Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peace... and the Worst Driver in the World.

Well i'm happy to say my mind is at peace once again. I think all the housey stress had taken a down turn on my emotions this week, throwing me all outta whack. To add to that, Hemorrhoid was just being a plain hemorrhoid. Just when i think i've figured her out, she opens up a new can of nastiness from her hemorrhoid supermarket.... Anywho, not to worry cos Chelle is back in the game!

That's right. I've really taken this cardio thing up a notch this week. I did not 1... but 3 x 5.5km runs! And it felt awesome. The fresh air on my face, the adrenalin pumping through my veins and just that sense of freedom felt amazing as i pounded the pavements. My body is definitely feeling tighter for it too.

Yesterday i had my last sexy six pack sess with James. I'm very sad to let PT go, but it will definitely be off my luxury list for a while.... So for that, James annihilated me. Yep, we did boxing abs...Oh yeah, killer. We started off with reps of...100! WTF!?.... What happened to reps of 30?... And no breaks, nada, none. OMG i was in so much pain, i just wanted to sob....seriously... so i swore profusely instead. Yes he copped an earful... he deserved it haha. But i soldiered on and got through the bastard of a session.... I only thank him for it now...

Pain is weakness leaving the body

Then this morning i did Bodyslam aka Boxing bootcamp. OMG it was f*&%ing AWESOME! Total insanity. My arms were literally about to drop off! But remember i'd rather vomit than give up and i didnt feel like vomiting so toughed it out is what i did. Boy was it worth it, my hands were still shaking two hours later! By tomorrow i think my body will be in a coma lol.

The rest of the day has been pretty cruisy, did groceries, watched 2 episodes of Alias (how hot is Jennifer Garners' body?!), treatment with GA - I so needed it.....

And then i went out to dinner with the folks. I laughed on the inside whilst Hemorrhoid tried to park the car. Have i ever mentioned she is the WORST driver in the entire world?

Just to give you an idea:
- she's one of those people that drives at 60kph on the freeway but then at 80kph on a local street.
- she has absolutely NO clue how to indicate through a round about
- She refuses to wear her glasses whilst driving, even though she can't read the signage (e.g freeway exit signs), that has words 20m high.
- she will NOT change lanes unless absolutely necessary (yeah forget about over-taking when with her) as she thinks that TINY bumps (i think they are the light reflectors) on the lane dividers ruins her tyres if she drives over them.

Seriously, even a disabled, blind person could drive better than her. No joke.

It takes her at least 5 mins to park the car on a good day... Tonight it was raining... maybe i should have just driven my car and met them there.... I wouldnt have been surprised if there was a cheer squad of onlookers applauding her when she FINALLY decided the car was parked straight.... Utter embarrassment. Enough said.

Tomorrow i have a 2yr olds' birthday party in the morning, then i will probably chill for the rest of the day. Maybe another run... Oh and i've gotta find a noice wooden framed, full length wall mirror for my new lounge room!


  1. Oooooooo, boxing, I love it! Did I ever mention to you that I used to teach boxing classes at one of the gyms here???? I love it and miss it. Glad you enjoyed your boxing sess. It is a great frustration release as well.

    Had to have a laugh about the parking thing!!!! hehehe Have fun at the tiny tots party tomorrow and goodluck with the mirror hunting!

  2. NO! You are a lady of many skills my dear!... Yes i had no frustrations left in me after that class lol.

    I cant say that i'm too clucky with kids yet, but they are growing on me. There will be loads of friends from my gym there so i'm sure it'll be an awesome party.

    My 'to buy' spreadsheet seems to be growing by the day, argghhhhhh!

    Dad and i always crack up when she drives, its either that or hold on for dear life!