it.....

And then i went out to dinner with the folks. I laughed on the inside whilst Hemorrhoid tried to park the car. Have i ever mentioned she is the WORST driver in the entire world?

Just to give you an idea:
- she's one of those people that drives at 60kph on the freeway but then at 80kph on a local street.
- she has absolutely NO clue how to indicate through a round about
- She refuses to wear her glasses whilst driving, even though she can't read the signage (e.g freeway exit signs), that has words 20m high.
- she will NOT change lanes unless absolutely necessary (yeah forget about over-taking when with her) as she thinks that TINY bumps (i think they are the light reflectors) on the lane dividers ruins her tyres if she drives over them.

Seriously, even a disabled, blind person could drive better than her. No joke.

It takes her at least 5 mins to park the car on a good day... Tonight it was raining... maybe i should have just driven my car and met them there.... I wouldnt have been surprised if there was a cheer squad of onlookers applauding her when she FINALLY decided the car was parked straight.... Utter embarrassment. Enough said.

Tomorrow i have a 2yr olds' birthday party in the morning, then i will probably chill for the rest of the day. Maybe another run... Oh and i've gotta find a noice wooden framed, full length wall mirror for my new lounge room!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Perfect end to a chaotic week!


Yeah baby, I am super excited!!!!

Which means that in exactly 3 weeks time I will be chilling in my new pad!

So until then, i will be doing the exciting stuff....Furniture shopping!

I've already picked out majority of things that i need, so now its time to start the bargaining process. Paying full price is NOT on the agenda!

Have a fabulous weekend and SMILE =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


From what i have learnt over the past 11 Weeks of OSB is that (for me) being accountable is the key to achieving results (besides a good exercise and nutrition plan). By having to report in my results weekly to ya'll in blogland and getting my skins done every fortnight with James has kept me focussed and on track with my training and eating. Accountability makes you take those goals one step further....it actually makes them HAPPEN!

As you all know, i am having a week off training (since last friday). I have really needed this as my body was just getting fatigued thus my training intensity was diminishing and i was just plain tired all day. I have really enjoyed the extra sleep and am starting to feel refreshed again. I have kept up some light walking though and even went for a 5.5km run on monday!.... Yes i thought i would not have been able to make 3km, but i guess i am fitter than i thought!

HOWEVER, my holiday mode brain has made me a little slack in the nutrition department. I dont know what it is but my 90% clean rule has slipped down to 75-80% this past week. A scoop of icecream (95g tub to be exact) has been the only naughty food i have consumed, but its the quantity of macadamia nuts (50-60g)and PB (1-2 tbsp) that is sneaking into my mouth that is the problem aaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!!! I seemed to have lost my STOP button. And cos of that my sexy six pack is feeling a little pudgy ewww!

Not training has thrown me all outta whack. I know that when i do train hard, my food cravings are usually kept at bay and i dont feel like over-eating or eating crap cos i know how hard i have worked to burn the fat off. Maybe cos i have more time on my hands, i am bored and less focussed has caused this lack of discipline???

Another thing that has crossed my mind is that perhaps my body is craving more essential fats? Currently i take 1/2 tsp of fish oils at breakfast. John Berardi suggests that the average person should take 2 caps 3x daily....i might increase my intake as of tomorrow and see if that helps.


Well the one positive thing out of this is that i am not in DENIAL. But i do need to figure out why this has happened. I've just wrote down a new list of goals that i want to achieve so lets hope i get right back on track when i hit the gym again on friday.


Monday, March 15, 2010

It's all about the BUTT!...and Week 11 OSB!

I have had a major shift in mindset since last monday when i stated that i was happy with my results so far with minimal cardio. I'm now getting a little impatient so a change is on the cards. Right now i feel i am in great shape ..... BUT...... Great is not good enough ..... Smoking hot is where i need to be.

Just in the last week I have noticed that i am approaching the point where minimal cardio will not cut it anymore. I not only wanna feel strong, i wanna feel damn fit too. That i am not at the moment!... One of the PTs' at my gym asked me last week if i wanted to join her in the goldcoast marathon in a few months time. I nearly fell off the treadmill whilst trying to prevent my jaw from hitting the ground lol. Hell no! I'd be lucky to run 3km non stop atm... FYI, i'm not the slightest bit interested in running a crazy distance like that.... thats why i have a car.

Anywho, back to cardio... I'm beginning to feel like a lazy athlete. Yes i do a LOT of volume in my workouts, they are pretty intense, i'd rather vomit than give up and i superset/tri set everything. Some days i even get through 27 sets but by the time i'm supposed to be doing interval cardio, i totally CBF! To add to that, my attitude has been, "well you are losing fat anyway so why bother?" So i haven't!

