Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 12 OSB!

Wow its Week 12 OSB, and what a journey it has been so far.

I am still 66.3kg, same as last week...surprise surprise... I think i am at the point now where i am not too fussed about the scales....basically cos they don't f&*kin move! LOL. But its been a good indication to let me know to not to be so hard on myself when i slip up with my nutrition.... I was angry at myself for going overboard with the nuts/PB last week but Tara, i think you were right. My metabolism has thanked me for it. My body seems to have used the extra calories for recovery. The week off gym has done me a world of good and i definitely recommend it to ya'll. I felt so revitalised this morning, it was amazing. I felt strong, lean and motivated. The best combination to be.

And what made it even sweeter...... I now have a TRAINING PARTNER!


My friend Annette and i used to be TPs years ago, until i moved to the northside (the worst side of the river lol) for work. She's now 3 months post- pregnancy and is on a mission to get her lean body back. It wont take her long at all- good old muscle memory! This girl has the most amazing set of shoulders and hasn't trained in months. Netty's like me - crazy, goal focussed, strong, competitive and trains like a bi-atch! So we are gonna whip each others butt into SMOKIN SHAPE!

On that note, i will be doing my end of OSB Round 1 skins on monday. So will post the end results and some pics for ya'll to see. And also my new goals for OSB Round 2!



  1. Oh I am so jealous!! I want a training partner too :(

    It is hard to not get caught up on what the scales are doing, I am guilty of it all the time. Wait till you do your measurements before you start screaming though ;o) xxx

  2. congrats on finishing your twelve week challenge chelle, it was a pleasure to read :) looking forward to your new goals