Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Free....A pic from the past.....Week 9 OSB!

Wow guys, thank you for all the lovely comments, your support means the world to me! I know I am battling a lose-lose situation here, but i know it won't be for too much longer. After yesterdays' incident, a lot of tears and some deep soul searching, a light switched on inside me and i realised something pretty big:

Hemorrhoid actually believes that she has done nothing wrong and thus refuses to blame herself for my emotionally trauma.

So with that in mind, i knew then that i had given her her last chance to apologise and she refused. Suddenly this weight lifted off my shoulder and i just LET GO.

I woke up this morning feeling free, positive and motivated about life.

Here's a pic of me at 16yrs old in 2001, about the time when the 'fat comments' were becoming a norm to my day.

What do you think!?
(I was always a poser though lol)

Anywho...Today is Week 9 OSB and guess what?! I dropped 800g!!!! WOOT!.... Which brings me down to 66.0kg, sigh. I didn't even have 100ml of water left in me to pee out so i could crack into the 65s lol.

4 weeks left of OSB, lets see what this sexy bitch can accomplish!


  1. Your mother must be insane , you certainly did not have a weight issue at all, you were and still are a real cutie.

  2. Aw thanks Diane!... I don't even think insane describes her lol.... She weighs about 45/46kg (5f 2), always complains how aussies clothes never fit her but won't admit that she is skinny. I think there is something wrong upstairs!

  3. look at how wonderful you looked in that pic!! so healthy! congrats on the drop in weight. And, your mum is nuts to think you were fat then. My heart goes out to you that you have to put up with that sort of mental and emotional abuse. hugs xxx

  4. My mum sounds like your mum, but the polar opposite. I'm always too skinny and never eat like a normal person. I'm a health nazi and I have ruined my body due to too much exercise. I spend too long at the gym. (I'm 36, have 2 kids and live at home again) Michelle, you have the freedom to take their money/deposit and run, girl, run! You are already a butterfly. Spread the wings wide and fly to realise your beauty.

  5. Thanks tara you are a sweetheart x

    Hi kate, thanks for stopping by my blog! Perhaps some mothers are just plain jealous? I really have no idea and cant be bothered trying to figure her out anymore. I can't run just yet cos half the money is still in her bank account lol...