Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 8 OSB...Please explain!

So if you had asked me 6 months no actually 8 weeks ago if you could build muscle and burn fat AT THE SAME RATE WHILST IN A CALORIE DEFICIT i would have laughed in your face...seriously!  According to the so called laws of energetics, to lose weight you need a calorie deficit and to gain weight you need a calorie excess. Right?...WRONG! Yes i knew it was possible to have small gains in muscle mass whilst losing fat or have small losses in body fat whilst building muscle, but doing both at the same rate goes against what the science says!

So i have come to the conclusion that my body is a little weird lol. Since the start of OSB, i wrote up my own nutrition plan to accomodate for a calorie deficit - roughly 1800 cal/day, + or - 150 cal depending on the protein source i use and if i sneak in some yummy PB hee hee. I am not carb cycling, nor am i using creatine or any other performance enhancing supplements. So perhaps this is due to the fact that my muscle memory is in overdrive??? Check out the following results:

Starting stats: 4/1/10

Weight:             66.9kg
Body Fat:          24.5%
Fat Weight:     16.4kg..
LBM:               50.5kg

So guess what the scales told me today?  66kg?....Nope....68kg?.....Thank god NOPE!....65kg!?..... I WISH lol....Try 66.8kg! OMG, up again! ( It was 66.1kg last week)  I seriously can't crack into this 65kg barrier....I hate the scales!....BUT.... Then i remembered that Tara once told me the scales are a great tool PROVIDING you team them up with the BF %. This is why:

Week 8 stats   22/2/10

Weight:              66.8kg
Body Fat:          18.1%
Fat Weight:     12.1kg
LBM:               54.7kg

As you can see, although my weight has dropped a measly 100g in the past 8 weeks ( mind you, it has fluctuated within the 1kg range), I have actually dropped 4.3kg of Body Fat whilst re-building 4.2kg of LBM!

So in the voice of a well know public figure with red hair....PLEASE EXPLAIN! lol. The science nerd in me needs to understand HOW this is possible?????

The cool news is that because muscle weighs twice that of fat and takes up half the space, my clothes are falling of me, i look and feel completely different, i have some lovely definintion coming through AND the veins have started to appear on the under side of my arms, WOOT!

Rockwear also came to my gym on saturday (perfect timing) so i stocked up on some ultra hot size 8 gym wear.... A reward for my awesome results from friday's W&M. Any excuse for more clothes lol

I also just wanna say that i recall posting back in nov/dec that i was quite happy that i had lossed some muscle mass during my recovery. I was at a point where i felt that i was getting thick through my back/traps/shoulders, so when i stopped training and my muscles had shrunk, i began to like the smaller look.... Well i have no idea what planet i was on that week! I was possibly lost somewhere in the land of skinny-fat people lol.... It just came to me this morning that the reason i was feeling thick/bulky etc was cos i was carrying quite a bit of padding on top of those muscles! DUH!...

I am now loving my new re-born muscles and no i am NOT feeling 'bulky' by any means. I am getting leaner by the week and beginning to look and feel like a sexy bitch!


  1. AWESOME RESULTS!!!! You sexy bitch!!!

  2. Hi Chelle,
    I also am one of those people that can even gain muscle on a com diet.Well done , it's fun isn't it how we can control our bodies.( when we are focused that is LOL)

  3. Thanks girls!

    Bluegirl- Lucky you! It must have to do with high quality muscle memory LOL and genetics must play some part too. Though i'm kinda hoping i'm near the point where my muscles have remembered enough and in turn just go into maitainance whilst the fat keeps blasting off! As much as i like this muscle tone, my weight is too close to 70kg for my liking...bit of a head F$%*!!!!

  4. Wow, you have stumbled across a revelation on your OSB journey, as well as achieving awesome weekly results. Talk about "2010 - the Year of SB Chelle".

    I am hoping that my results tommorrow will tell me the same things...scales haven't moved in 4 weeks!

    Chelle you are surrounded by sooooo much good at the moment and you seem to have the 'midas' touch! Whenever I get to meet you I will be definitly giving you the biggest hug...not only for your support so far, but also in the hope that some of your 'good' vibes rub off onto me!!!! hehehe

  5. You're the sweetest Lauren! I'm gonna be at the Inba Bris titles to cheer the girls on, will you be going to watch? I can't wait to meet you too!

    Aren't the scales a bitch at times!!! But I have no doubt that you will impress JD with your results tomorrow, you are a trooper girl =)

  6. Yep, I sure will be at the Brissy Titles!!!! There are a few of our blogger family girls competing so I will definitely be there for encouragement. Can't wait to meet you there in person (in your SB body!!!) Are you going to the Asia Pacific's on the Goldie too?

  7. Awesome!!! I know, I can't wait to meet the blogger family girls, it'll be ultra cool... Yes i'm pretty stoked i'll be in Sexy Bitch condition by the time comp arrives. Oh and so will you! You're killing the numbers this far out girl. Not sure about the Asia Pac's yet. Will let ya know =)