Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Wrap Up!

Well its NYE all over again! Today has been crazy: been for a big walk this morning, followed by a massage and facial, the 'pad' is now sparkling clean, got the incense burning (to flush out all the old/negative energies and bring in the good stuff for the new year!) and have squeezed in a couple episodes of 24 The Final Season.

So i'd better sum up this year quick smart so i can do hair and make-up and get myself to the NYE house party. My friend Mark lives on one of the canals at Scarborough and has organised caterers, a daqarie machine and a dj, so i have no doubt it'll be a fabulous night!

2010 has seriously been my best year yet. I have been blessed with many good things, good health and happiness.

Here are some of the highlights:

- Buying 'the pad!

- Doing my first photoshoot

- FINALLY handing in my assigments finishing my CERT III & IV in Fitness at FIT

- Achieving and MAINTAINING a 'sexy bi-atch' body!

Details on my new challenge will be up in the next day or two!

- AND probably the most important thing for me is that i have finally made peace with the 'hemorrhoid'.

So i am thankful for all the good fortune that 2010 has brought me. I am putting it out there that 2011 will be even more kickarse than this one.

GA told me today that great health will bring you balance in body and mind. Being in this peaceful state radiates positive energy from your soul. What you emit, you attract. So focus on your health and life will bless you many times in return.

Can't wait to share with you'll what is install for me next!

Must fly, see you all in 2011!

Monday, December 27, 2010

I Survived the Festive Season!

Hey everyone, hope you have had a fabulous christmas! I have come out of the last 4 days relatively unscaved on the over-indulgence front. Having said that there is a shitload bit more sugar than usual floating through my bloodstream atm! I really paced myself this year with the quantity of food eaten as i didn't want to endure that horrid feeling of a stomach explosion waiting to happen lol. I pretty much stuck with 2 meals/day with dessert(s) for arvo tea. I'm not obsessed about 'nutrition rules' anymore, so I was quite happy to skip meals here and there, eating only when hungry so i wouldn't have a massive overload of calories that definitely occurred in previous years! So apart from being a little bloated and holding onto a bit of fluid (damn those desserts lol) i am feeling quite chuffed that i have survived the festive season without my clothes feeling ultra tight!..... yep, no more pulling out the 'fat clothes'..... actually i threw them all out months ago, because those days are GONE! =).

Yesterday i tackled the Boxing Day sales at Carindale as i had some christmas $$ and vouchers to burn. It was totally my day: I got a carpark straight away and found exactly what i wanted and was done and dusted in 90mins.... no broken bones lol (the crowds were ridiculous!) I bought a duck down QB feather doona and this gorgeous white Sheridan Quilt Cover Set from DJs at 50%. Total Bargain.

Today has been another MISERABLE day in the SUNSHINE STATE. Seriously this rain can FUCK OFF right now. I feel sorry for all those holidayers who have spent hundreds/thousands of $$ on accommodation at the coast. You ain't seeing sunshine until at least Saturday so the weatherman tells me!

So what else to do when your gym is closed until Wednesday!? Whip out the umbrella and stroll around neighbourhood and hope not to be swept away by the flooding creek!

                                             .... anyone got a canoe i can borrow lol.

It was actually quite nice and peaceful walking outside this morning. It gave me some quiet time to think about what i would like to achieve next year.... and there are a few things.

I will reveal my New Challenge and goals in the next few day. So stay tuned!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well haven't i been a SLACK-ARSE blogger but this last week has been crazy!

1. On friday i received (actually my work received!) the quote for my car...... ummmm $9979.46. OMG. It'll take 2 weeks to repair!

2. I squeezed in an 8km on sunday - 41min17 sec. I really can't wait for this rain to clear up so i can run outside. We've had only 4/24 days of sunshine this month, talk about a miserable summer.

3. I took 3.5mins off my 300 Spartan Workout time - 21.30min with good form!

4. Christmas shopping.... like always, i left it to the LAST minute.... I also spoiled myself with a gorgeous new dress for christmas day!

5. My fav cousin Solina is over from New Zealand with her 2 cheeky monkeys. Our families went out for dinner on tuesday night. OMG, it was such an amusing night with Jacques (19 months) and Sienna (nearly 4) running amuck in the restaurant stealing chopsticks re-setting the tables and scaring the crabs, lobsters and fish in the tanks lol! Too cute.

6. I won this cool Gingerbread House at our work christmas party yesterday:

7. Then celebrated my last day of work with a hot haircut and colour. Total 'sex hair'! Black, crazy and mysterious. Pics to come. Followed by a massage with GA.

