Monday, March 15, 2010

It's all about the BUTT!...and Week 11 OSB!

I have had a major shift in mindset since last monday when i stated that i was happy with my results so far with minimal cardio. I'm now getting a little impatient so a change is on the cards. Right now i feel i am in great shape ..... BUT...... Great is not good enough ..... Smoking hot is where i need to be.

Just in the last week I have noticed that i am approaching the point where minimal cardio will not cut it anymore. I not only wanna feel strong, i wanna feel damn fit too. That i am not at the moment!... One of the PTs' at my gym asked me last week if i wanted to join her in the goldcoast marathon in a few months time. I nearly fell off the treadmill whilst trying to prevent my jaw from hitting the ground lol. Hell no! I'd be lucky to run 3km non stop atm... FYI, i'm not the slightest bit interested in running a crazy distance like that.... thats why i have a car.

Anywho, back to cardio... I'm beginning to feel like a lazy athlete. Yes i do a LOT of volume in my workouts, they are pretty intense, i'd rather vomit than give up and i superset/tri set everything. Some days i even get through 27 sets but by the time i'm supposed to be doing interval cardio, i totally CBF! To add to that, my attitude has been, "well you are losing fat anyway so why bother?" So i haven't!

So there were a few things that triggered this change in mindset:

1. This friday will be my last sexy six pack sess with James as i am just about to join the mortgage club which means PT will be my first luxury to go... Fingers crossed i can still see GA once a week, but treatments will probably get pushed back to fortnightly.

So i thought, well what can i do that is intense as pt? .... Bodyslam. CBJs (that's me in the yellow 7 years ago!) version of boxing bootcamp. I love boxing and havent done it since Aug 09, so i am now pumped about throwing a punch. The thought of boxing, running, sweating, heart beating outta my chest has got me all motivated about cardio again. Then i remembered what i love about running....the endorphin rush! Plus, running shreds my legs up noicely =)

So with that in mind, i have decided that i will shorten my weight sessions to allow more time, 20mins ideally, for interval cardio. I will still be lifiting as heavy as possible, just less sets, so my focus will not be on building any more muscle mass, but getting SHREDDED! As you know my body has been a muscle building machine over the past 11 weeks, regaining over 4kg of sexiness that had disappeared during my recovery. With this approach, the scales had better drop below 66kg!!!!!! Yes i know muscle weighs more than fat but i don't fuckin care! LOL

On a quick note its Week 11 OSB and i am 66.3kg today.. grrrrrr....i really dont need another 300g of muscle or fluid, sigh.... Could someone please tell the muscle fairy to GO AWAY!?

Last of all, the other reason i need to RUN!

If you have been following my blog for a while you would know i have a thing about butts'. Tight and perky ones to be exact... Better known as 'The kylie.".... Not like this one haha. Now that is totally grose.

For me, the kylie is in her best form from doing millions of squats, walking lunges and high bench step-ups. BUT what gets her really smokin is....running.

And she ends up like this:

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