Wednesday, March 17, 2010


From what i have learnt over the past 11 Weeks of OSB is that (for me) being accountable is the key to achieving results (besides a good exercise and nutrition plan). By having to report in my results weekly to ya'll in blogland and getting my skins done every fortnight with James has kept me focussed and on track with my training and eating. Accountability makes you take those goals one step actually makes them HAPPEN!

As you all know, i am having a week off training (since last friday). I have really needed this as my body was just getting fatigued thus my training intensity was diminishing and i was just plain tired all day. I have really enjoyed the extra sleep and am starting to feel refreshed again. I have kept up some light walking though and even went for a 5.5km run on monday!.... Yes i thought i would not have been able to make 3km, but i guess i am fitter than i thought!

HOWEVER, my holiday mode brain has made me a little slack in the nutrition department. I dont know what it is but my 90% clean rule has slipped down to 75-80% this past week. A scoop of icecream (95g tub to be exact) has been the only naughty food i have consumed, but its the quantity of macadamia nuts (50-60g)and PB (1-2 tbsp) that is sneaking into my mouth that is the problem aaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!!! I seemed to have lost my STOP button. And cos of that my sexy six pack is feeling a little pudgy ewww!

Not training has thrown me all outta whack. I know that when i do train hard, my food cravings are usually kept at bay and i dont feel like over-eating or eating crap cos i know how hard i have worked to burn the fat off. Maybe cos i have more time on my hands, i am bored and less focussed has caused this lack of discipline???

Another thing that has crossed my mind is that perhaps my body is craving more essential fats? Currently i take 1/2 tsp of fish oils at breakfast. John Berardi suggests that the average person should take 2 caps 3x daily....i might increase my intake as of tomorrow and see if that helps.


Well the one positive thing out of this is that i am not in DENIAL. But i do need to figure out why this has happened. I've just wrote down a new list of goals that i want to achieve so lets hope i get right back on track when i hit the gym again on friday.



  1. I find I don't eat as well when I'm not training either.

    I know I crave more fats at certain times of the month (just before my period).

  2. Hey Chelle, you and I are sounding like two peas from the same pod at the moment. I hear you loud an clear on everything you have written. I know that I don't work well without goals.....and this is what I was afraid would happen once I took my BIG goal away.

    I have been on such a strict eating plan since November, not your typical off season plan at all.....more like a comp plan......and not sustainable for life. I knew when I got the plan that it would work wonders.....and it did......and I know what to do in the future now......but for the time in between I have to figure out a more realistic nutrition plan that I can continue on a day-to-day basis....and still maintain what I have built.

    So I guess this is my starting point. I am also going to mix up my training program a little. Stick to the basic elements that JD gave me, but do some different exercises for each body part for a while. Things were starting to get a bit stale. And I am going hard and heavy fav! I hate pussy footing around with these baby weights!!!!

    Over the next few days I am going to write up my own plan and start it next week (until I get one from JD). It is about time I use my cert 3 knowledge and all my fitness experience for something. Just got to trust myself! Going to attempt writing a more sustainable nutrition plan too. Will let you know how it goes.

    Come on girl, we have done this before and we can do it again.

  3. Charlotte - i def do too, but TOM has already passed, so i dont even have that to blame! lol

    Lauren - We are P1 and P2 hee hee. The hardest thing in this OSB journey of mine is finding the right 'balance' between nutrition and training that gives me good results, yet makes me feel like i'm not missing out. The 'all or nothing' mentality still haunts me at times and i try not to get mad at myself if i do slip up (like this week!. These things happen, its all part of life and you just gotta learn from it and move on.

    Hard and heavy is the way to go girl! I find high rep, princess weights boring as hell too. I think that mixing up your program to make it fun again will bring back some motivation towards your training. Thats why i wanna do start doing some boxing.

    Feel free to bounce some nutrition ideas off me.

    We can definitely do this girl! i think its about 10weeks till the bris show, and you and i are gonna be smokin!

  4. Chelle, I think you are being too hard on yourself my dear. A little icecream, nuts and peanut butter isnt going to break the bank and I am sure that your metabolism will in fact thank you for it. xxx

  5. I am my own worst critic tara. But i know you are right, i shouldnt be beating myself up over it, its not even that bad lol. I think the combination of feeling 'soft' from not training and the stress of the unit (fingers crossed it goes unconditional tomorrow, but the banks are just taking SO bloody long!) is making me feel like my whole world is falling apart.... Back at gym tomorrow, 16%BF here we come!

  6. i also eat better the harder my workouts are which is kinda funny....and also definitely add in more fats! you need healthy fats to burn fat..they are essential in the fat burning process! it will also help with cravings.

  7. Thanks lizzi, will post how my cravings go with the extra EFAs!