8. Today i whipped Solina's butt into shape with a killer full body workout at the gym. It was also nice to see some eye-candy training this morning. I always seem to train harder when the horns come out to play hee hee. Then we had lunch at Mecca Bah in the valley. If you're into Moroccan food, this restaurant is amazing!

Anyways i better get showered and ready for pre-christmas dinner and present opening at mum and dads. Tomorrow we will be heading off to the Gold Coast to Conrad Jupiters for Christmas Breakfast.... Well dad will be heading down there first at 5.15am so he can line up.....I'm not that stupid lol.... First in first served at the Food Fantasy Restuarant as it opens at 6.30am... I'm aiming to get there after 7am. Then to my aunty and uncles for arvo tea. I will bring the Gingerbread house for the cheeky monkeys.... and no my day won't be over yet..... then dinner at GA's house!

It will be a food-a-thon but i WILL be pacing myself this year by not going totally SILLY!.... Taste everything in SMALL portions is my plan of attack =)

So i hope you all have a fabulous christmas and for those of you that don't celebrate it have a fantastic break!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

The kickarse 300 Spartan Workout!

Well peeps today i challenged myself and COMPLETED the ultimate spartan 300 Workout. This is the workout that Gerald Butler used training for the movie 300. It is killer. It took me about 25mins ( i'll use a stopwatch next time) and by the end i was ready to hurl!

Here are the exercises - note i have modifed the weights cos there is no chance in hell i could lift the big boys toys!

Assisted Chin Ups - 25 reps
Deadlifts (to the floor) - Olympic Bar  (20kg) with 10lbs per side - 50 reps
Pushups (on toes) - 50 reps
24 inch Box Jumps - 50 reps
Floor Wipers - Olympic Bar (20kg) with 10lbs per side - 50 reps
Single Arm Clean and Press - 20lb DB - 25 reps per arm
Assisted Chin Ups - 25 reps

You can view the 300 workout here.

I am really digging these full body workouts. I love being able to complete my sessions in under 30 mins, feel absolutely WRECKED but at the same time feel absolutely PUMPED! Yeah i am getting fit and strong baby! And most importantly i feel that incorporating these high intensity sessions into my training program is helping me lean out by the day.

Day by day i am getting closer to looking like this:

Friday, December 10, 2010

A crazy week in pictures!

My first week back from holidays has been nuts! Seriously it has been such a whirlwind that my poor glands are now a little swollen today. So I have been gargling salt water and eating spirulina like its going out of fashion...i think i need to grow some seawood lol

1. Training:
I have fallen in love with Zuzana's 500 workouts.

This chick is insane. 10 exercise x 50reps = 500 rep workout!... Total sweat-festathon here. I have done 2 this week plus slam class on wednesday night was practically a 500+ workout with 2km of sprints at the end. My heart was beating out of its chest by the end of the session. I gave the boys a run for their money... it must have been my Vibrams... cos i was running at the speed of light.... serious ;-)

2. iPad:
Work has just given all of us reps one of these little babies:

I'm still getting the hang of using it ( i don't own an iPhone) but i have to say that i am very impressed so far!

3. U2 360 Concert!
Yesterday my girlfriend Tarsha called me after lunch and asked me if i had any plans for the night?
I said, "No, why is that?
I said, "OMG, Are you fuckin serious!?

So this was my night:

It was AMAZING! Now for a girl who is more into your progressive house/ dance sort of music, these rockers brought down the house! Bono's voice was unbelievable, the band were fantastic and the music was simply beautiful. Talk about electric atmosphere, i was on the biggest high all night!

4..... and here is my poor baby =(

Some fuckin douchebag must have rammed my i30 in the carpark this morning and didn't even have the curtesy to leave a fuckin note! Thanks god its a company car BUT its still my baby.

5. Massage
On a happy note, i have ended my week with one of these:

Ok maybe NOT that relaxing, GA has a tendancy to massage your bones. So while i am swearing at her i just keep reminding myself that BEAUTY = PAIN!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Stereosonics, Denim Hotpants (undies??) and a Progress Pic!

I have just had a fabulous weekend to wrap up my holidays. Yesterday was Stereosonics Music Festival here is wet/miserable/gloomy Brisvegas (has anyone seen Ms Summer Fairy!?) and the line-up was awesome. (I only go to a music fest if the djs are class, no point listening and trying to dance to shithouse pun intended lol). Carl Cox, Sebastian Ingrossi, Calvin Harris and of course TIESTO! .... Benny Benassi just didn't bring it, totally let down.

I partied with Steph and Ali and a few other friends. We were intending to walk in from their friends unit in the valley but after about 500m the rain pissed down.... Thank god i had my bright red poncho to save my make-up from running lol, so we caught a cab the rest of the way to the RNA showgrounds. By the time we got through security the rain had stopped...YAY... and didn't return....double YAY!

