Monday, February 1, 2010

TIESTO!....and some pics!

SO as you know, yesterday i went to see Tiesto - Number 1 Trance Dj in the entire WORLD, spin the decks at River Stage in Brisvegas. OMG it was the best show of my life! This was the 3rd time i've seen him play and he just keeps getting better and better. I went with a couple girl friends and we got there about 4pm, after sussing out the place, we were on the dance floor by 415pm. They had 2 djs on before Tiesto came on at 7pm. The atmosphere was just electric, the crowd was wicked and the music was pumping.

About 5pm we decided it was time for a drink. Now just so you know i am not a big drinker at all...i could probably count the number of times i had a drink last year on my fingers. There are two reasons behind that:
1. I'm a cheap drunk...that's right 2 drinks and i'm quite pissy lol
2. The red factor.... You see Hemorrhoid is allergic to alcohol ( i think its an asian thing) and breaks out in a rash. I'm not that bad but certain types of alcohol (no i'm not telling!), makes my face and chest go bright red! NOT COOL! and all the beetroot jokes that come with it.
So when i do drink its usually a vodka lime and soda. So we wandered up to the bar and guess what? They didnt have VLS! Next choice was a smirnoff Red (vodka + lemonade) for $8.50! Rip off! AND no they didnt give you the whole can, they poured half into a plastic cup and thats all you got! WTF?...I can buy nearly a whole kg of chicken breast for that much lol....Now for someone whom has not ingested any refined/processed sugar in 28 days (told you i'm in the zone =) ), the first sip was sickeningly sweet. Seriously how can people drink that stuff, or even just soft drink in general? Totally grose. And luck have it, i'd only taken a few sips before some guy i was dancing next to knocked it straight out of my hand and all over his friend! Hahahahah... Worked out ok- minimal liquid calories for me LOL.
630pm rolled over and it was toilet time, for the third time. I thought it'd be wise to go before Tiesto came on, cos there would be no chance in hell that i'd be leaving the dance floor then. Whomever organises these events should realise that 24 port-a-loos is not quite enough for 10 000 people!... 25 mins later....

7pm came and we raced down to the dancefloor area and boy did we have to fight our way through the crowd. I was on a mission to get right up the front and lost my friends along the way. It was so packed though and i made my way to about 5 rows of people from the front. There i met some guy who asked me if i wanna hop onto his shoulders. Now that was SOOOO cool being up so high. He then grabbed my hand and we fought our way to 2 rows from the front. The crowd was going off and i copped a few elbows, and many litres of male sweat. GROSE! And then the rain came down, this was no little shower either, got absolutely drenched. By then i didnt care, the music was just amazing and i was dancing and jumping around like a maniac. I learnt fast- if the crowd jumps, so must you, otherwise you'll get crushed! I also learnt the reason i like having muscles - to stop the big boys from pushing me out of my prime position that only took me an hour to get to! Yes i can hold my own.There were a few moments that i thought my poor girls were gonna burst outta my top lol! We were packed like sardines in there. So i kept telling myself that i was destined to dance in the front row right infront of Tiesto himself. And it was my lucky day, some lovely guy pulled me into his possie just before 9pm! And about 5mins later, he played the most beautiful, soul- touching song in the history of music. Tara, i'm trying to figure out how to upload the track without it taking over 2 hours!

Silence, by Delerium- Tiesto's remix.

The show finished at 10pm, and after 5 hours of solid dancing we still had to walk 500m back to the car! And guess what? It just had to rain once again...go figure. It was such a brilliant night so it didnt matter!

Now onto another important mattter, it is weigh in day!

And guess who dropped 700g this week? ....ME!
Weighed in at 66.3kg this morning. Booyah, the fat-loss is full steam ahead!

So here is a progress pic of me from last night ( yes i am drenched in rain, my sweat and everyone else's sweat...totally grose! lol) ...I'm so glad i wore gym gear, at least it didnt hold too much water....all those silly people wearing denim LOL

66.3kg, 20.4% Body Fat, 115.4ml...James is doing my skins on friday and i'm feeling confident there will be a nice drop!


  1. Sounds like an awesome night Chelle. I got a text from my cousin who was at Tiesto too. She wrote, Tiesto in the rain...Brilliant

    Glad you had a great night, and lookin' good by the way. You are cruising down through the numbers. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Thanks babe...getting there one week at a time.... LOL, i still would've gone if it was snowing!

  3. OMG girl! I know that this is SOOOOOOOOOOOO delayed, but I am so jealous! I have only just realised how amazing trance music is, especially Tiesto baby yeah!! and I am so stupid for not realising this earlier, I would have been there with you in a heart beat! I hope he comes back soon!!!!!!

  4. Tiesto is playing at STEREOSONICS dec 5th RNA showgrounds, you cant miss it K!!! Trance is amazing, trance is beautiful, trance is love. Hearing trance at a festival is definitely a magical experience, you so have to come girl!