Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 weeks till FREEDOM!

Did ya miss me!?

6 days of no blogging and i've been getting withdrawals lol. This week has been chaotic to say the least.

This is what i did.
1. Trained  ( My muscles have been ultra fatigued this week....more about that later)
2. Worked
3. Chose a loan, chose insurance, been in contact with solicitors, building and pest inspection, paid my DEPOSIT! (big hole in my bank a/c now...but a good one =)
4. Pharmaceutical Trade Show (friday/saturday)
5. Oh and how could i forget. Major Hemorrhoid drama on thursday.

It was over the building and pest inspection (on wednesday) that i got a big THUMBS UP for, hello!...of course that wasn't good enough. (Admittedly there is a small bit of wood rot, not from termites, just old timber that has been in contact with rain for only 30 years. It is on the bottom fence panel and a few other places outside and AWAY from the house. These are Body Corporate issues which the B&P people explained to her like 1 million times, but remember they were talking to a steel wall. I think they were dumbfounded by how many times they had to repeat the same sentence lol ) I nearly had a did dad.... His words to me were, "Boy she gives me stress Michelle. I think my heart was beating faster than yours!" lol he cracks me up. It was so bad we both left the house and went for the rain.....a far better option than staying in the house!

Wowzas, so now it is sunday and i am WRECKED! I have tomorrow off in lieu for working yesterday, yay.

SO onto OSB side of things.....

I've noticed my training has been a little shite this week. I have been gettting through my workouts yes, but the intensity has not been there. My warm-up weights have felt ultra heavy and i've just felt quite fatigued in general. And no, i am not getting sick either...... You guys its Week 10 OSB and i have forgotten to have a week off! DUH!

I realised this after thursdays' sess, so until next thurs/fri, no gym for me =). I am planning on just doing some walking in my Sketchers Shape Up shoes (still gotta post about them but they are AWESOME). Lot of fresh air and serentity is just what the doctor naturopath (no docs for me lol) ordered!

I have also decided that i am gonna changed up my training program and nutrition plan a bit too. More on that tomorrow.

So guys, have a fabulous day today, I am off for a walk in the sunshine now, followed by some furniture shopping browsing!



  1. do you really like those sketcher shoes??

  2. Congratulations and celebrations once again chikki on getting you're new pad! The countdown has begun and you're more charged than EVER! Good to hear, you'll love it. Enjoy your few days rest and enjoy your furniture "browsing". Look forward to hearing about your training/nutrition program changes.


  3. Ana- sketchers are awesome! I've only had them for a couple of weeks but everytime i wear them, my posture is great, my abs and butt are switched on, and my i get a good stretch through my hammies and calves. And when i wake up the next day i feel tight (not sore as if i have trained hard, but noticeably tighter). I was very skeptical before i bought them but i definitely rate them now!