So there were a few things that triggered this change in mindset:

1. This friday will be my last sexy six pack sess with James as i am just about to join the mortgage club which means PT will be my first luxury to go... Fingers crossed i can still see GA once a week, but treatments will probably get pushed back to fortnightly.

So i thought, well what can i do that is intense as pt? .... Bodyslam. CBJs (that's me in the yellow 7 years ago!) version of boxing bootcamp. I love boxing and havent done it since Aug 09, so i am now pumped about throwing a punch. The thought of boxing, running, sweating, heart beating outta my chest has got me all motivated about cardio again. Then i remembered what i love about running....the endorphin rush! Plus, running shreds my legs up noicely =)

So with that in mind, i have decided that i will shorten my weight sessions to allow more time, 20mins ideally, for interval cardio. I will still be lifiting as heavy as possible, just less sets, so my focus will not be on building any more muscle mass, but getting SHREDDED! As you know my body has been a muscle building machine over the past 11 weeks, regaining over 4kg of sexiness that had disappeared during my recovery. With this approach, the scales had better drop below 66kg!!!!!! Yes i know muscle weighs more than fat but i don't fuckin care! LOL

On a quick note its Week 11 OSB and i am 66.3kg today.. grrrrrr....i really dont need another 300g of muscle or fluid, sigh.... Could someone please tell the muscle fairy to GO AWAY!?

Last of all, the other reason i need to RUN!

If you have been following my blog for a while you would know i have a thing about butts'. Tight and perky ones to be exact... Better known as 'The kylie.".... Not like this one haha. Now that is totally grose.

For me, the kylie is in her best form from doing millions of squats, walking lunges and high bench step-ups. BUT what gets her really smokin is....running.

And she ends up like this:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 weeks till FREEDOM!

Did ya miss me!?

6 days of no blogging and i've been getting withdrawals lol. This week has been chaotic to say the least.

This is what i did.
1. Trained  ( My muscles have been ultra fatigued this week....more about that later)
2. Worked
3. Chose a loan, chose insurance, been in contact with solicitors, building and pest inspection, paid my DEPOSIT! (big hole in my bank a/c now...but a good one =)
4. Pharmaceutical Trade Show (friday/saturday)
5. Oh and how could i forget. Major Hemorrhoid drama on thursday.

It was over the building and pest inspection (on wednesday) that i got a big THUMBS UP for, hello!...of course that wasn't good enough. (Admittedly there is a small bit of wood rot, not from termites, just old timber that has been in contact with rain for only 30 years. It is on the bottom fence panel and a few other places outside and AWAY from the house. These are Body Corporate issues which the B&P people explained to her like 1 million times, but remember they were talking to a steel wall. I think they were dumbfounded by how many times they had to repeat the same sentence lol ) I nearly had a coronary....serious....so did dad.... His words to me were, "Boy she gives me stress Michelle. I think my heart was beating faster than yours!" lol he cracks me up. It was so bad we both left the house and went for walks.....in the rain.....a far better option than staying in the house!

Wowzas, so now it is sunday and i am WRECKED! I have tomorrow off in lieu for working yesterday, yay.

SO onto OSB side of things.....

I've noticed my training has been a little shite this week. I have been gettting through my workouts yes, but the intensity has not been there. My warm-up weights have felt ultra heavy and i've just felt quite fatigued in general. And no, i am not getting sick either...... You guys its Week 10 OSB and i have forgotten to have a week off! DUH!

I realised this after thursdays' sess, so until next thurs/fri, no gym for me =). I am planning on just doing some walking in my Sketchers Shape Up shoes (still gotta post about them but they are AWESOME). Lot of fresh air and serentity is just what the doctor naturopath (no docs for me lol) ordered!

I have also decided that i am gonna changed up my training program and nutrition plan a bit too. More on that tomorrow.

So guys, have a fabulous day today, I am off for a walk in the sunshine now, followed by some furniture shopping browsing!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 10 OSB!

Thanks for all your lovely comments once again. I am super excited about my new unit, its only 4 weeks and 4 days till i move in but who's counting?! Wow, what a high. I'm looking forward to furniture shopping too- a lounge suite, dining table and a fridge are the top 3 on my Must Have List.

Now onto OSB.....

Its Week 10! and guess what?... I have some super cool results to report on!

