Saturday, March 27, 2010

BodySlam and Furniture!

I can't believe its the weekend AGAIN!

This week has been such a whirlwind, so i'm sorry i havent posted since MONDAY!

Training has been going AWESOME. I'm now doing BodySlam twice a week and loving it! Its really pushing me physically and mentally. Just the stimulation i need. Strength has never been an issue for me, but OMG, the endurance has been the killer! But not for long, i'll be fit as a fiddle (since when have fiddles been fit!!!??)  before you know it... These classes go for about an hour and by the end all i wanna do is cry lay on the floor. I got to that point on wednesday night where my body was in SO much agony that i couldnt stop laughing! Thats right, i was in hysterics. Have you ever experienced that?... Hey at least i wasnt vomiting over the balcony!

Wednesdays' have traditionally been my rest day, but now with Slam on wedesday nights, i'm now having a breather on thursdays. Which also means that i have cut down my weights' sessions from 4 to 3 a week. So fridays are now Back, Chest and Abs. And because Netty is training with me now, there is no such thing as a 'cruisy friday sess'.  It's intensity all the way baby.

And you wanna know how i feel?.... Bloody awesome. I can just feel that body fat melting off, should be interesting to see what my skins are on monday morning i.e. end of OSB! (round 1)

So apart from the above, i have been busy racing all over the countryside trying to find furniture for my unit. 2 weeks till i move in..But who's counting? =). This morning i put a deposit on a lounge suite, dining table and 2 bar stools. The only thing i'm spewing about is the fact that the dining table wont arrive for 6 weeks! Eeek!.. Apparently they've been really popular.... Suppose i will just have to eat off the floor lol.

What else? I've also found a fridge and washing machine to buy too. I'll put deposits on them next week. But what a mission washing machines were! I put a message on facebook about which one to buy and 26 comments later i was very confused - total brain explosion! Omg, front loader, top loader, so many brands, noisy ones, quiet ones, energy consumptions, water consumptions, direct drive, non direct drive and the specs went ON and ON! I could now be a successful washing machine sales lady....SO in the end i decided on a 7kg LG Front Loader with Direct Drive.... Please don't tell me otherwise because i do NOT want to know! lol

Anywho, i am off for a much needed massage with GA.

Have a fabulous weekend ya'll!

P.S. I just wanna say that all you girls whom are competing in the upcoming weeks are looking AMAZING! You're all keeping me motivated to make sure i'll be in smokin shape too whilst cheering you on!



  1. Hi Chelle, we have the same washing machine that you have purchased. I love it! The kids love the music it plays at the end of the cycle!!!! I went from a noisy old top loader to this one, and it is great!

    Can't wait to hear about your final week results next week! They will be awesome! It is also good that you have found something else to keep up the fitness levels.

    Have a great weekend Chelle!

  2. Oh that is great feedback Lauren! I've had quite a few friends tell me how much they love their LG as well, so i'm happy with my decision.

    Enjoy your weekend too!

  3. Good choice with the washing machine ;o)

    Have a great weekend. xx

  4. Good decision on the washer babe! Looking forward to hearing about your skin results on Monday (I have mine on Tuesday before the "big day" - lol!).

    Enjoy your Sunday xo

  5. You are crushing it girl! Kicking major bootie!! I'm finally feeling like I've got the whole thing together now- kicking butt in workouts and figured out a good diet "plan" for me too....I know the NEXT quarter is going to be 200% more killer than this first quarter of 2010, which was dang good! ;-) WOOT! WOOOT! WOOOOOOOOT!!!

  6. Only 2 weeks until you move into your new place, how exciting!!! That time will fly by & before you know it you will be kicking back!!!
    Sounds like you have got it all going on at the moment Chelle!!! Good on you chicky;-)
    Have a great week.....p.s....I vote for the LG also, I love mine....just wish it would hang the washing for me too, lol!

  7. Kelly O- the 2nd quarter will DEFINITELY CRUSH the 1st quarter! You and me girl, all the way! =)

    Leanne- Awesome news about the LG! Yeah they need to add a new spec.... Hang Dry lol!