Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 10 OSB!

Thanks for all your lovely comments once again. I am super excited about my new unit, its only 4 weeks and 4 days till i move in but who's counting?! Wow, what a high. I'm looking forward to furniture shopping too- a lounge suite, dining table and a fridge are the top 3 on my Must Have List.

Now onto OSB.....

Its Week 10! and guess what?... I have some super cool results to report on!

19/2/10    ( two weeks ago)
Body Fat:  18.1%
Skinfolds:  97.2ml
Weight:     66.0kg  (last week)

Body Fat:   17.2%
Skinfolds:   89.1ml
Weight:      66.0kg       I still can't believe i havent cracked this barrier yet....hmmm it must have been the greek yoghurt from brunch yesterday that has delighted me with the gift of fluid retention lol

Difference:  1.1% , 8.1ml
Difference to Date:  7.3%, 46.8ml

Which means i haven achieved both my goals for this weeks' W&M! So my goals for my next W&M in 2 weeks time are to be in the 16s for BF% and in the 70s for Skinfolds.

For anyone new to my blog i'd like to mention now that my ride has not been perfect and i highly doubt it will ever be. Such is life, you gotta take the highs with the lows. What this challenge has proven though is that an "all or nothing" mentality is NOT a pre-requisite for awesome results. HOWEVER, i do tend to stick to the 90% rule. I have 3-4 off the plan/treat meals most weeks. Mind you, i am not eating an entire block of cadbury white choc like i used to in the past, and no i am not talking about a 50g bar either haha. But i do enjoy good food and great cafes. Knowing that i can have a few treat meals is enough to keep my sanity and ultimately prevent me from the dreaded binge, which has only occured once in ten weeks.

I also want to add that cardio has not been a priority of late. I'm not making any excuses, call me lazy whatever but i really need to wake up 15mins earlier to fit it in! E.g last week i managed 3 x 45min outdoor strolls and 2 x 10 min runs, that was it. Again in the past, i always suicided myself to exhaustion with cardio to burn the fat.  Now for all you figure girls out there, i know when you are going from lean to RIPPED it takes more cardio to do so, but for where i am right now, i am getting away with minimal cardio.

So what this feedback is telling me is that:
- Clean food 90% of the time is crucial
- Heavy weight training (4 days + 1 ab sess) is building me HEAPS of muscle mass which in turn is     increasing my basal metabolic rate thus helping me burn fat pretty damn fast!
- Calorie deficit (i'm on about 1800cal/day, 33:33:33 Pro, Carb, Fat ) is allowing my body fat to drop nicely
- And until i STOP getting results I will just keep doing what i am doing.


I've also been asked quite a lot recently about what my goal body fat % and skinfolds are. Well to tell you the truth I am not 100% sure. Different people look different at various percentages and mls, so I am assuming that I would like to be somewhere between 12-14% and around the 60ml mark, but till i get there i won't know. Right now i am beginning to feel like a sexy bitch, but there are some areas i still need to work on - sexy six-pack and quads. I will post some progress pics at week 12.

I have an exact picture in my mind of  how i WANT to look like (long term, not just for a week! lol) and i believe that i should achieve this in about 8-12 weeks time!

Hmmmm JNL better watch out!!!

And last of all, please all welcome my new friend Leisl to Blogworld. She has just finished her own amazing transformation and is looking at strutting her stuff on stage some day soon!


  1. Heya chicki!

    Aww, thanks for the gawjus comment *blushing*!...hehe

    I SO enjoy your blog entries, they're wonderfully entertaining. You've come a long way since I started reading so well done. Glad to see you shining and positive and it will only get better once you're in your new pad!!


  2. Geez, I won't be sitting next to you at the comps will make us all look like frumpy old ladies!!!! lol!!! Nah, just kidding!!!! Can't wait to meet you, you sexy thing! Great results again.

  3. Well done Chelle, it won't be long before you look like that. You are doing a great job. And congrats on the unit!!!

  4. Sooo... Too good for us Friday night hey?
    lol. Your loss, it's gonna be some damn good pizza ;)

    Yeh I agree with the principals you've listed above (which you probably know), they just make sense. Only a select few freaks can stick to a really lean and boring meal plan without flipping out and bingeing or being bored out of their mind. So sticking to the 90% rule in your off season gives you a great balance of hard work and freedom.
    They're some great skin fold drops you've got there. You must be really changing shape.
    I wouldn't fret about the weight not dropping, if your skins are dropping but your weight isn't then thats the best possible outcome.

  5. Thanks ya'll!

    Ali- I'll be at a pharmacy tradeshow for work, I so can't wait....NOT!!!!!!

    I try not to fret about the scales, but there are times when the numbers are a total head f%^k!

    I've also decided that i'm gonna do boxing just once a week for a bit of cardio, should help to shred me up a little faster too.

    Well enjoy the pizza and have a slice or two for me!

  6. Girl, you are rocking! I wish I could do 1800 calories and be girl Sherry and I have these metabolisms and we have figured out unless we are under 1500- even with steady workouts, we don't lose fat. Sucks but I'm willing to do it. My workouts are rocking but the fat loss has been a wee-bit too slow for my liking. KICK BUTT DIET HERE I AM!!

    Love ya girl!! XOXO