19/2/10    ( two weeks ago)
Body Fat:  18.1%
Skinfolds:  97.2ml
Weight:     66.0kg  (last week)

Body Fat:   17.2%
Skinfolds:   89.1ml
Weight:      66.0kg       I still can't believe i havent cracked this barrier yet....hmmm it must have been the greek yoghurt from brunch yesterday that has delighted me with the gift of fluid retention lol

Difference:  1.1% , 8.1ml
Difference to Date:  7.3%, 46.8ml

Which means i haven achieved both my goals for this weeks' W&M! So my goals for my next W&M in 2 weeks time are to be in the 16s for BF% and in the 70s for Skinfolds.

For anyone new to my blog i'd like to mention now that my ride has not been perfect and i highly doubt it will ever be. Such is life, you gotta take the highs with the lows. What this challenge has proven though is that an "all or nothing" mentality is NOT a pre-requisite for awesome results. HOWEVER, i do tend to stick to the 90% rule. I have 3-4 off the plan/treat meals most weeks. Mind you, i am not eating an entire block of cadbury white choc like i used to in the past, and no i am not talking about a 50g bar either haha. But i do enjoy good food and great cafes. Knowing that i can have a few treat meals is enough to keep my sanity and ultimately prevent me from the dreaded binge, which has only occured once in ten weeks.

I also want to add that cardio has not been a priority of late. I'm not making any excuses, call me lazy whatever but i really need to wake up 15mins earlier to fit it in! E.g last week i managed 3 x 45min outdoor strolls and 2 x 10 min runs, that was it. Again in the past, i always suicided myself to exhaustion with cardio to burn the fat.  Now for all you figure girls out there, i know when you are going from lean to RIPPED it takes more cardio to do so, but for where i am right now, i am getting away with minimal cardio.

So what this feedback is telling me is that:
- Clean food 90% of the time is crucial
- Heavy weight training (4 days + 1 ab sess) is building me HEAPS of muscle mass which in turn is     increasing my basal metabolic rate thus helping me burn fat pretty damn fast!
- Calorie deficit (i'm on about 1800cal/day, 33:33:33 Pro, Carb, Fat ) is allowing my body fat to drop nicely
- And until i STOP getting results I will just keep doing what i am doing.


I've also been asked quite a lot recently about what my goal body fat % and skinfolds are. Well to tell you the truth I am not 100% sure. Different people look different at various percentages and mls, so I am assuming that I would like to be somewhere between 12-14% and around the 60ml mark, but till i get there i won't know. Right now i am beginning to feel like a sexy bitch, but there are some areas i still need to work on - sexy six-pack and quads. I will post some progress pics at week 12.

I have an exact picture in my mind of  how i WANT to look like (long term, not just for a week! lol) and i believe that i should achieve this in about 8-12 weeks time!

Hmmmm JNL better watch out!!!

And last of all, please all welcome my new friend Leisl to Blogworld. She has just finished her own amazing transformation and is looking at strutting her stuff on stage some day soon!

Friday, March 5, 2010

OMG GUESS WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Omg i am still in shock! The last few hours have been a complete blur. I put my offer in at 4.30pm this arvo and the contract was signed at 530pm, pretty cool huh! I am ecstatic, happy, relieved and there is no way my throat can handle another scream lol. Oh the adrenalin rush is unbelievable!

What made the deal even sweeter was that i knocked 10 grand off the asking price and got the price that I wanted!

It settles in 5 weeks, so i have plenty of time to get myself sorted.

Check out my new pad!

It's modern, spacious, contemporary and very me... but OMG that green bathroom has gotta go! LOL

Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Free....A pic from the past.....Week 9 OSB!

Wow guys, thank you for all the lovely comments, your support means the world to me! I know I am battling a lose-lose situation here, but i know it won't be for too much longer. After yesterdays' incident, a lot of tears and some deep soul searching, a light switched on inside me and i realised something pretty big:

Hemorrhoid actually believes that she has done nothing wrong and thus refuses to blame herself for my emotionally trauma.

So with that in mind, i knew then that i had given her her last chance to apologise and she refused. Suddenly this weight lifted off my shoulder and i just LET GO.

I woke up this morning feeling free, positive and motivated about life.

Here's a pic of me at 16yrs old in 2001, about the time when the 'fat comments' were becoming a norm to my day.

What do you think!?
(I was always a poser though lol)

Anywho...Today is Week 9 OSB and guess what?! I dropped 800g!!!! WOOT!.... Which brings me down to 66.0kg, sigh. I didn't even have 100ml of water left in me to pee out so i could crack into the 65s lol.

4 weeks left of OSB, lets see what this sexy bitch can accomplish!