Saturday, February 27, 2010

Villas and just plain DUMB!

Omg so i got told the dumbest thing EVER today in the history of the whole entire none other than my friend....HEMORRHOID! She told me:

 "Diet has nothing to do with weight-loss!"

I was so dumbfounded that it took me like an hour before i could pick my jaw off the floor lol. Seriously, she was on this tangent about how overweight people don't exercise enough (which is partially true). But then I made the mistake of mentioning that you do need to change your diet to lose weight.

She said, "No you don't!"
I said (with no attitude at all),  "Well yes you do, you can't out-train a bad diet."
She said, "Everyone knows that all you need to do is RUN MORE!"
I said, "Mum, i've been involved in the nutrition industry for 7 years now, so trust me, a good diet is the most important factor in controlling weight."
AND then she said (drum roll), " Well on A Current Affair the other day, this lady lost over 70kg and all she did was join a gym. She didnt have to change what she ate!"

By this point i realised i was talking to a brick wall steel wall (brick ain't thick enough haha), so i just bit my tongue and left the room. (Seriously, tv shows like the above are the reason why any new weightloss products/gimicks/machines/treatments can sell out in 24 hours. Trust me, i work in the supplement industry!) Boy was my brain boiling and if i remember correctly, i hit my maximum heart rate too lol. Deep breaths i told myself. So i texted a friend to vent my rage. She suggested that i should just take control of the conversation and change the subject.... I decided that absolute silence would be the better option lol.

That brings me to Villas.

Now as per the conversation above, i was seriously ready to knock her out cold.

2 things prevented that:
1. I'm not a violent person. ( Apart from boxing class, i have never thrown a punch in my life)
2. Hemorrhoid and dad are giving me a very nice deposit for a house....So I am forced to behave....and being the delightful soul that i am, i refuse to yell/argue back these days.

And because of this deposit, i had to drag Hemorrhoid along to all the open houses as she will have the final word, sigh. I thought i had kicked my anxiety the other day.... It came back the minute she sat in my car.....Deep Breaths.

So we saw 4 villas. 2 were shithouse and the other 2 were really nice and all in my price range! Hemorrhoid actually told one of the agents in the shithouse villa that it was in horrible condition. They were here exact words, go figure. The nice ones were very contemporary with renovated kitchens, bathrooms, feature walls and new floors. The one i liked the most also had a lovely courtyard out the back that catches a nice breeze too....Hemorrhoid actually liked it too but was not impressed by the dust in the pantry..... I didn't realise that she had brought a microscope with her.

I have one more villa to see on tuesday, however from the photos it hasnt been renovated so i'm not sure what type of condition it'll be in. Its 20 grand less than the others so i guess i'll have to wait and see. I'd really like to make an offer on the one with the courtyard so off i am to make a one way conversation with Hemorrhoid. Sigh.



  1. Hey Chelle good luck with the house hunting. And as far as the other stuff goes, don't let it affect you. Just switch off and let her believe what she wants to believe. you have proven that nothing you say will alter her thought process anyway so why stress yourself by trying?

    hugs, Tara xx

  2. I know babe, i found out today that she really doesn't give a shit so i am done trying. Fresh start tomorrow x