There were 6 stages with different styles of music - trance, techno, dance, progressive, breaks etc. We danced in the trance tent for an hour or so until the MUD got the better of us... Yes there were quite a lot of people wearing gumboots lol... Jumping around in mud is totally not my idea of fun... SO off to the Main stage we went where all the headline Djs were about to start playing.

The one downside of music festivals these days is that they seem to be flooded with kids 18yr olds off their face and wearing next to nothing.

Onto denim shorts:

Now i have no problems with people 'showing off their body' BUT when it is done in a 'skanky way' it totally takes away all your class, period. So i kid you not, i nearly got blinded by the hundreds (actually i lie...thousands) of girls wearing 'denim undies hotpants'! Since when are your butt cheeks suppose to hang out from your shorts? And i'm talking about when standing up, not bending over! Maybe i'm just wierd because i look in the MIRROR before i leave the house? I'm nearly 100% certain that if i saw my arse hanging out of my pants i would IMMEDIATELY put something else on.... actually, come to think of it, you really should be doing that in the dressing room of the shop you are buying from!

Seriously, it was quite amusing lol... And what made us giggle even more were the girls who wore Denim Undies with LEOTARDS... Now can someone please tell me when leotards come back into fashion??? Surely they are only for gymnasts and ballerinas?

So picture this Denim Undies + Leotards = Mega Cameltoe + Bad Fake Tan + Mega Muffin Top + Mega Cellulite + Mud  = Festival TRASH .... Oh and i should add that FESTIVAL TRASH jump around and dance too! ....sigh... I was so tempted to take some photos but i didn't, damn it!

Outfits aside, i had a fuckin wicked time. The music was pumping, the crowd (apart from being poorly dressed lol) was awesome and the atmosphere was just electric. One of my friends carried me on his shoulders for a bit, i carved up the dancefloor for 6hrs + and  even managed to squeeze my way up to the front row (again!) of the mosh half way through Tiestos' set! Just awesome.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sydney Trip Part 2 and Nailing November Wrap UP!

Well i am back in Brisvegas after having a fabulous time in Sydney. The rest of my trip consisted of a LOT of shopping, catching up with a couple girlfriends from uni and eating some fabulous food (Japanese, Burmese, Lebanese, Malaysian and Italian - my auntie is a fabulous cook and she knows all the great places to eat in Sydney!). OMG the new Westfield in the city is 7 storeys of a shopoholics dream. Seriously its a one-stop shop, Brisbane city just does not compare.... hmmm next year i think i will be flying down for some regular shopping weekends =)

One thing i did visit was the Lindt Chocolate Cafe.... I have to say i was a litte DISAPPOINTED. I had a slice of this Celebration du Chocolat cake and it was totally overated. (Freestylers kicks the Lindt Cafe out of the park!)  It also made me realise that i'm really not a cake person. I don't really like that heavy feeling in your stomach after eating cake. But what i did find there was 99% dark chocolate, so i bought a block (they only come in 50g blocks). I haven't tried any yet, but i'm assuming it'll taste like rich, bitter goodness! (i'm a huge fan of Lindt 85%).

So now i'm back at home i can officially say that i finally feel REFRESHED and REJUVENATED.  It took me nearly a whole week of 9+hrs sleep per night (i usually average 7hrs) to not wake up and still be tired. That just proves how burnt out my poor little body was!

So with all my bubbling energy i busted out not 1 but 2 kickarse workouts after hopping off the plane yesterday! A 7km run and a killer boxing session. I was on the biggest endorphin rush all night it took me a little while to wind down so i could sleep lol.

Last of all (sorry i am jumping all over the place - so much to tell lol) it is now December....which means summer....ummmm what happened to blue skies and sunshine?! I am so not digging this miserable, overcast, rainy bullshit!...

So i thought i'd better give you the wrap up on my Nailing November Challenge. Well i can happily say that i nailed my PB habit! The fact that it wasn't in the house made it easy peasy. Out of sight, out of mind which made me realise that PB wasn't a 'real craving'. I also nailed being OVERWHELMED which 9 times out of 10 was due to PROCRASTINATING. Now when i take the mail in, i immediately open it and if there are bills i just pay them straight away instead of leaving them in a pile lol.. Also too i have scheduled in a couple 'appointments' during the week which are for VACUUMING and MOPPING. Just like a date with the gym, its something that gets done now without me procrastinating =). And last of all mindless snacking. I'll admit there were a few occasions (the last stressful week before my holidays) where i caught myself out and then made myself STOP.  On a whole much better than previous months and i will continue working on completely breaking this habit for December.

Anyway i must fly, have a fabulous day!